United Kingdom · 148 Days · 293 Moments · August 2017


3 January 2018

A shift. Jan 18
A shift. Jan 18
A shift. Jan 18
A shift jan 18 1 point deduction for poor housekeeping
A shift. Jam 18 1 point deduction for poor housekeeping
A shift. Jam 18 2 point deduction for white ink stored on factory floor
A shift. Jam 18 1 point deducted for wrong ladder being used.
A shift Jan 18 1 point deducted poor housekeeping

22 December 2017

1 point deducted , WIP on racking floor.
1 point deducted , pallet stood on end by WH101
1 point deducted , excessive WIP by nord 5 , partially locking walkway.
Poor controls on WIP
Do we need this much make ready.
1 point deducted , 4 drums waiting to go outside and pallet stood on end.
1 point deducted , pallet stood end in PFLT charging area. Why is this ATEX rated truck being charged in slitting area.
Trim on the floor , untidy.

20 December 2017

2 point deducted , no guard on machine
Why is the IBC on a plastic pallet.
2 point deduction for bucket of solvent in bucket , no lid and poor practice.
1 point deducted, excessive drums on the factory floor.
1 point deducted for ink drums which are full being stored on floor.

19 December 2017

Good practice , trainee being trained in the correct methods for cleaning lamination rollers.
1 point deducted , wrong ladder being used.
1 point deducted , storing drums full of ink on factory floor.
1 point deducted, broken opticuts left on slitting machine.
1 point deducted for WIP left on racking floor .

18 December 2017

Metal floor plate by WH81 are a tripping hazard.
2 point deducted for buckets being left on sumps to drain.
1 point deducted for ink buckets held incorrectly.
1 point deducted , drums left on floor.

14 December 2017

1 point deducted for poor housekeeping
1 point deducted , CHEP pallets left on end and why are they next to a print press.
2 point deducted for solvent not dispensed away.
1 point deducted for excessive FG wrap film on factory floor.
New racking floor guarding has been bent ,
1 point deducted for-pallets left on racking floor.
14th December

13 December 2017

1 point deducted for dust pan and brush left on control panel.
6S would benefit this area.
1 point deducted for CHEP pallets left on end and by WH101
1 point deducted for poor housekeeping
13th December 2017

12 December 2017

1 point deducted for pallets that ate no longer in use , should have been removed as they were created.
A great step change from D shift , the first shift to change from cardboard to a metal tray.
1 point deducted for chemicals not in COSHH locker.
Congestion in the Lamination area, suggest a 6S exercise is carried out.
1 point deducted for WIP film on the racking floor.
1 point deducted , cabinet door not locked off therefore allowing unauthorised access to electrical parts.
Why are we using oversized wrap film on the packing benches
12th December

11 December 2017

1 point deducted for cardboard used as a drip tray.
1 point deducted for chemicals not in COSHH locker
1 point deducted for wooden pallets left in a highly flammable area.
Good practice Cleanliness of ink sumps.
Great to see no WIP pallets on racking bay floor. First time since racking went up proving it can be done.
11th December

7 December 2017

1 point deducted for too many drums on the print floor.
1 point deducted for buckets left on sumps.
1 point deducted for poor housekeeping. Excessive WIP pallets.
1 point deducted , we can do this smarter
1 point deducted. Excessive cores in one area = poor housekeeping
7th December

6 December 2017

1 point deducted , 3 pallets of drums on factory floor
1 point deducted , cardboard co tiniest to be used as a drip tray .
1 point deducted for banding on the floor and WIP reel pallet placed on conveyer incorrectly.
2 points deducted . Ink stored in a no chemical area and drums were heavily contaminated .with water and leaves
1 point deducted for Pallets in loading bay racking floor
1 point deducted for poor housekeeping of waste reels
6th November 2017

5 December 2017

1 point deducted for cardboard used as a drip tray.
1 point deducted for 4 ink buckets on floor and not in cabinet.
1 point deducted for too many drums on print floor.
Good storage idea for rollers
5th December 2017

4 December 2017

1 point deducted for cart blocking access for anilox cart which needs to be moved however large cart is partially blocking access.
1 point deducted , should be in COSHH cabinet
2 points deducted. , WH82
1 point deducted
See other photo
1 point deducted
4th December 17 2 points deducted for WIP reels on racking floor.

1 December 2017

29 November 2017

28 November 2017

Fantastic job done on the deep cleaning of the LEV extraction grill in the washroom. Well done Terry on his hard work, recommended to PP that a cleaning schedule for the area is created and maintained .this should prevent it from happen big again.
B shift 1 point deducted due to poor housekeeping with core cutting activity by WH82 . Informed shift leader

23 November 2017

C shift. 1 point deducted , WIP pallet left in main walkway.
C shift. Excellent housekeeping standards on WH101,
Environment officer pointed out that lids not closed on haz waste bin ate allowing fugitive emissions to escape.
C shift 1 point deducted due to several ink smears on ink sumps , Informed shift leader.
Wychavon council visit , Toni asked Is it possible to place some sound control fabric around this compressor,

22 November 2017

C shift. Walkway blocked with WIP pallets. Spoke to shift leader. 1 point deducted.
C shift. 1 point deducted , pallet left in walkway . Spoke to shift leader. MOC Safety rep meeting. Cirrus report
Spotted a martor profi
As previous
As previous
As previous
C shift. See pictures of 11 ink buckets left on floor. This is against company policy. 2 points deducted. WH81
C shift Non compliance in last audit. Ink build up on LEV grill is partially blocked . 1 point deducted.
E8. Ink bucket tied to unwind guard fence. Why , No one seems to know why , is it a bin or is it placed there to catch roof leaks. Speak to VS Slitting manager, found out that it was placed there to capture roof leaks, RH says this is. It happening anymore so it can be removed.
C shift , pallets on floor in ra king area is not in accordance with risk assessment , 1 point deducted . Inform shift leader.

20 November 2017

A shift. 1 point deducted for D.Attwood wearing wrong bump cap.
A shift , yet more buckets of ink on WH81 , 8 buckets outside the black cabinets 2 points deducted.
A shift. See comments on last ink bucket picture
A shift see comments on last ink bucket picture.
Very good levels of ink drums and buckets .
A shift. 2 points deducted , no blade covers on doctor blades. Spoke to shift leader.
A shift. 1 point deducted , poor housekeeping by WH82, Spoke to shift leader
Great to see that the guard is on the machine.
John approached me about lack of space to put reel into position , however he said today they had moved the shelf unit which is better but I it must stay like this.
A shift. 1 point deducted , today’s check has not been done , also pocket used to hold tickets is damaged and not fit for purpose. Spoke to shift leader.

17 November 2017

This is not in accordance with risk assessment for area, This will increase risk in this area, QA and Technical to investigate.
B shift , poor stacking practice, unknown who done it however it has not been addressed.

16 November 2017

B shift. Please note one red can with plunger for access to solvent and the other red can with lid off and fire suppression lid not in place = unsafe condition. WH82 1 point deducted , spoke to PB
B shift , chamber. Blade box not in correct location, left on top of ink cabinet. Look to right of picture for correct location, not following procedure. 1 point deducted, spoke to PB
B shift , card board still being used as a drip tray for ink drum dispense point. 1 point deducted. Spoke to PB
B shift. Slitting blades are not being handled correctly or SR23, this scenario could cause a cut related injury. 2 Pints deducted spoke to shift leader.

14 November 2017

BU. OHSE Manager observation. Doctor blade cover for lamination coating unit. Treat the process with the same controls as Print.
BU. OHSE Manager observation. Steve comins asked when was the last time this was deep cleaned , under sump area.
BU. OHSE Manager observation. - Steve Comins suggested we use small hand rail steps
BU. OHSE Manager observation. - No EX signs can been seen , require signage.
BU. OHSE Manager observation. - Steve Comins suggestion that gate a top of stairs would be more effective than a chain at the bottom.
BU. OHSE Manager observation. - S. Comins informed me of the idea about a gate to open when light turns green ,

13 November 2017

D shift , sleeves stood on end when there ate spare sleeve trollies available 1 point deducted. Spoke to shift leader
C shift. Did not do their machinery safety checks on E8 in week 46, 1 point deducted
A shift did not complete their machinery visual inspection for 3 days [ week 46 ] 1 point deducted.
D shift. Great to see the yellow end brackets being used , it appears it is a way of life for the guys now.
D shift. 1 point deducted. Poor working practice , cardboard used to catch drips from a ink drum located by WH101.
D shift. , 2 point deducted for blocked LEV vent.
D shift. . 2pt deducted for guard not in place for wet end of N5-6 laminator , work request in place to resolve issue.
D. Shift. 1pt deducted , blocked gangway with pallets left overhanging walk way.

10 November 2017

A shift. Corrective action from RC 2 years ago, was to maintain the wheels in a good condition , this is clearly not happening on this cart. 1 point deducted. Spoke with shift leader.
Spoke with graham in Mounting who said things are going well , much safer with extra help and this means we can do things safer and get the work done.
A shift. Although in a bunded tray and had lids on , there are too many buckets of ink outside cabinets, if the 3rd row was was to topple it would not stay in the bundled tray. 2 point deducted because they cardboard is used to catch drips., Spoke to Noel who did explain why , they will be moved within 30 minutes
A shift. P.Anderson. Covering for M.Phipps. A trip waiting to happen, main access route through Print , banding left on floor , this is a high probability hazard , remove at the time of safety walk and spoke with shift leader. 2 point deduction.
A shift. 2 point deduction for guard. Or on machine. If guard is not user friendly then design a better one however guard should be in place now. Spoke to shift leader.
A shift. PA covering for M.Phipps shift. Why are we using a scissor lift as a table ? Asked the shift leader this question. 1 point deducted

6 November 2017

Guard not on N5 and N6,machines, this prevents access to moving parts. 2 point deduction. Spoke to shift leader who responded straight away.
John sandals Approached me about a draught coming through a large vent , this allows a cold draught to come in and noise to escape . Raise with engineering manager to seal the area.
A shift. wooden pallets stood on end , this is a high risk area for fire , 1 point deducted , spoke to A.Warych who will talk to operators about housekeeping. M.Phipps shift
A shift. Some buckets by WH101 , also evidence of white ink overflow with clean up not fully completed equals poor housekeeping . 1 point deducted, Spoke to to A.Warych who will speak with operators. M.Phipps shift
A shift. Excessive drums on the factory floor, some are empty , some are full. 1 point deducted , spoke to A.Warych who will speak with on site contractors. M.Phipps shift
Steve and I spoke about the oil leak on SR23 unwind motor , The oil is captured via a 360% tray around the box. This prevents the oil leaking on the floor, Steve will chase up the planned fix.
A shift. Excessive amongst of film wrap on the factory floor creating a congestion area. 1 point deducted. M.Phipps shift

2 November 2017

D shift. P.Anderson. 1 point deduction , too may drums on factory floor.
Lamination manager showed me remote dead match switch for Comexi manager , this improves the access whilst maintaining an e-stop function for the area. Good safety improvement.
D shift. PAnderson. 1 point deduction , 4 drums of ink on a non bunded pallet , in an area that should not be used for holding ink.
Access to th area is partially blocked and some reels are too wide for bench so this also makes it difficult to restock safely. Speak with Slitting manager to investigate what could be done to help.
Karol. Pointed out a trap point for fingers , suggests that width of reel is lowered to allow fingers to get on the side of the reel without scraping side of cabinet. Can we find a safer way to place reel in cabinet.

24 October 2017

17 October 2017

When will this project go live ,
17/10/2017 The amount of debris under he conveyors appears to be increasing , not a safety issue but most definitely a hygiene issue, will give feedback at daily meeting , engine have just arrived to clean.

16 October 2017

2 drums of the same ink being used at the same time , not sure why , will ask department manager
Need that a plunger FM global can being used for solvent cleaning application. This is a safer method of applying solvent to a rag , (WH81) informed Matt of my recommendation.
Spoke with Larry Pizzey About working platform being used and in position at the wet end of press, I said I was concerned that this may not be happening all the time. He said
The drums have crept back up with the numbers on the floor getting too high again . 4 full ones and 10 empty , had a conversation with Who said
During me daily interventions I have noticed a few embedded processes which have become a way of life for the team , this is one of them, you will see lids on buckets 99% of the time 😁
Not sure why so many cores with small amounts of film on them are here, had a chat with James who said they are for make ready reels and the printers use them. I said do they need so many , he was not sure , I suggested they only use the spaces provided on the core stand.
The effectiveness of the LEV is significantly affected by the large build up of ink on the grill, Spoke to Who agreed and would arrange for a deep clean and periodic clean on a PPM.

11 October 2017

James pointed out to me that the release brake is missing , it keeps getting damaged by PFLT which pass by , the material handlers are not paying attention .
General WIP congestion on factory floor appears to be under control., asked Mark the shift leader why ? He
One for the hygiene team really, a lot of debris accumulating under the conveyer rollers.
Damaged end stop, spoke to Who will arrange to get it fixed. Asked why he felt this happened , he said
There is a risk of this reel top,ink off the yellow conveyer , there should be a red chock at the end to prevent this from happening . 828076
Spending a few days on administration work this week , one full day dong induction training for new starters and the other updating ISO14001 systems ready for new standard.

3 October 2017

This Besco truck shown here is not working and is in a poor condition. Informed Russell Humphries about the equipment , he will arrange for it to be repaired. Spoke to Steve about how this equipment can be used going forward, suggested that we do a exercise to identify the best tasks for this piece of equipment going forward and rejuvenate the safe to start process.
Steve and Rob showed me how they use the yellow truck for placing a reel on a pallet on a conveyer , as you can see they have to physically roll the reel over the red tilt bar. We cannot by pass this safety device to enable the tilt to be dropped. The equipment was designed to do this therefore I recommend we use the yellow reel truck for taking reels off and on lamination machines and onto pallets only.
Had a very productive conversation regarding the use of the Comexi reel truck, Robin showed me what was wrong with the yellow truck , the red tilt bar is programmed to drop to the height of a wooden pallet , the plastic pallet is higher therefore it is not possible to roll the reel of the pallet without using excessive force. Speaking with John from engineering he said this could be adjusted.

2 October 2017

Noticed some ink sumps with white ink on top and down the sides of the container. Asked Duncan why he thought it was happening. He said either brought over filling by the assistant or viscosity issues with the additional solvent being pumped in. The question is , can this be managed. Then asked Duncan how he was and was there any safety issues he was concerned over with WH101, he said there was no problems he was aware of regarding the machine, he did say his arm was fine for the day to day tasks but he was seeing a specialist to see if they could help more.
Ink drum control outside kitchen and make ready cabinet is excellent this morning. Told Phil and Sam from Sun ink how much better it looked today , especially for a Monday morning, great stuff , the best I have seen for a while .
The yellow end plate procedure shows strong signs of compliance and continuity , high levels of confidence that this is effective.
Spoke to Phil about weekend incident regarding glue in trough over the be weekend. He said it had built up and had not noticed . The glue then stuck to the rollers making it impossible to run and needed a lengthy clean down , over 16 hours of cleaning. The reason why this happened is unclear at the moment.
Had a chat with Phil today ( B shift leader)! Asked him how things were and was he worried about anything, h said he was worried about being his desk being moved to a location near Nord 1 due to is isocyanate exposure , I reassured him that airborne exposure was very very low due to engineering controls and results from air quality tests recently done. However I did point out that he would need barrier protection next to a walkway.
The slitting floor areas continues to show improved housekeeping standards recently.
Do we really need this much film wrap on the factory floor at the same time , will speak to manager to understand why. Spoke to Steve about this , he said someone had

13 September 2017

Another example of how to approach a fire using a fire blanket.
One of our new employees trying out a co2 fire extinguisher on a live flame.
Good day today , we have a fire training service provider on site today , they are scheduled to do 4 one hour practical training sessions. Feedback so far has been very positive and the attendees are enjoying the e experience.

12 September 2017

David shared his concern with me about the scolding hot water coming out of the gaps in the hand wash station. Located by the PPE vending machine.
Some housekeeping issues in the Print department , clean as you go would eliminate this hazard
Another pallet of empty drums , asked Phil who said access was blocked lat night , he said he would move them. The underlying issue is the recruitment of a new yard man which has been delayed , this means they are short staffed. I suggested that some urgency be put in to filling this role. Luke and I had a chat about the drums of ink and empty drums that are appearing more and more on the factory floor. He asked me to give him one week to review the volume of ink and he souls reduce the volume to a tolerable level. He also explained the situation with manning , the plan is to increase manpower , so this round help with housekeeping concerns.
Try to understand the culture of having excessive cores in the slitting area. Will speak to relevant people to understand why
12th September 2017 Empty ink drums left by slitting , speak to Sun ink as to why

8 September 2017

Went to hygiene team and informed them of the condition of the crates, suggested that a cleaning schedule is put in place.
Duncan smith me and asked where his safety boots were . I said had he ordered them through reception, he said yes and I suggested he followed up with them to enquire where they were, he said he had ordered them a month ago , clarify with reception where they are
Nord 5 , waste crate, a mixture of various waste streams showing poor behaviours.
08/09/2017 Much better today , back wall of slitting has no part finished goods pallets , this has made a big difference

6 September 2017

Small issue but would it be more effective to create a bracket to hold Shrink wrap , spoke to lam actor eho agreed
Numerous locations of partial pallets of finished goods reels , are we chasing no these up to remove ASAP. They clutter up the area and increase the risk of an incident taking place
Only one skitter is using the scissor table , why ? Passed on my question to operations team.
6th September 2017 Just doing my weekly anti static shoe test for the week , green means all systems go.

5 September 2017

5th September 2017 Great day today , spent the whole day with five new starters. We went through the following modules HSE induction Safety conversation Environmental awareness ISO14001 awareness Fire safety (the facts) Manual handling Amcor the brand The attendees appeared to enjoy the training , especially the safety conversation module, we sent for a walk to physically see for ourselves , the various interventions that can take place. Here is a photo of two of the new starters who attended the training . Katy and Carole

4 September 2017

This pallet of scrap is likely to be one unstable during transit, note the large reel on top pushing down on the reels below making it likely this pallet could fall away. Suggest large reels are placed at the bottom of the pallet and smaller reels at the top, a safer option. Had a chat with Duncan on WH101 Who created the pallet, I explained my concerns at the load , he said he understood and would get a blander to make it safer.
Asked P.Boot On WH81 why there was two buckets of ink stood on top of each other , by the cabinet , this process was stopped a few years back to improve flammable .liquid control and spill risk.
Floor area which is used to move materials I. And out of Print area is cluttered and disorganised. Asked
Spoke to Jacob on WH81 about damaged earth clip, asked him to have it replaced ASAP, he said okay.
Spoke to Jonathon about attending the safety representative meeting. He said he was on holiday that week but would attend future meetings. I asked him to make sure he was able to revive communications either through FLM or email, he said he would.
04/09/2017 Asked Marcin on SR23 If the control panel had been moved to allow users to stop machine for flags outside the red zone had been done yet, he said no but he did speak with Russell who assured him that he was on the case and would address the problem.

31 August 2017

Access between conveyor and quarantine area is causing a operating restriction for PFLT users when loading conveyors .
The area is cluttered and I asked the question to the team, is everything here needed or wanted ?
Small issue but worthwhile recording. Kevin showed me the potential for a fire extinguisher to be snagged when moving equipment around this area.
The cabinets here are increasing the risk of PFLT users damaging the guarding on he left.
Why does WH101 have a light beam and WH82 does not , it means you can enter the area when running. Asked this question to the Operations team.
Kevin approached me to discuss the trial with the BA equipment. He said since the new battery pack arrived the mask shown here is great, he could use it all day long. One comment he had was how should he wear the battery belt, it can get in the way. Said this would be taken on board during training if the equipment was approved. I then approached Adrian to remind him how important it was to get feedback completed from all his team. We cannot proceed without 100% feedback
Asked john what his initial thoughts were of the new machine, he responded with a positive comment regarding the ease of use but did say it was a little frustrating having to have a dead man switch to enter some areas. I explained why and although it may seem a constraint today , he will get used to it and other machines will follow the same safety path.
31-08-2017 The floor around slitting continues to be grubby with small debris everywhere. Have spoken to Engie about a scissor style sweep brush that collects this type of debris quickly and effectively.

24 August 2017

The new ATEX battery pack has been delivered for the BA equipment trial . Steve Broome had picked it up and will charge ready for full use tomorrow.
29/08/2017 Slitting conveyer stop ends have been heightened by another 50 mm . This was on the back of two incidents where the pallet had not been placed on the conveyer correctly. The pictures show before and after. The view is that PFLT user would be highly negligent if they were to leave a pallet on top of this stopper.
Why do we have 6 plastic pallets stood on edge like this by Wh82.
Why do we have 3 boxes of disposable gloves in one location. There are 100'pairs in each box when full. Asked Jacob who explained that one box was used and another was almost empty and the last was full ready to go .
There is a strong odour of solvent in this area . Inform relevant parties in 10.20am meeting .
The correct method in cleaning rollers. Rollers are NOT rotating and the hand / Rag is applied, note is prohibited from using foot pedal to drive rollers whilst cleaning rollers by hand. So this is good practice.
again a table has been left blocking access to the safety zone area and FLM cabinet. Please review the reason why ? Suggest a pole is placed at the entrance stopping this type of issue but still allowing pedestrians to get by.
Had a chat with Phil Boot about Adrian's investigation report , asked him to support Adrian in redoing the report and give him some tips in getting the best result from the process.? Phil was tell Adrian to leave the document on my desk.
Not really a safety issue but the condition of the crates is very poor , what I mean by this , is the dirt and grime building up on the crates. These have not been cleaned for a long time, I suggest that a cleaning program is set up to maintain the crates in a hygienic condition.
24-08-2017 Welcome to today's Tony blog and I hope you find this information valuable and informative.

22 August 2017

Waste bin over flowing , spoke with Lloyd about who should do this He said WF do this , not sure why it had not been done.
Strong smell of solvent at this location between WH101 and WH81
Why is this ladder here , the other is the correct ladder . Asked Gary Minton who said he used it to see if the tray was leaking .
Good housekeeping standard on WH81
print have got ATEX rated trucks , does this PFLT belong in Print.
Spoke to Piotr on Nord 6 who did not know where the hand tool for placing flag on web path was. He says it is a problem for them to use it.
More debris in lanination area .
Gary made me aware of this , fan or motor is burnt out and they have to place a fan inside the cabinet . Note the 400 volts sign. Contact in here when live could be lethal. Made Steve Trotman aware , asked him to follow with engineering .
Should this waste be here at 10.40am ?
The floor again looks grubby with small debris scattered around the floor . Raised in 10.20am meeting
Andrew Brant approached regarding no PFLT in Slitting department. This is standard practice , how are we meant to do our job safely no equipment . Asked PA shift leader Why , he said one is broken and the other is being taken by Lamination all the time . I made a suggestion in 10.20am meeting that they could label each PFLT to the each department .
An accident waiting to happen , Removed at the time and informed shift leader .
2208/2017 Items raised in 10.20am daily meeting Asked for conveyer end plates to be raised by 50 mm to help reduce risk of operator not placing pallet on conveyer correctly. Also raised the action regarding access to stop button on SR23 at the unwind area , needs to be on both sides to allow operator to see both sides of reel and not step u side SIC eye zone

21 August 2017

Area is looking cluttered ,
Great relocation idea for fire extinguishers , aeasily accesuble and protects working area.
Piotr responded by saying he had no room and showed some WIP which was blocking the walkway and cluttering up the work area. I approached the shift leader to enquire why , he said too much WIP on floor
Spoke with Piotr about pallets left in main route , it means PFLT user is encouraged to. Move into a light curtain area therefore stop machine.
The new solvent cleaning can is a much safer option than the one next to it, I recommend that the plunge type can is used across the site . Will communicate my views to Operationd FLM. The primary reason is that the plunge can controls the amount of solvent used per visit to the can.
21/08/2017. Spoke with D.Smith regarding a manual handling assessment which he is doing as part of a OH task. P.Anderson did not make agreed appointment time so I have worked with Duncan to do a draft assessment and Phil would rearrange his time to catch up with David. (15 minutes)

20 August 2017

The third card has no real attempt at all and the name appears to be new , ALL THREE CARDS WILL BE HANDED BACK TO FLM. This card stays rejected.
Second card is also an observation not a conversation , not sure about the name , this needs clarifying. This card has now been resolved
20/08/2017 Three safety conversations did not pass the authenticity test First card is an observation not a conversation and I can't read the name. This card has now been resolved.

18 August 2017

Spent time today putting together a safety report regarding a proposed new solvent distiller. This will be sent onto interested parties.
18/08/2017 Spent some time with Mark PHipps and slitting operator who runs SR23. He showed me several safety concern he has , these have been put togather on a separate safety report and passed o to interested parties .

14 August 2017

Spoke to Joe Everton ( new starter) he was wearing white safety shoes and white lab coat . He was wearing his own jeans , I said I would chase up his work wear order he placed 3 weeks ago.
Great to see light curtains with dead man switch on every side of machine , based upon my observations when visiting Istanbul and Cumbria , Evesham have the safest Comexi out of the three machines .
The lamination bench is blocking the safety zone entrance , it has been moved from the allocated zone as PE picture . John (laminator ) said it was there this morning .
Spoke to Marcus (safety rep) about today's meeting , he said he was under pressure through lack of staff and may not be able to attend , but he said he would try his best.
13/08/2017 Adrian (shift leader) approached me to inform me that he was cancelling Ricky Dore attendance to today's safety rep meeting , he said he could not put a press down for 4 hours to enable him to attend . I said okay however the meeting had been booked 8 weeks in advance , could he manage attendance in advance next time.

11 August 2017

Concerned that BA equipment testing appears to be slow , one operator has tried equipment so far since 8th August , remind manager that feedback forms are required from every lamination operator if we are to make an informed decision on what to do going forward .
More debris found under skip , poor practice ,no one knew who done this !
John approached me and asked why they only have one PFLT to use between 5 slitters on the rewind and unwind areas. I said I would ask management team why and they would come to you with an answer .
Debris scattered around unwind area of E11.
Lots of debris on Floor ranging from broken pallets to labels and trim, asked Sean from Engie who said they don't clean on a Friday
Asked Geoff how the issue regarding sliding sleeves onto print machine mandrel was going . Geoff said it is better so long as the new sleeves are used , he also said that he felt that the holes in mandrel on press were not being maintained and the O rings were not maintained on the units , some sleeves are old and worn, I said I would pass his feedback onto the management team.
Asked Ken Why is this ladder on press , he said Paul uses it as well and knows it is the wrong ladder. I advised ken and the management team in the 10.20am meeting that the hand railed step ladder should be used at all times when working on the units and the original ladder should only be used for side access, accidents can happen on ladders even if they are not carrying items up or down the ladder.
It appears that ink volumes on the factory Floor are on the increase , 4 more barrels full of ink , I will do a snap shot analysis and communicate findings.
The process for handling doctor blades continues to be compliant , my view is that this is becoming the norm and is a positive step forward .
Gary on WH82 showed me where a motor which had been fitted on the floor is obstructing the ladder fixing as shown here , this creates a potential working at height risk . I said I will pass on his feedback to operations team .
Why is their pallets from QA area encroaching on walkway .
Excessive waste accumulated over night , asked Daniel why it was here , he said they don't do this over night and I have to do it every morning but today they have made a lot more waste than usual . Speak with Sean about nights doing it.
11/03/2017 Stack of pallets shown here have Large wood splinters providing food and injury risk. Poor housekeeping standards create hazards. Asked Karol his view , he said none of us use euro pallets so last night done that.

10 August 2017

Permit for Comexi states the 4th , it is the 10th today , as stated on the permit maximum duration is 1 day for the permit .
Not great behaviour , do the dustpan and brush belong here as well as the broom next to the fire Point . Spoke with Patrick who did not know why .
Andrew approached me about glasses for work , he asked if the company provide any , I said yes and that HR will provide a form which you take to a higher street shop in Evesham , they will give you a pair of industrial glasses after checking your eye sight. Andrew took the opportunity to tell me about the smell from Floor painting yesterday , it made him feel nausuase .
Asked Karol on E8 why is it common practice to have cores by machine which you are not using , he said they have been left over from the night shift , what I have here are voted from the last job , cited from the job I'm on now and the cores for the next job. Can we manage this process more effectively ?
Condition of cart wheels are beginning to deteriorate , is the monitoring and maintainence of wheels being maintained ? Asked 10.20sm meeting .
Observed Richard using the double loop method for holding cylinders on hoist sling. Congratulated Richard on his consistency in using this safer method which was agreed in 2015 after an incident where a cylinder dropped off the sling .
Barrel room continues to be well managed under the conditions regarding space. Spoke with Sun ink manager to let him know .
Spilkits used Sunday night , they have not been replaced , spoke with Engie who will do this today. Also not recieved a investigation report for oil spill . Ask engineering for report .
09/08/2017 Some areas of the Print department Floor are a cause for concern, uneven floor creating a hazard.

9 August 2017

Contractors currently lagging hot oil pipes , one working on MEWP , the other keeping a watchful eye out.
Noted a few buckets scattered around the factory Floor , these are in place to capture roof leaks .
Asked Mr Minton if he knew why ladder as shown in picture was on the back end of press , he said it was left there and he had not used it.
One eye wash bottle missing on WH101 , Asked Geoff if he knew anything about it, he said no , I replaced bottle immediately .
Spoke to Mr Zenitek about clutter in front of Nord 5. He said they are on the case and we may have to use the glue.
Lamination safety zone board has been taken down , when will it be put back up.
09/08/2017 Daily safety inspections for machines are being done but periodic functional checks are not