Canada, Portugal · 7 Days · 22 Moments · June 2017

Tony's adventure in Portugal

14 June 2017

So Paul decides to leave in the middle of the night (4am) to go wander because he couldn't sleep. Peter woke me up to decide what to do. We are both worried but decide to do nothing since he has the key. Paul comes back safe within 20 minutes

11 June 2017

Interesting lock for the front door! It locks the top, bottom and side of the door simultaneously
Arrived at airB&B! Really nice place despite being high up with no elevator. Paul was sweating buckets bahaha! So Peter got the master suite, Paul took the couch and I got two beds to myself! Got a newly renovated kitchen! Host was nice as well
Got out of the station! Walking to find our airB&B!
Quiet ride on the Alfa Pendular. Trying to get some notes into the journal before arriving in Lisbon
This guy took my window seat! But he's upset about losing his water bottle so I'll let it slide
Got a KitKat at Campanhã station before catching the train to Lisbon
Found our platform for the train to Lisbon! Phew! Thought we wouldn't make it.
Final check of our airB&B before we leave. Everything looks good! But Paul did forget his water bottle in the fridge
Our last night in Porto. Had some drinks with cherries after dinner. Played some brisk and Tien Len

10 June 2017

Bought some burgers, fries, and quail for our last night in Porto. Delicious food! Peter liked the steak sandwich, Paul liked everything and I preferred the veal sandwich. Quail was alright, not as good as Vietnamese style though
Wandered the city without GPS and stumbled upon a gelato place called Gelataria Doxa. I got the tangerinia, Peter got cafe and Paul got Oreo.
Walked to the shopping mall and explored. It was underwhelming compared to the malls we're used to. Spent over an hour in the food court playing games. Peter bought coffee and tea for us
Took the back alleys to get to the shopping mall. This took us out near Majestic Cafe.
Had a late lunch at a place across from our airB&B. I now know what Pica Pau is! Paul got the francesinha and Peter got the bacalhao. Finished up with a natas pastry and a coconut pastry. I got fresh pineapple juice and the boys got 2 coffees
Coming home from a fun night of drinking. Sangrias and wine! Measured heartrates and lots of laughter. Paul needed a break while walking home though.

7 June 2017

Walked to our gate and played blackjack until it was boarding time. We won a few bags of chips, much to the amusement of the couple across from us.
The food adventure begins! We haven't been through security for even 30 minutes and they want to eat! Haha grabbing a bite at Smash Burgers and played brisk.
Transferred my liquids into the big checked luggage. Proceeded through check-in and security very fast and just hung out laughing at how much time we have. Made a quick call home to inform family and Peter called Lana
All packed and ready to go! Went home to shower and dad drove me and the brothers to the airport (Terminal 1) before 6:00PM.