Indonesia · 12 Days · 3 Moments · July 2016

B A L I - I N D O N E S I A

30 July 2016

THE FULL EXPERIENCE - Sometimes in life we are fortunate to come across kind and generous people who provide us with life experiences we never dreamed of. During our chartered cruise around Indonesia we were blessed with many incredible opportunities such as visiting the ancient Besaki Temple, watching the traditional Fire Dance of the local tribe, getting close and personal to Komodo dragons, helicopter tours over the mountenous landscape and unforgettable nights with the crew. We even had the privilege of National Geographic expert Lawrence coming along with us on our journey. He was most informative with a lifetime of knowledge and experience with the natural world. I couldn't think of a better way of delving into Bali !

25 July 2016

GETTING WET IN INDO - My first cruise season as a yachtie was unbelievable to say the least. We set sail from Singapore to Bali where we sailed the many islands of Indonesia ! I experienced and saw things I've only watched in National Geographic. The highlight for myself naturally was the diving. With the strong cross currents and beautifully warm and clear water, the waters were plentiful with marine life. From sharks to nudibranchs and mantas, it's a mermaids paradise. Definitely one of the best places I've ever dived and highly recommend it to all those fish lovers out there. Bali .. it's as wonderful as it sounds. Trust me !

18 July 2016

MOUNT AGUNG - Naturally I'm not a hiker. Whilst I'm a fine swimmer and used to play some sports back the day, hiking never appealed to me. I require regular snacks, lots of lengthy breaks and flat terrain. Preferably as close to or under water level as possible ! But on this particular occasion I was feeling brave and being new to yachting couldn't possibly pass an opportunity to hike up one of Bali's largest live volcanos. To say it was a struggle doesn't come close, In fact after 10m I wanted to give up. But thanks to my hike buddies I persisted and survived (just). 3000m climb and 5 hours later I made it to the summit and what a sunrise it is. Truly exceptional moment in my life on my mothers 50th birthday. For my mother who donated a kidney to me,I hiked a volcano for her.