New Zealand · 136 Days · 4 Moments · October 2016


9 March 2017

GREAT WHITE ENCOUNTER ! After a disappointing morning of a cancelled dive our guests were booked in for Great White Shark encounter. A once of a lifetime opportunity in the briskly waters of the Southern tip of New Zealand. I was lucky enough to be selected crew to join on this excursion and just to be safe I packed an extra suit ;) Needless to say it wasn't long after hearing the word shark I was in the cage underwater feeling utterly exhilarated. The 10degree water temp numbed my skin and senses but it was so worth it. The moment you see this outstandingly beautiful and intelligent predator heading towards you in a perfectly smooth movement your realise how blessed you are to marvel at such a creation. He was calm and to be honest barely interested! He has seen people like us before and he had better things to do like ruling the ocean. I will forever treasure this moment and never fear them as beasts but as angels of the deep who should be respected and left in peace.

30 November 2016

RAGLAN Fin had been on holiday for the past few weeks from work and decided to stick around NZ. An old colleague and good friend James joined him and they set off on a surf trip slumming it camping style. Now one of the many reasons I love this guy is that his other love in life is the Ocean. A passion and obsession we both share! His expression above surface level surfing the waves and mine much deeper down where it's a little darker and colder. Still we delve into each other worlds all the time. Raglan is a typical chilled beach town with surf and skate shops, vegan restaurants and beaches galore. Fin booked us into an Eco Earth Dome mud hut, such a cool place in Solacape Camping Village. We had such a wonderful time doing what we love most with each other ! I've still got a way to go and have only just started standing up on my board but I have a serious crush on my Irish surf coach so I'm sure I'll persist !

17 November 2016

SIDART Now to say that Fin and myself are foodies is a bit of an understatement. I'm blessed with a boyfriend who not only has a healthy appetite to match mine but wants to take me to all these wonderful and new tasting experiences. It's a passion we share and look forward to doing together. We've eaten in around 40 different restaurants ranging from Raglan to Auckland. From the delicious and juicy burgers at Velvet burger to the top of the mark Steak Speciality places. The most incredible dining experience has to be SIDART ! Located on Ponsonby it's renowned reputation for one of NZ's most exciting chefs and attaining many accolades for their expression of the fruitful land and evergreen vegetation. Not to mention the best imports from worldwide delicacy's. Endeavouring through 5 unique and adventurous courses with wine pairing was the highlight for my dining experiences with Fin. I am truly grateful for his generosity and love. Here's to the man who always has the last bite ;)

24 October 2016

WAIHEKE An eventful cycle tour around the idyllic island of Waiheke. Fin and myself had an opportune moment to get some touristy activities in on a weekend off work from the yacht. At the time she was in the dry dock having maintenance done, so we were craving some natural landscapes as opposed to the Devonport Naval Base she was resting in. Fin surprised me with some bikes and we made our way on the ferry cross from Auckland city to Waiheke Island, roughly a 45 min trip. Being the athletic man Fin is, he chose the hardest cycle route with the most hills. For people such as myself there are easier routes ! None the less I'm all in for my man so we set on our adventure. Stopping along the way we visited some beautiful beaches, wine tasting at Casitro Miro Winery and walked through the quaint and picturesque town. After building up an appetite we had a picnic at the top of a mound overlooking the Island. It was perfect to say the least, as was he. A day to forever remember.