United States of America · 19 Days · 18 Moments · May 2017

Tonia's STRONG Challenge

3 June 2017

Day 19= Baaaaddddd day! The only positive was my morning workout at SoulCycle with Anthony. After that... brunch w my friends at her house w unlimited bubbles. Left around 4pm because I needed a change of scenery plus a break from all the drinking and eating. By night was back on wine again and dinner at my cousins house. I have never been so excited to have this day end. I drank my daily intake of calories allowed (1300) plus ate my intake...😕😫😖🤢

2 June 2017

Day 18: Gorgeous day all day today!!!! Met my uncle who is in a nursing home to start the day which made my day! Then had a lunch (lots of crab salads, carpaccio and sav blanc) with my sis, her boyfriend Todd and friend Samantha at Gibsons. (*wished we took a pic) Did a workout thanks to 8bit and hung out with these cute munchkins for the night!😘😎

1 June 2017

Day 17: Went all day to get my favorite juice: carrot apple ginger and turmeric! Then was lucky enough to bartend a Cubs charity event all night! Go Cubs go!!

31 May 2017

Day 16: Went all day without food til 1pm which I gorged on a hummus plate and snack box from Starbucks. I went to bartend later so I really struggled with whether I should work out but had too much to do. So today is my off day, and boy.. my dinner was off! I can't wait to do a two-fer tomorrow 😏

29 May 2017

Day 14: This was a nice treat to see today. It made me determined to sweat today and keep at it! So I did a quick 20min elliptical ride to get the blood pumping. I had to get my sis and her bf from the airport right afterwards so it was a few hours past when I went to play tennis and do some abs/arm work for over an hour outside. 🌞My reward is a nice cold glass of rose 🍷 and had leftovers for dinner but swapped the 🐥 for 🍳.

28 May 2017

Day 13: Went out last night and didn't enjoy it so today I woke up early and did hot yoga for 75min to clear the mind. It was a sunny day but I spent most of it traveling back and forth to the city. Dinner tonight was grilled chicken tenders with spaghetti squash in a homemade romesco sauce with almond ricotta "cheese"! And a few glasses of vino for the chef of course! 😎
Day 11: I don't really know how the day got the best of me but it did. Woke up early to get a spin class in @soulcycle. Had some byob sushi with no sauce and no soy... quite the interesting twist. Dinner was leftovers but I was pretty lit from the day so I gorged late night w sweet snacks!😲

27 May 2017

Day 12: Went to Indiana so I can hike up some dunes! My reward was a ridiculous lunch <pretty much everything I have been avoiding> however I pushed another strength training workout in the afternoon to counter it all!

25 May 2017

Day 10: 1 hour of straight Abs in the am thanks to Barry's Bootcamp! 👏🏽 Lunch was Lettuce wraps with a 2 egg +1 white scramble, asparagus, cucumbers, hot sauce, balsamic drizzle, and a bunch of fresh basil and mint! Then spent the rest of the day with my family which I had 2 glasses of rose and a lot of snacking. I feel good though oddly enough.

24 May 2017

Day 8: Pilates in the am and I started a new add on... carnitine +cla. It is supposed to help build muscles while burning fat so I'm pretty excited about it. As for the day: I got laid off so that threw me through a loop. 😕 I ended up at my cousins house to just decompressed so I had to improvise with my meals. We drank a bunch of wine as therapy but tomorrow is back on!
Day 9: I weighed myself this morning and dropped 2 lbs from last week! 👏🏽 I was pretty surprised considering I drank and ate a lot more than usual! Went job searching all day which is stressful but as promised I did a work out and kept my diet pretty tight today. Check out my dinner! Made in 20 min; Roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli with a Salmon I seasoned with Rosemary, horseradish, old bay seasoning, lemon pepper, lemon slices and dried cranberries. Drizzled w Balsamic before I cooked it! 😋

22 May 2017

Day 7: Had a very mindful day today with my food choices and when I worked out. I feel a little stronger but hoping to start seeing some results. Scale stayed the same but muscles are growing. #staythecourse #trusttheprocess #iamwilling

21 May 2017

Day 6: Woke up this morning and was pretty much motivated to cook. So I made a delicious quiche style breakfast. Followed it up with a work out on the tennis courts and a quick Ab blast! Had some family come over for dinner so dinner was grass fed bison kabobs, cauliflower rice and dessert was chia seed pudding!!!😋(forgot to take dinner pics! :/)

20 May 2017

Day 5: So I did a two-fer today and I feel like mush! I had SoulCycle for an hour this am and then bikram yoga for another hour. But I did score on this delicious brunch in between that kept me going!

19 May 2017

Day 4: Time was tight today so I squeezed a 30 min cardio with playing tennis to the wall and some abs outside in the park. Snacked some granola at night which isn't the best time for it but I was craving sweets.

17 May 2017

Day 3: Ate a crab salad for lunch, worked out and made fish with veggies for dinner. It was a good day! ✅
Day 2: Had a day where I received a sugar headache or lack there of by 3 pm. I solved that quickly with a coconut yogurt and berries. :) I didn't get a chance to work out unfortunately but I will make it up another day with a Two-fer!

15 May 2017

Day 1: I have chosen this Monday to shock the system and challenge the mind with a 21 Day Challenge. This means: *No Wheat\Grains\Beer *No Dairy *No Processed Sugars and Foods *No Vegetable Oils *No Fried Foods *No Soy *No Beans So what can I eat you ask??? Veggies, fruits, grass fed meats, eggs, gluten free, raw living O boy, what did I get myself into?! Lol! Wish me luck!🙄🙈