Chile, Mexico · 8 Days · 43 Moments · May 2015

Tonei's Santiago and Mexico City adventure

4 June 2015

National Museum of Anthropology
Three course Mexican vegetarian meal for 65 pesos

3 June 2015

Museo de Frida Kahlo
A bird pooped on me while I was walking down the sidewalk >.<

2 June 2015

Panadería delivery bikes, done for the day.
Vegetarian tacos al pastor and samosas with an amazing cardamom-something lassi…all for less than $7 including tip. I could get used to this.
I found a park!
Museo de Memoria y Tolerencia. Really interesting to read about the Holocaust and other genocides (they talk about everything from then up to Darfur, plus Armenia) from a Mexican perspective. I felt like there was a stronger emphasis on the Western roots of many of the genocides (e.g. the fact that the Rwandan genocide was basically Belgium's fault). Also, somehow I think this was the first I'd heard of the Guatemalan genocide of the Mayans in the 1980s…
Palacio Bellas Artes. And there were SO MANY cops with riot gear just standing around, plus buses full of more riot cops sleeping. Never figured out what was going on.

1 June 2015

This is a Boeing 787. It's brand spanking new. Why does it have ashtrays? TIL: Because they're part of the minimum required operating equipment established by the FAA in 1973. The idea being that if some idiot does decide to light a cigarette, they need somewhere to put it out that won't set the plane on fire.
Security in Santiago was probably the most dignified experience I've ever had going into an airport. I didn't have to take anything off or take anything out of my bag. And passport control was really swift and uneventful too. A+
Part of the Chilean Olympic Team is apparently on my flight to Mexico City...
Bought a cup of chocolate caliente at the heladeria near my apartament. What is the joke of a beverage we call hot chocolate in the U.S.?
Un amigo nuevo. This was the closest I could get to a smile out of him.
Foreign Starbucks have way more interesting things. Breakfast: this berry pie and a mango maracuya frappuccino.
Un movilización de estudiantes y profesores para reformas de educación. From what i understand the educational systems and problems here are very similar to the U.S., but here there's a national movement of thousands taking to the streets in Santiago and across the country, demanding access to quality college education for low-income and middle class students.

31 May 2015

I felt obligated to take this.
Taking FTP to a whole new level.
This isn't paint. It's yarn. A massive yarn bomb. Holy cow.
A giant rainbow converse mural with a matching bench. Clearly we were meant to be together.
I went outside to get lunch during a break in my conference call and found Cuartel Primera Compañera Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago, with a brass band and South America's first steam-powered fire engine - which still works.

30 May 2015

My bus hit a car in Santiago. Womp womp.

29 May 2015

Museo de memoria y derechos humanos, dedicated to remembering and honoring the victims of Pinochet's regime.
Museo de ferrocarriles

28 May 2015