North America · 4 Days · 33 Moments · May 2017

Tom and Lisa's trip to San Fran

6 May 2017

Wine tour. Second stop.
Andretti winery. :)
Happy Saturday from Napa!
Wine tour through Napa. First stop.

5 May 2017

Sunset & Souvenir Shopping. (Spoiler! It's a cookbook from my new fav restaurant)
Crab dinner mmmm!
Very cool experience. We made an excellent choice for dinner! Excellent food, gorgeous view of the water and waiters in suits.
We biked all the way to Tiburon and then took the ferry back to San Fran pasting between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.
The end of our tandem bike ride to tiburon!
My picture of the Golden Gate Bridge drawn on a patio by the Bay. :) #tranquil
Golden gate tandem bike ride tour!

4 May 2017

Trolley car ride. So steep but you can not tell I'm the pictures. Ride from the warf to union square.
This is how Tom does time.
Is this the best outfit to wear to Alcatraz?
Lisa finally working hard.
Big boats.
Old ships.
Chocolate factory
Taking a walk.

3 May 2017

The end of Pier 39
Sea lions in the sun ☀️ #basking
Sea lions having a good time.
Pier 39
Backgammon and darts what a cool room! Zephyr hotel
Uber drive to the hotel.
Bag finally made it! 3.5 hours time for a few beers!
All work no play for this one as we wait for our bags after 3 hours!
🎶...going to San Fran-sis-co🎵
Ride the mighty buffalo!