Europe, Asia · 7 Days · 43 Moments · November 2017

Tom & Adams journi to Thailand

15 November 2017

Another beautiful waterfall called ‘the rainbow waterfall’ located in Khao Lak!
Amazing time elephant trekking through the forest!
Waterfall in Khao Sok
Beautiful view of the Khao Sok National Park.
A lovely Thai meal beside the river in an Olympic boxers home! Lovely atmosphere and beautiful food
Went for a cruise along the river on bamboo! So peaceful! At One with nature! We stopped for a coffee in a cave drank from a bamboo cup, which we got as a souvenir!
We went to another monkey temple today, this temple is purely for the monkeys! Loads of baby monkeys around picking up the bits we threw

14 November 2017

Another brief storm this evening! Only lasted an hour! The sky was orange!
Snorkelling in the Surin Islands! Amazing coral reef and beautiful fish! Didn’t come across any sharks or turtles unfortunately
Amazing speed boat trip to the Surin Islands! Beautiful landscape! Felt like we were in paradise🌴

13 November 2017

Lovely meal out this evening trying different Thai dishes! A little spicy but delicious
After the temple we fed the wild monkeys with bananas and peanuts! Some were friendlier then others!
Monkey temple, such a peaceful place with loads of wild monkeys
Monkey Temple
Inside the Buddhist temple is a cave, we climbed up some rocks to get to the top! Very steep and slippery! Much fun
Our tour guide ‘tab’ likes to feed his children as he puts them! A family of dogs and puppies
Cruise down the river along the mangroves and a Thai lunch in the National Park of Phangnga, lovely food and company
After canoeing we went to a floating town which is situated in Phangnga bay! Crazy to think over 2000 people live on here!
After James Bond island we went canoeing around the limestone mountains and through some caves! Breathtaking scenery!
A few pictures from our trip to James Bond island in Phangnga! Amazing!
James Bond Island
A few pictures from our boat trip through Phangnga towards James Bond island! A journey through paradise! Amazing scenery!

12 November 2017

What a storm!! Torrential rain and thunderstorm! Went on all evening! Never heard thunder like that ever!
Went for what we thought was a short walk from the hotel which ended up taking 45 mins to the tsunami memorial museum! Such a sad time for them on 26/12/05 when the tsunami hit, nature at its worse

11 November 2017

2 massive pools and a jacuzzi pretty much to our selves!! Lush
Had to be done!! Needed shelter from the rain so had a quick snack!
View from our balcony! Can just make out the sea! Got some fishies to look at too lol
Little swim in the sea this morning!! So warm! Couldn’t see any fish about which was a shame

10 November 2017

Nice buffet meal and lovely cocktails! So much flavour and so fresh! Taste buds are exploding lol
Found McDonald’s 😂 🙏
Hotel room
Round 2. Bit smaller than the last one
Now about to board another flight to Phuket.... very confusing 🤔🙄

9 November 2017

Nearly finished the 1st leg. Only another 1 hour 30 minute flight left and then an hour to hotel and then crash out
Just under 2 hours into the flight and we have lunch, some delicious Malaysian soy chicken curry with rice.. some spicy cous cous and an orange cheesecake! So yummy!! Amanda would be proud I ate it all 😂 only another 11 hours to go.
So excited!! Now boarded👏✈️✈️
Found our plane 😬