Israel, Turkey · 17 Days · 25 Moments · July 2016

Tom's adventure in Israel

10 August 2016

Cave churches from the 300-900 AD early church in Capadocia

9 August 2016

Walking the same road Paul walked in Antioch Pisidia. Paul walked a route that took us about 6 hours to drive so that he could reach all of the Roman provinces in Asia/Asia Minor. Ended the day at Lydia, Timothy's birthplace

8 August 2016

The ruins at Laodicea and the natural hot springs at Hierapolis. The people at Laodicea had no water source so they had aqueducts to bring the hot mineral springs from Hierapolis and cold spring water from Colossae. The mix of the two made a nasty, tepid, mineral tasting water that was unhealthy. The hot spring were medicinal and reviving, the cold springs were refreshing, especially in the heat. This gives some clarity to John in Revelation writing "I wish you were hot or cold but since you are lukewarm, tepid, and poisonous I will spit you out of my mouth."

7 August 2016

Photo op with the girls in the 30,000 seat ancient arena at Aphrodisias. "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize." 1st Corinthians 9:24. Start running, run hard and don't quit.
All over Sardis we could see the effects of believers in a Roman culture. Part of the gymnasium (education building) contained a large synagogue. Elsewhere there was evidence that believers were having a huge impact in the culture as shop owners. They clearly brought peace and kindness to the citizens of Sardis

6 August 2016

The Acropolis at Pergamum, so much to gain by understanding the culture surrounding the early church

5 August 2016

The ruins at Ephesus. Really cool place and great insights when you see it firsthand

4 August 2016

The Old City at night

3 August 2016

Narrow streets lined with shops in the Old City of Jerusalem
Close up of the tombs at Mount of Olives. Gives a visual of Matthew 23:27-28 about the Scribes and Pharisees being like white washed tombs.

2 August 2016

Entering the Jaffa Gate to our hotel for the night
The ruins at Herodium. Herod the Great had this palace built on a man made mountain.
Praying at the western wall of the Temple Mount today.
Remains still piled at the base of the Temple Mount when Rome destroyed the temple

1 August 2016

Praying in the Jordan River. My heart was blessed to see two of my students praying two other women from our BEMA team

31 July 2016

Standing on top of the ruins at Gamla that once was a Zealot stronghold. While their approach of killing Romans did nothing to bring shalom to the chaos, they were willing to act, willing to do something. Zeal and passion for God used in the right way for kingdom and shalom will do more than the noblest of intentions if there is no action.

30 July 2016

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus crossed back and forth many times just as we are today!

27 July 2016

View from the top at Qumran with Marty Solomon teaching. We started down where the trees are... Credit to Tyler Sesnon for this photo
This was just a part of the hike up the mountain in Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. It is also where the Essenes taught and painstakingly copied the Biblical Text. To the extent if the slightest error was made the scroll was destroyed. Where is our painstaking effort to preserve and know the text in us and live it? Know the path, walk the path!

26 July 2016

This is the daylight view of the Dead Sea... Beautiful view to wake up to
Our view of the Dead Sea from our room tonight. Got into our hotel around 1:00 AM Israel time!

25 July 2016

Tired but now in Istanbul waiting on our gate assignment for Tel Aviv

24 July 2016

Getting ready to board for BEMA Trip 2016 at Chicago O'Hare