North America · 8 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

Tommy's tour through Honduras

27 April 2017

Today was our last day diving. We dive a wreck off the west coast and then did a few reef dives in west end. Saw some huge sea turtles, a spotted manta ray, and some grouper that were bigger than Tiff !! It was a perfect way to end out our trip !! Thank you for following us along on our adventure . Honduras.... we will most definitely be back !!

26 April 2017

It's hard to beat these sunsets down here !!
Had great dives yesterday !! Went on two in the morning and then went on a third dive last night.. it was my second night dive and it was Tiff's first. The water was a little choppy on the surface, but it was a good dive. We saw an octopus while we were down. It was amazing !!

23 April 2017

Beautiful sunset tonight. We had a great day of diving. Tiff and I dove three times today and each one was so diverse and beautiful. It makes me realize just how BIG God's imagination is. We are diving twice in the morning and then we are both going night diving tomorrow night !!
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon !!
Tiff also made a new friend
Tiff and I rode horses this morning along the beach and up into the mountains here in Honduras. It was beautiful !!

21 April 2017

Tiff and I were monkeying around in town last night. We rented a scooter and rode to west end. It's been the biggest adventure yet! You wouldn't believe how people drive here !!! Lol Patti Jo Angel would be Soooooo mad at me ... lol ( Thats Tiffy mom )
Today was an awesome day.i saw the biggest stingray I have ever seen on my first dive this morning. It was an incredible sight. Then after my third dive with my ol buddy Ross, we went Zip lining through the jungle. It was amazing. We followed it up with some monkeying around !! Banner day !!
Tiff was wearing a helmet, but she couldn't ( in good conscience ) have a picture taken with her helmet on...😂

20 April 2017

Tonight, I went on my very first night dive. It was beyond incredible !! I was a little apprehensive because it was my first and the unknown can always be a little scary, but after I descended all was calm and all apprehension just drifted away. Saw some beautiful fish exploring the reef. There was tons of life, even at night. Tiff waited up top for me on the first dive. It was hard on her, because the seas were rough and we were on a small boat. She was a trooper though. When we came up, there was a gazillion stars out and I just had to smile. Life is good, and God is better !!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds .
We officially made it down to our place in Honduras . It's totally beautiful here

20 April 2017

Just getting on the plane for the second leg of our flight. Honduras .... here we come !!!
Well..... we just got to the airport and are starting on our Fincher Adventure to Honduras !! I can almost smell the salt air already 😋