United States of America · 2 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

Tommy's adventure in United States of America

8 June 2017

So today was a trek if anything! Explored the whole of midtown. I mean, started exploring around 7 and finished at 6. Probably got diabetes from the Mc Donald's they serve here, Jesus it's big. My feet are just swollen, from all the walking I've done. I mean, central park was the best out of it all. As well as Grand Central Terminal. He rest really reminded me of London if im completely honest with you. But to be honest, I still enjoyed it. I've yet to explore the rest of central park, that's how big it really is. So tommorows the adventure of exploring central park and then see what happens from there. Few steps closer to camp
Okay so after the flight, I was so tired. I mean, 8 hours just drained me to the very max. However as I landed, it got to me that I'm finally here. On my own, away from home. When I tried to get to Manhattan, signs in America was terrible! I mean it took me forever to realise you pay at the end of your journey if you want to get on a train, not before. Getting around can be hard, so many streets and directions get you lost in the city, and then feel intimidated by the cluster of buildings around you. Taking a deep breath in helps get over it and then I was able to get to my hotel. Getting on a bed was the best part. I mean, I saw a glimpse of the city, but my head was pounding and I needed to rest. After silence, I got out and bought some snacks. New sweets and a greasy burger, can't get any better! Got me in the mood but I made sure to go to bed which was 6pm, but I knew I would of felt better in the morning!
After a long, lonnnngggg sleep, I got up at 4 in the morning and chilled for a little bit. I knew to explore the city before it gets busy, I could explore way more then you usally can. And I did. First thing in the morning. Central park. Absolutely beautiful. I mean, getting away from the jungle city, the stunning park relaxes you and then everything sinks in. I guess that's what travelling is about, experiencing everything Times Square is something different. It's just like a coffee table magazine but on buildings. Or the best way to describe it, Men's health magazine on drugs. I'm avoiding restaurants, I'm a stingy little bugger, no tips from me. But the fast food is interesting. I'll probably loose weight from all the walking. There's so much.

7 June 2017

Well, it's a start of an adventure. As I listen to an album, I've realised this whole planning has been done by myself. I feel I've accomplished alot eventhough I'm at the start of my adventure. I'm excited but also uncertain. Becuase this is my first ever trip myself, I haven't been abroad since I was young. I want this trip to give me more of a reality check. Over the past years, I've been stuck in little London, working and studying. It's time for something different. I want this trip to make me feel that there's more to life then doing the same thing over and over again. Studying is not for me. I'm trying travelling. I don't think my expectations are high. I'm extremely excited but is it just going to be another London but just a little bigger? A little extra? I've yet to land on American soil. And I'm excited to see what new York has to offer, but I'm more excited what Pennsylvania has to offer, when I start my summer job.