United States of America · 5 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

Tomas's adventure in United States of America

14 August 2017

Better breakfast today 😊 we walked to the WWII museum and had a stroll around before watching Beyond all Boundaries, an hour long film explaining USA's involvement in the war, it was very well done & quite powerful! After, we went into the submarine experience, where we each were assigned roles and simulated a historical moment, really interesting! Only 5 crew members survived. We got a taxi then, had Beignet's & frozen coffee from Cafe du Monde - quite nice, despite looking around the French market. For a couple of souvenirs & a hat for myself, it was super hot at 36°c so we came back to the hotel for the afternoon. We ordered gourmet sandwiches from Jimmy John's.

13 August 2017

Breakfast was OK, though we arrived at the busy period. We all walked down to Canal St. & got the "trolley" - or tram - up rough the main street & out to the suburbs before heading back. Then we all walked to the French quarter, passing a store of sweets & sauces, which had a sign saying "taste at your own risk", Mike tried some hot sauces but couldn't handle the Bone Reaper haha; he really heat up! I got some sweets for colleagues. We had a quick lunch then walked back to the hotel, freshened up & were picked up for our tour. Explained the French quarter, the suburbs & housing, the effect of hurricane Catrina & the garden quarter. William & I tried some Alligator sausage, then got dropped off near Crazy lobster, we weren't impressed, so moved on to Bubba Gump! Beautiful meal & great service, really nice experience, I had the shrimp bucket, we each bought souvenirs. We went to a bar for 3 drinks & talked before walking back, stopping in at a voodoo shop; interesting & positive ☺️

12 August 2017

Upon arriving, we checked into the suite and went out for dinner. The place Mike wanted to take us, you had to be 21, so we found a place called Ernst cafe. I had crawfish etoufee, and a New Orleans drink called?? Wow it was strong! Afterwards we all went along the river boardwalk and some of Canal street, before Mike, Carol & William retired. Me Mum & Dad continued onto the French quarter, where the an event called the dirty linen night was going on, with many from the Red dress run present! Men and women wear a red dress, run 2 miles for charity and then party haha. Such a great atmosphere, with music & dancing along the street, and the French quarter was beautiful. We popped into a bar to get a drink. I ordered a whiskey with ginger, and half of it was whiskey! Afterwards we headed back & I crashed.
Early start today as we are all road-tripping to New Orleans! Nice big breakfast, loaded the van and set off around 8am. It was a very pleasant journey, took 9.5 hours. We crossed states, from Florida into Allabamma, into Mississippi and finished in Louisianna. The country is so large and different here, lots of forest and open road. Crossing into each state we stopped at the Welcome sites where they have information about the state you're now in.

11 August 2017

Today Mike took us to a gun range! He has 2 safes, with guns & ammunition, at last count they have 17 guns and 40k rounds of ammunition; woah. They're pretty capable of holding up here for a long time, they've their own well with water pump, generator & wood stove, combined with their larder & weapon supplies, best as here in a zombie apocalypse haha. Mum wasn't keen on the idea, but me Dad & William had a good time. We fired 2 rifles, and 3 pistols. AR-15, which is a 0.223mm caliber assault rifle. 30-06 rifle, which is a hunting rifle. 0.38 calibre revolver. 0.357 magnum revolver. And a glock, a semi-automatic pistol 0.40 calibre. It was a good experience and fun, harder than I thought with more of a kickback, especially the hunting rifle & magnum wow! Afterwards we got supplies from Walmart and food from Wood's bbq. Ribs, chicken and sides, really nice! Everyone relaxed then, I watched some episodes of friends, used some of Mike's weights and got an early night.

10 August 2017

Today, me William, Mum & Dad travelled from Gatwick to Orlando. Had a nice breakfast in the hotel and an easy morning at the airport. The flight was easy with decent food, I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Logan and part of Beauty & the Beast. Mike & Carol met us at the airport, lovely to see them again so soon! We got in the van they hired and had a 3 hour drive to their home in Jacksonville; we stopped part way for a meal at Cracker Barrels, yum! Food here sure is tasty, lots of it & cheap 😀 Crashed pretty soon on arriving, good day overall. Mile & Carol's house is very nice, on an acre plot of land, 3000sq ft (average is 1,800), they had it built and did the porch themselves. It's lovely with lots of pictures around, and they're very welcoming. I'd like to spend a period of time in the USA I think.