Luxembourg · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Interrail 2017 - Luxembourg

8 July 2017

Went running with one of my CS hosts. So he gave me a guided tour of the city
I just woke up naked, as you can see, at my couchsurfing hosts. Normally I'd wear some clothes when I'm staying with others, but this couple are nudists. So I decided to try something new and be a nudist for two days. "When in Rome, live like a Roman" πŸ‘It's actually quite freeing just walking around, naked, with others around. Well at least I got to try that one out!

7 July 2017

City Skyliner - For €7 (adult) you get to go almost 100 metres up in the air and experience Luxembourg from above. On its way up, it turns 360' several times. Well worth it! No ques when I was there. Just buy a ticket and get on πŸ‘
Notre-Dame cathedral - Though I'm not a Christian, I can still appreciate the absolute exquisite buildings churches (and holy buildings of other religions) are. They are truly an engineering masterpiece filled with breathtaking art. This is dedicated place you don't want to miss. When I was there, they started closing the doors at 5PM. I don't know if that is just on the weekend or also on weekdays. Anyways, this is a must do!
Arriving into Luxembourg 😎