France · 12 Days · 16 Moments · July 2017

Interrail - Paris, France

20 July 2017

12 July 2017

Bye Paris! It's been really good. Quite enjoyed this city. Would love to come back, out of season, to go up the Eiffel tower for example. Also really nice seeing my friend Guillaume again! Now I'm heading south!

11 July 2017

The palace gardens in Versailles - Stunning! It's insane to think about the fact that the king used to live here in such luxury and that whenever he had guests in the garden, he'd have musicians stay in the bushes to perform.

10 July 2017

An absolutely amazing cathedral with probably the best 360' panoramic view in Paris. Well worth the €6 to climb to the top!
"Inception" film location
Got to ride on the self driving car in La Défense, which was really cool. Only went like 8 km/h but still cool. It had a staff member on board, but he was only there to choose the destination and talk about the car. They're coming to Norway next year!
Grand Arche in La Defense - La Défense is mainly a business district, so not that touristy, but it's well worth a visit if you've got the time. The Grand Arche is even bigger than I could've imagined. You can go up if you want as well, though I didn't. The weather wasn't the best that day so wouldn't have gotten a great view.

9 July 2017

Staying with my friend Guillaume Adam for three nights. Haven't seen him since our uni days back in 2011. Great to see him again!
I do like double decker trains 😃👍
Arc de Triumph - Huge thing in the middle of the road. Use the underground access to get there. Whatever you do, don't cross the street!
My pack 👍So far, so good. Think I will to pack even less next journey!

8 July 2017

Found someone to kiss underneath the Eiffel tower, Andy. Now that's bucketlist stuff! Nothing like a Paris fling ❤️🇫🇷
Eiffel tower - This is an absolutely amazing sight, truly! The lights come on around 22:00 and stay on till about 01:00. Well worth going in the evening!
The Louvre - Really pretty! Go late in the evening when there's a lot less people.
Notre Dame Cathedral - Really pretty, especially in the evening. Such a beautiful light. Don't go in the day... Too many tourists there
Paris by night!
St Christopher's Inn - Cool hostel with large rooms and comfortable beds. Each bed has a curtain (like in the picture) which is a nice change from other hostels! Also a nice bar downstairs with okay prices. The burger is to die for!