Belgium · 1 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Interrail 2017 - Brussels, Belgium

7 July 2017

Brussels was a really nice city and much more my cup of tea compared to Amsterdam. Yes it's full of tourists in July, but it still have a retained its soul and offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and architecture well worth a travellers attention.
Au revoir Bruxelles, bonjour Luxembourg! Getting the 12:37 train to Luxembourg (no reservation required on this journey) 👍
Though this picture of waiting for my washing to finish at the local laundrette isn't very glamorous, it's moments like these I love. It's run by a lovely couple that greeted me when I arrived. Then when I needed to ask what programme was the quick one and if I could leave my bag here for a bit, I went up to the man. My French is elementary at best and my most used phrase is "Excusez-moi, je parle un peu de français. Parlez-vous anglais s'il vous plaît ?" (Excuse me, I can only speak a little bit of French. Do you speak English please?) Man: "Non" (No) So we continued the conversation with my broken French, plus the odd English word,and him being very understanding. In the end we managed to sort it out. So now I've almost got a nice bunch of freshly washed clothes. It's moments like this I simply LOVE when I'm travelling. The kindness of strangers and their will to try to help or simply understand you. The little moments in life 👍 Très bien!

6 July 2017

Sightseeing around city centre. All easily accessible by foot or metro.
Delirium bar holds the Guinness world record for the amount of different types of beer, well over 3500 types! See the picture of the menu to see what they have on tap. I recommend the Floris Apple, really fresh and fruity beer.
Get a 24 pass for public transport for €7.50. Gives you access to the metro, trams and busses
Nice hostel just outside the city, but close to the metro. Highly recommended!