Japan · 4 Days · 17 Moments · February 2019


5 February 2019

Cloudyyyyy and cold.

4 February 2019

@ Hayashi Shabu Shabu for 团员饭 Well worth the 1km walk! We got a set meal which was about 30SGD? INCLUDING appetiser, dessert and warm sake. It was quiet and cozy.
On the way to the cruise ship. The skies were really clear that day so you could see Mt Fuji from virtually any part in town. ☺️
Ropeway and Cheesecake Garden.
Lunch near the train station. Great business plan, food not bad either.
The skies are really so blue!! Bus was not the comfiest, but it was fast (slightly below 2 hrs). Passing by Fuji-Q Amusement Park and first sight of the magnificent Mt Fuji. Really lucky for the clear weather ^^
The morning around our hotel, and now waiting for the highway bus to Kawaguchiko. Weather is so so lovely!!!

3 February 2019

Walk to Ochanomizu from Akihabara cause dad wanted to get vinyls. I'm no collector but it does look quite clean (not like those secondhand dusty musty thrift shop) and there were quite a few people in there. Their profile is all in the late 40s onwards, male and all dress a certain way HAHA.
@ Akihabara
Walking around Asakusa.
@ Sensoji Temple

2 February 2019

Walked around Ikebukuro after dinner, I wonder where all these people come from cause the place is damn crowds?! The brand name shops occupy a few levels but I think they have smaller land area per storey. But still! Everything is packed and messy in an organised way. Feels like there's so much to see! Try! Buy! Buy! Buy! But no lah I only bought a face mask. It came in a pack of 10.
@ Ikebukuro Monkey see monkey do, to order this bowl of noodles. Idk what it's called, the English translation was "special dip noodles". It's something like cold soba, except the noodles were different, and the soup was warm. AND OMG THE SOUP WAS GLORIOUS?! It was really rich and thick and a lil bit of sour sweet kick (umami?). And they let you add yuzu powder!! 10/10 would recommend but I forget where.
Apparently, planes provide free WiFi for messaging apps now. Which well have I been living in?