United States of America · 1 Days · 7 Moments · September 2016

Todd's Sanctuary Wild Edible Plant Walk

17 September 2016

Parchment fungus / false turkey tail Bottom is not white and bottom is completely flat with no pores.
Spicebush or spice wood. Lindera - make tea out of leaves / twigs. Understory shrub. Each leaf has a lime green stalk. Leaves do not have teeth Anti yeast anti viral - better as a medicine, not as a tonic.
Stink horn- attracts flies
American spikenard Understory plant Purple berries are edible in Fall. Can make medicine with leaves. Tea from roots
russla mushroom. Has gills / chalky / not much value to eat - fragile - will shatter when dropped
Wild Ginger (root) Rich soils, often near water. Flower - dark red triangle on the ground - attracts carrion insects. Need a digging tool to harvest High anti microbial activity - use as mouth oral powder (dry out) - prevents plague and acids in mouths. Also white oak bark. High doses may cause cancer - liver. Dry out in sun and put in a jar.
Acorns - can eat, but NOT raw. Dry, store, crack, and then need to rehydrate and pour off tannins Do not harvest ones with caps or little holes. The top should be light in color. Make flour for muffins, bread. Red oaks bigger and have more meat- pointed leaves