Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 108 Days · 56 Moments · June 2017

Tobias discoveries 2017

30 September 2017

Now I'm back in Vienna, have already started working again and can look back at such an amazing time with incredible and unforgettable moments 😀 Last but not least I would like to say thank you to my followers for taking part of my journey - it was a great experience with unforgettable moments... it was one of my best decisions ever travelling around and enjoying my life 😎 See you!!

26 September 2017

Days 102-104: The beginning of my last stop at Melbourne was unfortunately not that good 😐 Flight cancelled, due to my last dinner in Sydney I had troubles with my stomache and the prebooked appartement had no reception, so I had to wait for my keys!! Nevertheless I enjoyed my last days in Melbourne. Unfortunately I had to cancel the "Great Ocean Road Tour". ...but that's all about travelling and now I'm more than ready for take off to Vienna 😀😀😀😀😀 Day 105: After a 21 hour flight from Melbourne via Doha to Vienna it's good to be back at home!!

22 September 2017

Days 98-101: One of the best cities almost at the end of my trip - Sydney 😎 Highlights: Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, Manly Beach, Coastal walk from Maroubra Beach to Bondi Beach, sunset at the Watson Bay, a lot of different coffeeshops and restaurants, Sealife Aquarium with a penguin expedition and Wildlife Zoo 😀
Impressions of the coastal walk from Maroubra Beach to Bondi Beach / Really beautiful... I highly recommend this tour when you are visiting Sydney 😎

19 September 2017

Day 95-97: Barefoot Kuata Island / Great spot for snorkelling with sharks (Whitetip reef sharks - generally not dangerous, nevertheless was really scary to see up to 11 sharks under or next to me; I only decided 10 minutes before departure to take this tour 😬)... the island also offers a nice "Summit walk", a good sunset point and two beaches!! Last night relaxing at the mainland in a nice hotel / During my trip to the small islands I stayed in dorms with up to 32 beds 😉 It's all about flexibility!! Fiji - a real paradise 😎😎😎

16 September 2017

Day 93-95: Blue Lagoon Island Resort / Beautiful beach, great weather, traditional Fijian Lovo Dinner, friendly staff, one of the best sunsets and a lot of fun 😀

15 September 2017

Day 93: Visiting a Fijian village / Fast boat trip (was exciting due to high waves - totally wet) to the Soso Village (around 450 people are living there)... we have visited a kindergarten, a primary school, a local handicraft market and looked at local houses... was so amazing to see how happy the kids are altough life there is totally different from a standard European life... I think it's the sea, the sun and the beach 😎

14 September 2017

Days 91-92: Mantaray Islands Resort / Beautiful place, great spot for snorkelling directly at the house reef (I saw two litte rays, hundreds of colourful fishes, corals and blue starfishes) and very good food 😎 On my second day I booked a guided snorkelling tour and beside corals and fishes I saw a baby reef shark (...they are not dangerous 😀)... Unfortunately I don't have a waterproof camera - the pictures would be awesome!!

12 September 2017

Day 90: "Take your time - don't rush" ---> it's Fiji time 😎 Let's start the island hopping tour (Mamanuca & Yasawa islands)... 7 days - 4 islands 😉 First stop Bounty Island Resort... One island one resort - nothing else 😎 In 25 minutes you can walk around the island!! Great times!!

11 September 2017

Days 87-89: After enjoying Wellington on my way back to Auckland by bus with an overnight stay at Taupo! At my last day in Auckland was so great seeing Sarah & Adam again after 2 months (...we were on the same trip in Vietnam and Cambodia).. Thank you guys for your local tour and the perfect dinner 😎 Off to the Fiji Islands (pretty cool to fly from around 10 to 28 degrees!!)... Tourism slogan: "Fiji - where happiness finds you..." --> let's see 😀😀😀

8 September 2017

Days 85-86: Wellington (capital city of New Zealand, one of the windiest cities in the world 😬)... After a lot of small towns in new zealand's countryside perfect place to enjoy culture at the "Te Papa" (national museum with very informational exhibitions) and excellent meals or different coffeeshops.

6 September 2017

Days 83-84: Bus trip to Taupo to stay at the Lake Taupo (one of the biggest lakes in the southern hemisphere with a beautiful view of volcanos and mountains). Taupo is also a good place to relax at one of the Hot spring pools with natural mineral water (up to 41 degrees). Our next stop was River Valley / Beautiful landscapes and a lodge in the middle of nowhere (no phone or internet connectivity). New Zealand is totally different from the other countries I visited. Wide, green landscapes with a lot of sheeps, cows and rain!!

4 September 2017

Days 81-82: Bustrip to Rotorua with a short stay at the Hobbiton Movie set (...I've actually never seen the lord of the rings nor the hobbit trilogy, it was nevertheless quite interesting) / Overnight stay in Tamaki Maori Village was such a beautiful experience 😀 Rotorua is also famous for its geothermal parc and active geyser!!

2 September 2017

Days 79-80: After a short breakfast at the Queens Wharf with a view to the skyline of Auckland and the PwC Building bus trip to Hot Water Beach and the Cathedral gloves!! Bus trip to Waitomo / Sometimes it is better not knowing what to expect from a prebooked underground adventure ("Waitomo black water rafting tour") - Exploring the Ruakuri Cave with a lot of glowworms (...floating down the underground river, jumping into underground waterfalls, extremely cold water (around 11 degrees)) - staying in a cave for around 1.5 hours with no possibility of getting out is really tough, but seeing the magical glowworms in the cave was worth it 😎

31 August 2017

Day 77-78: Bus trip from Surfers Paradise to Brisbane (1 hour) / Beautiful city with a lot of spots to relax, to have an amazing view of the skyline like the view from the Kangaroo Point during a BBQ and to try some good restaurants and different coffeeshops!! Off to New Zealand / First stop at Auckland and then every day another place on the North Island by bus (Kiwi Experience)

30 August 2017

Days 75-76: Bus trip from Hervey Bay to Surfers Paradise-Gold Coast (6,5 hours) / SkyPoint Climb (Australias's highest external building climb, 270 meter above sea level), river cruise through the city ('s so weird to see such luxurious houses compared to the villages in Cambodia or Vietnam 😐), walking on the beach to see the sunrise and a pelican 😎

27 August 2017

Days 73-74: Exploring Fraser Island (world's largest sand island) by 4WD tour bus / Highlights: Lake McKenzie, rainforests at Central Station, beautiful views from Indian Head, The Pinnacles Coloured Sands, the SS Maheno shipwreck and a scenic flight.

25 August 2017

Day 72: Overnight bus trip from Airlie Beach to Hervey Bay (14 hours) / Whale watching - Hervey Bay is one of the best destinations to see humpback whales!! The best time to watch whales there is from early August to late September.

24 August 2017

Day 71: Scenic flight over parts of the Great Barrier Reef - just incredible!! Of course one of my personal highlights 😎

23 August 2017

Days 68-70: Bus trip to Airlie Beach / Starting point for a 3 day/2 night long sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands (Part of the Great Barrier Reef)... Visiting Whitehaven beach, snorkelling two times to see a lot of fishes, one swimming turtle and coral reefs, seeing a huge whale in the ocean and just jumping out the boat into the ocean were amazing highlights... One night without any sleep wasn't so funny (due to a snoring guy next to me - in my cabin stayed 12 people!!), but the second night on the boat was much better 😀 Great times 😎

19 August 2017

Daytrip from Townsville to the Magnetic Island by ferry (just 20 minutes). Good place to hike through the National park - to look and to find Koalas in the wild (...not that easy, but I'm persistent 😉) made my day. On the island there are also a lot of small bays for sunbathing.

18 August 2017

Days 65-67: Bus trip from Mission Beach to Townsville (4 hours) / A really nice small town, not that touristic but with beautiful spots like the view from the Castle hill, relaxing at "The Strand" or looking for the sunset at the coastwalk.

16 August 2017

Days 63-64: Let's start the bus trip from Cairns to Surfers Paradise-Gold Coast with Greyhound Australia. First stop at Mission Beach (2 hours) / No people, great beach, very quiet but you can find a good Italian restaurant 😀

14 August 2017

Days 61-62: Finally Australia - one of my dreams comes true 😎 First stop at Cairns, Queensland. Day trip from Cairns: Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Skyrail above the Wet Tropics rainforests (World Heritage Site by UNESCO) to Kuranda, visiting Kuranda Koala Gardens and back to Cairns by Kuranda Scenic Rail

12 August 2017

Days 58-60: Lombok / 2 nights in an incredibly beautiful hotel with just 9 rooms and excellent food 😎 Last night in Indonesia at Keramas (Bali) / Beach with black sand and a good place for surfing.

10 August 2017

Days 56-57: Gili Islands / Boat trip from Padang Bai (Bali) to Gili Trawangan... Just relaxing at the beach and enjoying the sunset

7 August 2017

Days 53-55: Bali / Visiting Hinduism temples, trying the most exotic coffee called "Kopi luwak", seeing monkeys near the street, joining a traditional Hinduism ceremony at the Bratan lake and the most important thing at all: relaxing.

3 August 2017

Days 50-52: Singapore - a metropole in South East Asia with a lot of western influence... in the city centre you can find well renovated old buildings near skyscrapers and the impressive Marina Bay Sands!! Flight from Singapore to Denpasar-Bali (3 hours).

1 August 2017

Days 48-49: Another good and interesting day in Tokyo. Unfortunately last days in Japan - a country you should visit once... A lot of history, beautiful gardens, modern cities, friendly people, very good food and high tech toilets 😉 Flight from Tokyo to Singapore through Kuala Lumpur (8 hours).

30 July 2017

Days 45-47: After a lot of different cities it's time for Japanese mountains and lakes... Train from Hiroshima to Hakone (around 100 km from Tokyo). Hakone is one of Japan's best known tourist areas and famous for the view of the Mount Fuji (highest mountain in Japan). Unfortunately I didn't see Mount Fuji due to many clouds. My accomodation in a traditional Japanese hotel was pretty interesting. Wellness for Japanese people means bathing naked in an "Onsen" (volcanic hot spring water, 45 degrees, see picture 10). Then never before have I seen a shared bathroom like this (see picture 9). Traditional Japenese food was great (a lot of different nicely prepared dishes) and I had to wear a "Kimono" for dinner, nevertheless for breakfast I don't need rice, fish, soup with mussels... the stay at the hotel was all in all a great experience 😎

27 July 2017

Days 42-44: Train from Kyoto to Hiroshima through Osaka. Hiroshima, the place, where during the second world war, the first atomic bomb exploded (August 6, 1945). The impressive "Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome)" and the "Flame of Peace" should makes one, thoughtful. Day trip from Hiroshima to Nagasaki by train to discover the "Atomic Bomb Museum" and the Memorials (August 9, 1945) 😔. Beside exploring the sad history you should visit the "Glover Garden" in Nagasaki with a beautiful view of the city and the pier. Osaka is a nice city where you can find a good mix of old history and modern skyscrapers.

24 July 2017

Days 39-41: Exploring Kyoto and Kanazawa by train. A lot of culture, japanese temples and beautiful gardens. Travelling around in Japan with the "Japan Rail Pass" is a great experience. The trains are very fast and everything is well organized 😀 In Kyoto I had an exciting accomodation experience: Two nights in a capsule (see picture 10) - was better than expected 😎

23 July 2017

Days 37-38: Flight from Shanghai to Tokyo (Capital city of Japan)... First impressions of Tokyo: very friendly and helpful people (!!!), clean and an excellent subway/railway system 😀 Highlights: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree by night, East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, shopping district Ginza, Ueno Park with a lot of different museums and Shibuya Crossing...

22 July 2017

Days 35-36: Short train trip from Suzhou to Shanghai (more than 24 million inhabitants!!) - just an amazing city with a beautiful skyline from the other side of the river (called "Bund"), the second tallest building in the world and a lot of western influence. I highly recommend going to an acrobatic show in Shanghai - it was just unbelievable 😀

19 July 2017

Days 34-35: Travelling around China isn't easy and very, very stressful - essential to have a tour guide 😀 Overnight train from Xi'an to Suzhou (more than 14 hours!! in a cabin with 6 beds and no closing doors 😬). Suzhou is a pretty nice "small" city (more than 5 million inhabitants 😉) with beautiful gardens and small rivers (it is also called "Venice of China").

18 July 2017

Day 34: Xi'an (more than 10 million inhabitants, best preserved city wall in China) - Good starting point to explore the incredible Terracotta Warriors. To find a good place for a coffee in China is a challenge, but sometimes it is possible ☕️

17 July 2017

Day 33: Tour from Beijing to the Great wall (2 hours by bus). It's just incredible what people built centuries ago. In the afternoon we took the train from Beijing to Xi'an (6 hours, maximum speed 300 km/h).

16 July 2017

Days 31-32: Overnight flight from Koh Samui to Beijing (Capital city of China)!! It's a very busy city.... Really impressed about the Olympic park with huge buildings like the Olympic tower or the Olympic stadium. It's very interesting to see how many different sides Beijing has (forbidden city, financial district, old city center). Good to know: No access to Google and Facebook!!!

13 July 2017

Days 29-30: If you are looking for a quite place at Koh Samui I can recommend Maenam Beach... it is an around 6 km long beach and not that far away from the airport. The sky before a storm looks dangerous (see picture 3).

12 July 2017

Days 25-28: Flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. Good place to relax on the beach and to see different Buddhas. First time riding an elephant 😉 2 more days at Koh Samui 😎

9 July 2017

Days 23-24: Bangkok - busy, loud, a lot of traffic and a bad air quality, but you can also find peaceful and nice places (especially Lumphini-Park, Dinner at the Baiyoke Sky Restaurant (81st floor))!!

7 July 2017

Day 22: Bus trip from Siem Reap to Bangkok (10 hours). First time crossing a border with immigration check by foot. It was a very exciting experience. I was really happy to see my big bag on an unusual carrier. Bye bye Cambodia, hello Thailand 😎

6 July 2017

Day 21: Deep insights into a countryside village in Cambodia and a local privately financed school project for kids to learn English! Unforgettable, sad but also hopeful moments!! No more words needed!!

5 July 2017

Days 19-20: Bus trip (7 hours) from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap to explore Angkor (capital city of the Khmer Empire/World Heritage Site by UNESCO). We have visited Angkor Wat (largest religious monument in the world), Ta Prohm (was used as a location in the film Tomb Raider) and Angkor Thom (with focus on Bayon temple with around 262 smiling faces)

3 July 2017

Days 17-18: After a 7 hour trip by a local bus we arrived at Phnom Penh (capital city of Cambodia). Cambodia is still a very under developed country. Insights about the sad and horrible history of Cambodia: Tour to the Killing fields and S-21 prison (approximately 3 million victims under the regime of the ultra-communist Khmer rouge between 1975-1979). Tuk-Tuk ride around Phnom Penh (Visiting the Royal Palace with beautiful buildings...)

1 July 2017

Day 16: Last day in Vietnam. Trip to Mekong Delta (enjoyed a boat cruise through the villages, islands and markets of the Mekong Delta)

30 June 2017

Days 14-15: Flight from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon; over 10 million inhabitants, over 8 million scooter). Sightseeing tour in Ho Chi Minh and trip to the Cu Chi tunnels (tunnels were used by Viet Cong soldiers as hiding spots and living quarters for North Vietnamese fighters). It's Asia, go with the flow 😎

28 June 2017

Day 13: Sightseeing tour to "My Son Temple" (World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and first time relaxing on a vietnamese beach

27 June 2017

Days 11-12: Bus trip (4 hours) through Hai Van Pass to Hoi An (World Heritage Site by UNESCO). First homemade Vietnamese food and a great tour by bike with stops at farms...

25 June 2017

Days 10-11: After a 14 hour overnight train trip (was surprisingly better than expected 😀) we have explored Hue in the center of Vietnam. Hue was for years the capital of the Empire of Vietnam.

24 June 2017

Days 9-10: Boat trip with an overnight stay to the spectacular Halong Bay (one of the seven natural wonders of the world)

22 June 2017

Days 8-9: Had a really good flight to Hanoi (Capital city of Vietnam) with Thai Airways and my first impressions from Hanoi (...everywhere scooter...)

21 June 2017

Days 6-8: South Tyrol (Waltherplatz Bolzano), my two backbacks and impressions from my departure destination Munich

19 June 2017

19 June 2017

Days 5-6: Bologna / View from the balcony of the hotel, Basilica Santa Stefano and "Torri Asinelli e Garisenda" by night

15 June 2017

Days 2-5: Isola d' Elba / Excellent food and perfect place to relax

14 June 2017

Day 1: Vienna to Firenze by car / Beautiful city - Highlights: Ponte vecchio and Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore