China, Malaysia · 7 Days · 35 Moments · August 2018

To Malaysia

21 August 2018

The view outside is just incredible
Bought some food to eat during the flight
Transfer at Kuala Lumpur International airport
It’s time to leave

20 August 2018

We spent a whole day playing in LEGO Land.
We arrived at the hotel quite late at night so we went to sleep quickly after grabbing some simple food nearby as we were all very exhausted.We were waked by the brilliant sunshine and when I drew back the curtain Me and my kid were amazed at the view,we were just at the opposite of the LEGO land themed park.

19 August 2018

Just left the fortification shortly after a while,we went to an open-air fruit market at the roadside where we began to seek desired Malaysian durian,the driver helped us to identify whether it is real local produced durian but we got a disappointed answer that it is actually imported from Thailand rather than local fruit. Anyway,we gradually pulled out of the previous depressive mood.
Many military fortifications can be seen along the highway to Johor Bahru. Those defensive structures look like some white helmets within which the space is said to be so extremely narrow that only two soldiers were allowed to stay each time with the rest of the space for stacking ammunition weapons.The walls are rather thick and solid so that they can resist bullets effectively and shoot the targets through the small windows from a hidden space.Even the local chartered car driver who served for us had a fearful expression when he told the past history of these things. He said it was pretty tragic and a lot of lives were sacrificed around these defense facilities during the battle which the Malaysian people fought for the Japanese intrusion. He said none of local people dare to go closer to those bizarre houses as they seemed cold,dark and very eerie. We just sat in the car and snapped several pictures hastily and drove away quickly^_^

18 August 2018

Maybe this is the last time to swim here because we are going to leave the resort tomorrow morning.
Walking past the golf course
Playing on the beach

17 August 2018

Friendship were improved through this journey
Sunset view
Back to hotel,so exhausting and hungry
Enjoy the wonderful undersea world
Took a boat ride to have a snorkeling activity
Feeding fish

16 August 2018

Have a lot of fun in swimming pool
Swimming day, enjoy the laidback time, this is exactly the feeling of summer vacation, little ones soon seem to forget the tiresome and exhausting journey we had yesterday.
Morning breakfast,today we are going to swim in the hotel pool as planned.

15 August 2018

Have a nice dinner tonight :)
The room designated was fantastic,facing directly to the central swimming pool!
Check in...
The last vehicle we took today is this shuttle “bus?!” That brings the passengers to the hotel. For the first time to see such kind of stuff.
Waiting for the ship,finally get the boarding passes.
Here is Mersing, a jetty harbor town where we will take the ferry ship later on.
We have chartered an MPV in advance. After we arrived the driver seamlessly picked us up and headed to the Mersing jetty immediately, we must get there before 3 pm for the last ferry ship to the Tioman Island is supposed to leave at 3: 30. We are speeding along the way.
Because of the flight delay, we landed at Johor Bahru airport half an hour later than schedule. We have to dash out quickly to have the luggage claim and head to the next trip.
Two little ones regain energies after breakfast and begin to play toys while adults grasp this opportunity to take a nap. We are so exhausted.
And here we are in an Chinese restaurant,but the taste of the noodle is...😦
We will transfer at Kuala Lumpur airport. The time we arrived here was 4:15am,and our next flight time is 9:45am. OMG,long time to wait,we’ll have to look for some food as our breakfast before next trip.
He ordered a chicken and began to enjoy it at midnight😅

14 August 2018

Just got seated,he began to seek his night snack^_^
Boarding now
After long time’s wait,the adventure to Malaysia will be starting. My little one got a hip inflammation weeks ago, so we have to use the pram this time.