Malaysia · 5 Days · 8 Moments · April 2018

To infinity and the pools: Kuala Lumpur

7 April 2018

Before the day was up we saw a few other iconic sights of Kuala Lumpur including the Patron Towers, Central Marketing, KL Tower and Central Park. Naturally we also packed in as much street food, tea and night market food as we could! The city certainly has a lot to offer and we managed to see a bunch of the top must sees in only a few days.
In the heat of the afternoon we worked our way through some of the highlights of the city center including a stop at another Hindu temple in the city. The temple has an entryway that soars up above you with a tower of scenes from Hindu tradition and scriptures.
Next stop on Saturday was the Royal Palace. The king of Malaysia now lives in a new palace but the old one has been turned into a museum. It was lovely to see and learn more about the traditions and history of Malaysia.
Our last full day in Kulau Lumpur was just that, FULL! we started the day with a morning at the Batu Caves, a series of Hindu temples on the rock face and in the caves of mountain north of the city. It's definitely a must see even with all the stairs! It tested my memory of the little I know about Hindu stories and dieties and man I need to study! The 10 pictures here are just a few of the highlights of the morning between dodging mean monkeys who throw fruit, climbing a fee hundred stairs and soaking up the beauty. If you would like to see or hear more let me know :)

6 April 2018

Went on a crazy killer hike today. We heard it wasn't an easy hike, but oh dear it was a rock climb not a hike! We got to see some amazing views and made a new friend with our guide!

5 April 2018

We went to the National museum yesterday and learned about some of the turning points in Malay history. It was some cool stuff! The people here have such a rich history and culture as a meeting place of Asian, Indian and Malay cultures.
Hannah and I are learning that we aren't always very good at taking breaks from our adventures to eat, but we did find breakfast yesterday and had some mixed feeling about the honey flavored sauce on our egg sandwiches haha! I score this morning with a chocolate waffle, Malaysia understands my love of waffles!
Our reward for sleeping in the airport: coffee!