China · 29 Days · 4 Moments · July 2014

To China, For Me

20 August 2014

I' m learning some very useful insights on consumer behaviour in the chinese market, in order to be ready to work hard in Letsface! Can't wait!

15 August 2014

I'm grateful everyday for the beauty around me, that beauty that means home and I know that Sooner or later I'm gonna miss it so bad.

30 July 2014

My birthday. 30 jul. Let'a hope for a great year, a year of growth, love, good food, full of new souls to meet and old friends to greet.

22 July 2014

Before leaving everything is possible. Everyone is well aware that no matter how much you Dreamed of your journey, it will always be something totally different. It's a mix of Fear and excitement, and I feel quite comfortable in it. I'm always eager to learn, curious like when I was 5, and enthusiast for the "beginnings". For this reason I still have to learn how to manage the "everyday (im)perfections" that is all that happen between the excitement of the beginnings and the deep emotions of the end, but I've time to get better. So, i'm learning Chinese with an amazing app called SKRITTER, which I recomment ti everyone. I've seen which one-day trips i can do from shanghai, and I've dreamed of Tibet,which unfortunately will be almost impossible, but Maybe I'll come back one day.I really want to see Shanghai and get lost in Its roads.I want to see gardens and buildings, shops and markets, and observe the people. I would love to learn at least how to manage a courtesy approach in chinese