Germany · 16 Days · 13 Moments · September 2017

Tisa's adventure in Germany

5 October 2017

Gutes Essen! Schlechte Gesundheit!
Some photos of downtown Bonn.

3 October 2017

The first ever gas chromatograph!

30 September 2017

I met my second cousin and his wife for the first time. They are wonderful and it was truly a pleasure to meet both of them!♥

29 September 2017

Wonderful time seeing Ian Anderson perform hits from Jethro Tull.

27 September 2017

Great food in Bonn! The first photo is of a Flammkuchen. It was tasty!

25 September 2017

My teeny little dorm while I study German!

24 September 2017

We climbed 566 steps to the top of the Cologne Cathedral. While we were in Köln, we got to spend time with my dear cousin and her family!

22 September 2017

It's mine turn to see something beautiful. Here's Schloss Drachenburg!
Martin is happy man! The famous Nürburgring race track.

21 September 2017

Karl Marx's birth place. He is known as the father of communism. Whilst the uptopian theory had good intentions, the application of it was brutal as seen in Stalin's USSR.
Another pretty European church!
Trier was once a capital city of the Roman Empire!

20 September 2017