South Africa · 19 Days · 68 Moments · October 2016

Tijana and Egon odyssey through South Africa

20 October 2016

Today we visit es Robben Island-an island famous for its prison where all political enemies of the apartheid government were sent to serve their sentence. Nelson Mandela spent here 18 years from his 27 years spent in prison. Conditions were horrible but the people there never stopped having faith for the better tomorrow and forgiveness in their hearts.
Mr. Brown told us everything about his life in district 6 and what happened to him, his parents and friends when they were forced to move out of the city in the 70s. After the people moved everything was destroyed in district 6 to erase the memories of this area and its people, because they weren't belonging to the white race and therefore not a part of white Cape Town! Actually Mr. Brown is standing on the map were his childhood house was and where is now nothing else then a piece of field!
We decided spontaneously to do a helicopter flight around Cape Town and we got this wonderful view of the city.

19 October 2016

Bo-Kap part of Cape Town is a Muslim part of the city, built by all the slaves in the 19th century when they became free people. The guide explained us several theories of why these houses are so colorful, the one we liked the most is: after being set free, after decades of being a slave, people got the opportunity for the first time to wear what they want, do what they want and live how they want to live. They saw the world full of colors for the first time. So they started with painting their houses in crazy colors, just as a way of expressing their freedom!
The best food we got so far was in this Ethiopian Restaurant (Addis in Cape). Our main course was a big plate of different dishes with chicken, beef, lamb and veggies which we ate with our hands. In the end we got some strong Ethiopian coffee which is served with salty popcorn.
the famous table mountain, we waited 1,5 hours in the line after we could finally go up. From the tip we had an amazing view over Cape town and enjoyed the weather!
New Harbour in Cape Town is located at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. Back in the times it was a place full of ships, containers and petrol. Now it's one of the best areas in Cape Town with hip restaurants, hand craft shops and a food market (hipsters are forbidden there)

18 October 2016

We went on a shark diving boat tour and saw these huge sharks from the boat attacking our fish on the line. Afterwards Egon jumped in the cage to be even closer to the sharks. After one minute of breathtaking excitement he realised that the view from above is 10 times better than from cage. Despite the view it was thrilling to be in the water while the sharks were surrounding us.
We arrived today at our last location, Cape Town. Next to the wonderful view from our hotel, we took part at a historical walking tour. We saw a lot of old colonial-style houses, which were turned to comfy coffee places or hipster bars/restaurants. Also we learned a lot of SA's history which is dominated by apartheit and the separation of humans by their race, e.g. people were forced to sit on benches which are especially defined for white or non-white!
Today on our way to Cape Town we visited the Cape of Good hope, place where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the Indian Ocean. Very windy but beautiful nature!
Simon's Town is famous for the Boulders Beach (huge stones dating from more than 540 million years) and Pinguin Colony that are permanent inhabitants of this beach. These small cuties are very friendly and funny animals, but getting very closely to them might end up with you bleeding: their peeks are very strong and sharp and they will use it if they see fit!
Do you know these small houses? No? Think again! This sight is the most photographed sight of South Africa and is on almost all books or prospects. They are basically some changes cabins on the Muizenberg Beach, but for me their colors present what South Africa is: very diverse and often misunderstood, but in reality very beautiful and charismatic.

17 October 2016

After a full day of activities, shark cage diving and a lot of wind being blown at our face all the time, we came to the Gordon's Bay to this amazing view!

16 October 2016

After seeing a few shy whales we had these happy group of dolphins jumping next to our boat!
Hermanus Backpackers house cat, it is so fat that it needs to lean against the wall when it sits :D
Cities Montagu, Ashton and Robertson are famous for their red wine! So we had to try it out! Blending our own red wine and labeling it as "wine for delicious dishes". Can't wait to drink it for the Christmas celebration.

15 October 2016

Avalon Springs Hotel has water in its pools which comes directly from a hot springs and is 40 degrees warm. We relaxed two days here by doing absolutely nothing then drinking cocktails at the pool and enjoying the wonderful view of the mountains.

14 October 2016

Our good morning kayak tour on the silky calm river in Wilderness National Park.
We slept at Santos Express in Mossels bay, which was one of our most interesting hotels so far. Even though we didn't had so much space, we were sleeping very comfortable with the sound of the waves in the background.

13 October 2016

Highgate Ostrich Show Farm gave us detailed explanation of the live of these animals, let us touch, ride and even feed them in this special way (you can notice how much our tour guide is enjoying it)
This is Africa!
Today we visited Oudtshorn, a small city close to Mosel Bay, famous for it's ostrich farms. This is a famous father that is heating up the eggs while the female is getting some food. Ostrich couples search each other and once they are happy with their choice, they stay together until the end of their life.

12 October 2016

Hug the big tree.
Today we wanted to visit the Millwood gold mine but they decided not to open today! So at the gates of a national park what else we can do and they recommend us a most beautiful 3 km long trail through the forest. Weather conditions were quite amazing and we enjoyed the fresh air and our walk a lot!
Last night we arrived to Knaysna, one of the biggest cities on the Garden Route. Amazing city that is located at the end of a lagune. This is the entry of the lagune where the sea starts again. Such blue/turquoise water you haven't seen so far, right? Worth visiting!
In the city of Knaysna we read about a special tour, where one lady who lives in townships, does the township tour herself. It was amazing! The lady showed us the townships from another perspective, showed us how the people live there and spend their time. At the end of the tour she invited us to her home for a cup of tea, where we learned the traditional tribe language and to play some traditional African drums. We even visited one small kindergartens in the townships and the small people gave us so much love. Message of the day: do not judge anybody. Not everybody is privileged to be born in a house with loving parents, healthy and with enough food, clean water and opportunities to be whatever they can imagine in life. If you are reading this message, this means you have internet or a phone and YOU ARE PRIVILEGED AND BLESSED. Learn how to use and appreciate that.

11 October 2016

Two tourist standing at the toll gate and waiting for somebody bringing them 5liter of petrol because the car is empty! The funny thing, one guy and girl who are working for road construction picked us up to get some petrol at the gas station and we thought they were the service we called. In the end they weren't the people we called, they were just two very friendly south Africans who help us.
Two tourist standing at the toll gate and waiting for somebody bringing them 5liter of petrol because the car is empty! The funny thing, one guy and girl who are working for road construction picked us up to get some petrol at the gas station and we thought they were the service we called. In the end they weren't the people we called, they were just two very friendly south Africans who help us.
68m long bridge over storm river at Tsisikamma National Park. It's called storm river once because of the strong winds and seconds because of the sound of the big rocks, which are pushed and pulled by the huge ways at the shore.

9 October 2016

Addo Elephant Park!
Finally at our hostel Beach Music in Jeffrey's Bay. This is our way to our beach called Supertubes, one of the best surfspots in the world which is a must for every surfer and a famous place for surf competitions, like the u18 world championship of the last days.
We had a walk next to the seaside at Jeffrey's Bay and spotted few fishermen trying to catch a big fish. After few minutes of struggle they managed to take it out of the water, but not a fish, but a baby shark! Not sure I want to bathe here but tomorrow we are taking up on some surf lessons here so wish us good luck!!!
We visited today the Addo Elephant park and found the most chilled zebra in the world, so we took a selfie all together.

8 October 2016

Today we landed in Port Elisabeth expecting a very nice, modern and calm city. Boy were we wrong! The city is a ghost town with only few people on the street on Saturday noon! The place gave us some chills and after seeing a police officers with some shotguns entering an abandoned building we packed our stuff and started driving away! Not recommend to visit this city!!!
On our way to Port Elizabeth...our excitement did not last too long!

7 October 2016

Egon and his small hobbit feet concurring the coast of Ballito.
We went on a hypo tour in St. Lucia where we were able to learn more about these amazing animals and the Eco system in Wetland Park. These animals and family oriented, territorial and the most dangerous animal in South Africa killing of about 20 people per year. Female get pregnant each two years and a small baby hypo that is born after 8 months already with a capacity to stay for about 40 seconds under water. It is important for baby hypos to feed in the first few years as much as possible and get big fast, since if not they will end up being a fine meal for a lot of predators like crocodiles.
One of our game drive Safaris at Kruger Park. It was fun and made us see elephants, zebras, one leopard, rhinos, Giraffes and Co. In the evening it was still fun but freezing, so we tried to cover up as much as possible.

6 October 2016

After leaving Kruger with a 680km and 9 hour long trip we arrived at our luxury camp Monzi in St. Lucia. We slept in 30 m2 tents equipped with electricity, full equipped bathroom and fridge which were standing between these nice trees.

5 October 2016

Egon the photographer spotting the Milkyway. Kruger Park.
A family of elephants drinking water at a lake in Kruger Park.
our lodge in pretoriuskop rest camp at Kruger park, a real African hut
A gentlemen agreement between these two guys. Kruger park.

4 October 2016

Seeing zebras for the first time, just eating something next to the road blew our minds! Kruger Park.
Big Swing in Graskop. Excitement in the face.
Gods window.
Spending an hour at Buck's Potholes is not enough. What a beautiful piece of nature!
Spotting someone sitting on the cliff. Buck's Potholes.
Finding rain forest in the middle of South Africa! Happy!
Rain forest.
Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve.
The Pinnacle. Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is a third biggest canyon in the world. Beautiful nature worth visiting.
Pilgrims rest. One of the first cities where the gold was found. Gold mines are not active there anymore but the city has still not lost its old flair.

3 October 2016

Having a picnic at Mac Mac pools.
amazing lonecreek waterfall (68m high and crystal clear)
burning sky in Graskop
My monkey. Visiting Brides Vail falls.
Beautiful nature at Lonecreek falls.
Lonecreek Falls.
We in front of Mandelas home!

2 October 2016

One of the 10 football stations built for the World Cup.
In 1976 during the apartheid regime, 15.000 scholars demonstrated and wanted one language to be taught in the school. This picture not only shows Hector, a 13-years-old boy who lost his life during this protest, but also the start of huge changes in South Africa as such.
Soweto towers. Ex-power plant turned into art and being used as bunjee jumping platforms.
House where Nelson Mandela used to live. Such an amazing personality.
Mandela house.
Johannesburg skyline.
Townships. People actually living here, driving a BMW since showing off is more important than living under any kind of normal conditions.