Netherlands, Romania · 95 Days · 9 Moments · December 2016

Tina's stories in Netherlands

21 March 2017


15 March 2017

Delft Station. Train journeys are always pleasing you, is like a troubadour's magic route all over again. You get to see every beautiful corner of this amazing country. I consider myself a lover of train emotion and train travel. Let's call it Emotion in Motion :)

12 March 2017

The Hague Marathon. A beautiful day in Holland came along with energy and a friendly competition, that brought together hundreds of beautiful people for the 20km Marathon which took place in The Hague. ( one of my top 3 favorite cities).

9 March 2017

Delft Architecture. In the past months I've been in Delft more and more and I have to admit that I'm officially in love with this small town. The architecture of the city looks like a never ending structured heaven.

4 March 2017

At the beginning of March I went back to Romania, my lovely country and I have some beautiful and juicy pictures to share with you guys. The weather was perfect and I had time to take some long walks and to catch the stunning streets of my beautiful Bucharest. In this picture I was so excited and decided to take my boyfriend for a walk. By making a picture of us secretly together with only one sight.
This great architecture next to one sunny day, sums up everything you can wish from a small journey to your home country. I was still mesmerized after all this time!

21 February 2017

Leiden Station, Netherland

20 January 2017

Beautiful sunsets of Holland

16 December 2016

Sunset seen from Amsterdam