United States of America · 66 Days · 42 Moments · June 2017

Tina 's voyage in United States of America

13 August 2017

Bushkill falls bridesmaids fall

16 June 2017

We are almost home.
Bye Myrtle it's been fun!!!

14 June 2017

No better sound. Love it!!!
Mellow Pop!!
bocce ball close by, thumping is interrupting my siesta. Could get use to this!! 😊

13 June 2017

Boardwalk on the beach!! Anything and everything!!😊
Myrtle beach. ❤️❤️💗💗💙💙

12 June 2017

Jennie's tree!!!😉
Filet shrimp crab scallops with a bernaise sauce.

11 June 2017

Our friend in the pool.
6pm swim! Still hot!!!
Beachbar makes good drinks!!!
Finally toes in the sand! 85 degrees!!!
The resort is a miniature version of Mexico resorts --very pretty!!!

10 June 2017

New York???
Little hole on the wall with the best seafood I have tasted in awhile.
Heading for the gout. Fresh seafood surrounding us!!!
Acme Low Country Store. Awesome seafood restaraunt in Isle of Palms.
Low tide.
So cool. Need a boat with your beach towel to get here!!!
Morris island lighthouse.
Heading to Morris island!!!
St James island. So peaceful.
Magnolia Plantation, garden view from front porch
Cobblestone streets. Beautiful.
Built in 1769. Spiked fence. Cornwall booted out the family to make it British headquarters. Family took it back and generations have owned and lived in it since then
Beautiful trees line their street.
Wild wallpaper in the bathroom.

9 June 2017

Mellow Mushroom. Qualifications to be hired: be high!!!
"I luff mud porter" beer from Holy City brewery in Charleston SC.
The Renaissance hotel-- really nice. Enjoying happy hour!!
Bridge on our way to Charlestown.
Official start of vacation!!!
Noontime flight from Harrisburg to Myrtle beach. 😍