Canada, Italy · 346 Days · 11 Moments · January 2017

2017 in Review

12 December 2017

December, 2017 Merry Christmas friends and family, Another Christmas – always an exciting time of the year at this house. Tim and I are empty nesters these days, but at Christmas we have everyone around, so can hardly wait for the holidays! Bring them on, we say!!! We wish you and yours all the best for the holiday season and the coming new year. The world is a trying place this year …. Take the time to hug people a little longer, say I love you a bit more often and reach out to those around you in warmth. Merry Christmas.
Lynn finished her last contract with the City of Edmonton Archives at the end of March 2017, organizing and preparing a finding aid for their GALA records (Gay and Lesbian Archives). It was a fascinating project, and fun to work with the staff of the Archives located in the historic Prince of Wales Armouries. Otherwise, she’s kept busy with travel, family, and being on the boards of both Strathcona in Bloom and the Canadian Federation of University Women. She was on a team that ran the Front Yard Competition for Strathcona in Bloom this summer, so saw a lot of amazing yards and gardens, and really enjoyed the experience!
Tim keeps busy with all sorts of activities. He had contracts with the World Meteorological Organization and the International Oceanographic Commission this year. He continues to serve as the Chair of the Strathcona County Information and Volunteer Board, and has recently joined Lynn on the Strathcona in Bloom Society Board. As well, Tim sings in the church choir, is part of a weekly walking group, and walks our dog Otis about three times a day. Very recently, Tim applied for and was appointed to the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board – a board that relies on the use of mediation to solve disputes regarding provincial environmental decisions on water, land-use etc.
Scott and Juliette are able to spend a good part of their break with us, so we are thinking we might get away with them to Jasper for a few days in early January. Scott is the Vice Principal of Bronte College (a private high school) in Mississauga, Ontario, and Juliette is the guidance counselor at this same school. Scott is planning a move to the public-school system in Ontario, and has been taking courses through Queen’s University at Kingston to give him the qualifications he needs to be a department head or administrator in the public system. Juliette is enjoying her first year as the guidance counsellor, and learning a lot in her new role.
Sean is (YES) in Edmonton for his second year of anaesthesia residency. He is kept pretty busy with his hospital rounds and on-calls, but we are lucky to spend quite a bit of time with him and his lovely girlfriend, Saba. Sean still lives with three other friends in a big house near the University of Alberta campus, and enjoys the neighbourhood and proximity to some of the hospitals he works in. He spent his month break last spring with Saba and other friends exploring Peru and Machu Picchu. Despite some nausea with high altitudes, they had a fabulous time! Sean continues to play touch football, for more than one team, and in both winter and summer. His teammates are good friends, and he loves the game! (The baby in the picture is Roderick - son of Sean’s cousin Brad and Kate.).
Maren is in her second year of Veterinary Medicine studies in Saskatoon, and will be home on December 15th. She loves the program, but is very ready for a break. She has made some good friends in her program, and loves the old house she lives in (the top floor), and can ride her bike to school for much of the year, with busses and walking working for her in the winter. She goes to the University gym regularly, and spent last summer in Edmonton, working once again as an interpreter for the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Maren likes to come to Edmonton - to see us and Otis ... but especially to see Kyle.

1 October 2017

BC Travels Our good friends, Jim and Andra, came west in late September and we did a trip through Alberta and BC. For Canada 150, Jim and Andra were visiting national parks so we were able to help them with their objective travelling through the Mountain parks and then out to the Pacific Rim national park. We did the hike up to Lake Agnes Tea House and Little Beehive at Lake Louise on a lovely fall day – though there were remnants of the prior day’s snowfall amongst the trees.

12 July 2017

Italy We had a wonderful three weeks in Italy with family and friends. Ten of us (all related to Scott and Juliette in some manner) rented a villa in Tuscany for one week, we spent another week in the province of Veneto and spent some days in Venice, Bologna, Parma etc. It was summer so very hot but the experience was tremendous. Juliette has Italian heritage so we were included in a family reunion so had truly local experiences and contacts.

22 March 2017

Otis here .... Some of you will have read my Facebook posts. 2017 has been a great year. No broken leg this year!! Winter is the best season of all. I am very much a snow lover. Do you ever just lie down in the snow and push your whole head under it? Try it .... it is absolutely wonderful! Fall is the second best season as the winds blow leaves hither, thither and yon. You can chase them and have great fun trying to catch them. I get to go to an off leash park once in awhile and run with other dogs. I am better there - I have learned that some pups don’t like to play as much as I do. So, I try to give them a little space. I absolutely live to meet people and other dogs. If you are ever near, drop in. Don’t worry if the humans haven’t invited you - you have a standing invitation from me. And, I will be so excited when I see you ... I will likely take one of your shoes and run around the house with it. I won’t chew it ... just give it a real house tour!

11 March 2017

Jasper snowshoeing. Lynn and Tim had a fun weekend in jasper snowshoeing. While there was little snow in the valley bottom, there was plenty of snow as soon as you drove up a little bit. Treated ourselves to a small cabin at Jasper Park Lodge for this trip and enjoyed the luxury of their amenities.

31 December 2016

Scott and Juliette were married in 2016. Late in 2016, Juliette’s parents, Rick and Annie, came west to spend New Years in Edmonton. While they were here, we held a reception for people who had been unable to travel to eastern Canada for the wedding. So much fun to relive the wedding event.