Australia · 192 Days · 49 Moments · April 2017

Queensland 2017

28 October 2017

Brisbane today. Was a really nice city but I don't miss the busy city life. It's the first traffic jam I've seen since January, sounds crazy like that. Went round with this lady i met on Fraser island and her best friend is some high up bloke at Jamie Oliver's Italian food place. So we got a table booked and these managers were shitting themselves because they knew if it wasn't perfect she may mention it to her friend. So we got treat like royalty, wine was poured for me all the time! And the best bit, three course meal including wine completely fucking free! BOOM! Also found a pair of kangaroo testicles that doubled up as a bottle opener, delightful. This will be me done in Queensland! It's an unbelievable state. New south Wales next, not really got much time unfortunately, looking at booking the new Zealand tour bus for the first month of traveling before I get a job. Met nieks gf and I'm now third wheeling, but they're a sound couple to be round and it's only for less than a week

25 October 2017

Final day, woke up and had a pretty terrible hangover. Goon is the devil's drink and I am getting way to old to drink this shit. But headed to lake McKenzie where a jump in the water sorted me out atleast :) the sand was special exfoliating sand so I have silky smooth skin now. Had lunch then back to the main land for karaoke! Amazing trip and amazing people.
Today we visited Eli creek which was so perfect it actually seemed like a Disney ride. The plants and the clarity of the water was unbelievable! Indian head and champagne falls. Saw loggerhead turtles from the viewpoint and also my first ever manta ray! Unfortunately we are not allowed in the water so couldn't go and swim with it :/ Sad history about Indian head, some people rounded up aboriginal women and children and forced them to jump off a cliff as they believe their husbands murdered someone. Steak for tea tonight! Same as the boat trip the people on it make the tour. Our car was okay, one knobhead that I can't stand, backseat driving people (worse than dad with mum), has the most boring fucking face I've ever seen, but the rest of the group are sound as so really does make it loads better :) will be seeing a lot of them down the coast at Noosa so will be really nice!

22 October 2017

Fraser island trip. This place could be up there with my favourite places in Australia was amazing, driving 4wd on the beach. First day we went to a lake that I can't remember the name of at all. But the sand dunes met the lake and then on the other side of the lake there was rainforest. 3 environments you don't imagine together at all. Our car was the only car to break down so had to wait for 50 minutes for them to bring another one over. Then we went on to see the shipwreck. Nobody died on this luckily but 6 Japanese people who bought the boat were being tugged along by a bigger boat when they got caught in a storm. And beached. And when they saw the aboriginal people they did not want to get off the boat as they thought they were going to eat them. Made me chuckle. Saw a dingo and these have never bred with dogs so some of the purest breeds of dingos in Australia! Camp was really great and had noodles for tea! Started drinking goon.. bad mistake.

20 October 2017

Found this guy stealing a free ride on the tent in the car haha I wanted to keep him :(

19 October 2017

Airlie beach live aboard boat trip on an ex sailing vessel called the British Defender so we got the opportunity to sail aswell. The weather was awful rained alot but the crew and the group we had were really great so it made the trip! Went to Whitehaven and went snorkeling coral was a bit fucked from the cyclone and I know temperatures of the water are already higher than normal for this time of year so looks like a bleak outlook for the coral :/. Went out in airlie beach with the group and left today and went to cape Hillsborough for a hungover hike. Snake is a green tree snake

14 October 2017

Magnetic island! Second time visiting but did forget the postcard unfortunately. Stayed at a hostel but they had no rooms, luckily I have been equipped with the northern English charm haha so managed to talk these girls into letting us sleep on the floor of their room on some of the pool bean bags. Had a few drinks and was a really good night. Did forts walk and horseshoe bay like I did with Rachel then back to Townsville Drove 45 minutes then realised we left the tent in Townsville haha so drove back and had McDonald's, fuck cooking tonight!

13 October 2017

Camped in the middle of a rainforest on a mountain last night. My friend worked in a surf shop and gave me a free beach lilo which I have decided to use as an air mattress, however it looks like it was a beach lilo for dwarfs. Better sleeping on this than the thin blanket I used on the west coast atleast! Saw an insanely huge waterfall, on the picture you can see the people on the bottom to give it scale. Also 5 people on this mountain and bumped into a guy from darley dale and a girl from Morris avenue (Lesley's friend's daughter), don't usually say this but small world indeed.

11 October 2017

*soppy* Left port today. Met everyone from work last night and feel a bit happier leaving having had goodbyes with everyone. It was tatjanas leaving due aswell, and I am gonna miss these people alot. Room is empty left the house said bye to jade and Greg. Driving out of port thinking of all the people I've met, feeling very lucky to have spent my time here including the job and the people I have met. Not sure if I'll see all of them again but will remember most of them definitely.

10 October 2017

Last couple days in port. Got a bit messy, woke up with parrots bow ties, wedding bouquets and a heap of other shite but all made for a good night with the crew. Niek and Brenda arrived and me and Niek are planning the trip down the east. Gonna be a really great trip, but again am feeling homesick from port before I've even gone, but just gotta sack up and think of the next adventure. Went to the daintree for the last time and the creek. Played a pretty grim game where one person would shit upstream and everyone else would have to strategically place them selves down stream to avoid the turd running into you. This poo floated past and luckily didn't touch me but had all green shit in it and I started dry heaving and spewed all my strawberry milkshake in the water. Twas a good day!

6 October 2017

Me and Greg went diving today. Was a top laugh but I was very hungover in the morning - the picture of me is the face of regret on going on the boat. But managed to go in for a couple dives still. Grace was working and ended up being our photographer for the day. Got given some free drink vouchers from the office so started up again for round 2. Ding ding.

4 October 2017

Last day at low isles today, saw a turtle a 1.5 metre black tip reef shark and an eagle ray. Reality hitting home that I'm going to be leaving now, really am gonna miss my friends here, a proper solid group of people, would be up there with some of my best mates. Just a shame I won't see them again for a long time. Had to do the presentation in a Scottish accent, nailed it. Working at TSA call centre paid off for that atleast!

24 September 2017

Last day diving, crammed 3 dives in before 11. Was hectic but lots of fun. Saw an incredible school of about 60 humphead parrotfish! Huge fish! A wobbegong shark! Blue spotted Stingray, another turtle and a white tip reef shark. Heading back now. Has been an amazing trip, crew were lovely, majority of people were down to earth and a good laugh, a couple of them were the classic knobhead backpackers, doing yoga infront of everyone on the boat, one was a dive master who acted like he knew everything about diving was even questioning the instructors, then ended up getting lost nearly every dive, total twat. And telling stupidly long winded stories about their shit travels in Asia, how they bought some stupid piece of shit jewellery that has some special meaning. But it's all part and parcel of travelling, and the trip was incredible, especially considering I got it 80% cheaper, felt a little smug if I'm honest. Saw dolphins on the journey home playing in the bow waves!

23 September 2017

*continued* ... Come their tentacles to feed on plankton. So all the coral looked furry with millions of little stinging tentacles catching food. Lots of red sea bass which I don't find too interesting but it's their time to hunt and they tried to use our light that we shone on coral to find little fish to eat. Tough shit red sea bass, saw a few do it but managed to move the light before they got the fish, live another day my friends. We then turned all our lights off, and pushing your hand through the water disturbed little plankton which became bioluminescent, due to an enzyme called luciferase in them. Saw in WA but still, Unbelievable! Then got to the boat to do an ascent stop to allow the nitrogen to leave our system, and there were two decent sized grey whalers (sharks) swimming round. These guys are way more "sharky" than the white and black tip reef sharks and to be hung in the water watching these sharks come in and out of our torch light was amazing and adrenaline pumping!
Got certified today! Official open water diver, the ceremony takes place on Wednesday... Was a great four dives, a large great barracuda was under the boat. And went on my own diving mission just me and two others! Saw humphead parrotfish and a kuhls ray, first kuhls ray I've ever seen. The night dive was something else. I was surprised I didn't feel the slightest bit nervous in deep open water at night, but I was far too excited. There wasn't masses of fish like in the day, but you get to see some of the different nocturnal animals. White tip reef shark to start. Saw crabs and the sea cucumbers were standing up, friends said it was part of their reproduction. All we had was a torch and a glowstick on our tanks to see. We swam past monumental coral structures, even the torch couldn't shine to the top as we looked up from the bottom, and the corals themselves were amazing aswell. It was night time so they no longer got food from the sun, so out.

22 September 2017

First day on the live aboard dive boat done, did 2 dives today. Got a cabin to myself! Food is really good. Really am loving the reefs here, has reignited my love for it. Sounds bad but going to the same reef every day (which is good but not compared to these) sort of made me lose a bit of my passion for it, still a great job. Saw 2 grey whalers from the boat (sharks). Saw a turtle and also saw a free swimming flat worm! Was amazing, undulating to swim. And saw my first dory (Pallette Surgeon fish)

14 September 2017

Went out on one of the dive boats for a fun day today, was spectacular, some of the reefs I saw were so healthy and were really what I imagined the great barrier reef to be like. I did my first ever intro dive and it was amazing aswell. Saw barracudas, Moray eels, about 5 white tip reef sharks, humphead Maori wrasse, bumphead parrotfish, flowery cod and a red lionfish. Only got two pictures ATM, but will get more when I connect my go pro! I'm going to learn to dive on Tuesday in cairns, 80% off! 150 pounds cheaper than the UK including a live aboard boat trip on the great barrier reef, not a shitty cold murky lake off the M62 with a singular half dead fish, see more fish in my fish tank at home (if there's any left....mum?)

10 September 2017

Only the one snorkel tour today so got to go on a helicopter ride over the great barrier reef!

18 August 2017

Unbelievable day today. Picture of a juvenile black tip reef shark but I spent an hour and a half paid to swim in crystal clear shallow waters by myself swimming with a turtle. This turtle was like a dog. He swam up to me and sat infront of me on the sand. So I stroked it's shell and its neck wrinkled up just like when Emma gets her head done by one of those head massagers. He followed me round like a pet dog. Wanting to be tickled on his shell. I didn't take my go pro stupidly but you got a real sense of the personality of the turtle (no hippy bullshit about being one with nature or anything) but was amazing to spend so long chilling with this amazing animal. To top it off a mother and calf whale on the way back. I love this job. Meal with some of the crew tonight.

1 August 2017

Dropped Rachel off at the airport 2 days ago. Went to Mossman gorge for her last day! Kayla also left yesterday aswell, end of the Guinness crew :( Quite sad people are going but gotta sack up and get on with it. Get back to working now and have booked flights to the states for a roadtrip from New York to Los Angeles! So alot to save up for. Seen whales frequently and still can't believe my break is spent on this island.

25 July 2017

Driving back to Port Douglas today. Stopped off at Millaa Millaa falls. Was like a shampoo advert! Drove through the tablelands and was amazing country side!

23 July 2017

Whitsundays cruise today! Rachel's first time on a catamaran. Bit cloudy at first but got beautiful later in the day. Saw whales and dolphins and had a BBQ lunch with all you can drink beer. Rachel took one for the team and is driving tonight. Filmed Pirates of the Carribbean here. Driving back tonight!
Skydiving today! Did not tell mum till afterwards. She nearly had a heart attack post skydive so probably best we didn't. 14,000 ft out of a plane over the Whitsunday islands. Did flips as we jumped out. Was crazy. Didn't feel real until we just left the plane though. Rocking the Jonny bravo haircut.
Magnetic island today. Caught a lovely sunrise. Ferry over but was very tight for time, was running to the ferry, but got on all well and good. Saw wild koalas and it had amazing views. Called magnetic island as James cook thought the rocks were interfering with his compass, they weren't. Then onto Balder's bay... Where things got strange. I think me and Rachel accidentally wandered onto a nudist beach. Not in there thousands, but 2 or 3 weird naked people and one old man who was insistent in doing lengths up and down the sea shore. Then breaking out into a jog. Imagine someone running in flip flops or somebody repeatedly dropping raw chicken breasts onto kitchen tiles. That is the sound that echoed round the bay, except it was this man's cock and balls slapping on one fore leg to the other. Not something I wanted to witness let alone with my younger sister. Fish and chips to finish the day! And ferry back. Rachel had a close one 💩 Sleeping in free campsite tonight.

21 July 2017

Finished work. Filled up the car and on our way! Beautiful drive between Port Douglas and cairns. Lots of bends maybe not the nicest way to start driving again after 7 months. But no dramas and all is good! Kipping in the car in a free campsite near mission beach.

18 July 2017

Daintree national rainforest today! Croc tour and swimming in the oldest rainforest in the world! Spider is a golden orb spider. Found a secret place called blue hole which is a sacred site for aboriginal women.

17 July 2017

Wildlife park today! First time Rachel has seen a koala and actually held one aswell. Found out the rosta so road trip is starting this Friday. Fucking buzzing

15 July 2017

Rachel arrived 2 days ago. Was great seeing her, she even got a hug! First day was a bit windy but has calmed down now and the weather should be all good for the next week. Sunrise cycle to a summit in Port Douglas to watch the sunrise!

4 July 2017

The house view for breakfast. 2 mins walk from the beach. I just cycle down the beach to town if I need shopping.

29 June 2017

Saw humpback whales breaching from the boat today. Was insane... May or may not have pushed a child out the way to get a better view. Went to check the crab pot after work and caught 1 crab and a bream somehow? The crab was too small but as we went to throw it back Dave picked it up by the claws and they just fell off. Was funny though, just stood mouths open in shock, Dave still holding the two claws in either hand as we watched this paraplegic crab crawl with all its might through the mud into the water. Has the will to survive but is gonna die without claws unfortunately. Have to be careful of crocs round here though so we scarpered pretty quickly.

28 June 2017

Day off! Went to KFC for a bucket of chicken then went 4WD and mud crabbing in the mangroves with a friend from work. Mangroves are amazing ecosystems and without them the reef would be completely screwed. Important nursery grounds for lots of fish and act as filtration system to stop so much shite getting into the ocean. And importantly today they have mud crabs living there! Set the traps will see if we get any tomorrow!

25 June 2017

Another day another dollar!

23 June 2017

Karaoke for Hayley's last night, beautiful rendition of brown eyed girl! She checked out at 2 so we got to stay in the hotel that night. Bath, sewing kit, fancy coffee and free tea bags. Technically homeless but living better than I was a month ago!

21 June 2017

The long dull walk into town. Give me Newbold road any day... haha

14 June 2017

Wildlife park. Fed kangaroos and saw my first koala! Held a crocodile. The big crocodile is 80 years old! Dr.dolittle for the day.

13 June 2017

Never guess where they got the idea to name these streets.

10 June 2017

My condom suit. I get on the boat, clean some windows sit and have a cup of tea and a toastie. I then sign customers up to snorkel tours. Sit down for the rest of the journey. Have a sandwich when I get to the reef. Do 2 snorkel tours. Get back on the boat and eat lunch, get a kit kat and sit down and chat till we get back. Then clean some tables. Then have a beer and a kit kat at the end of the shift.

7 June 2017

Staying at a friend from works house whilst she is on holiday in England. For the first time in months I have laid down in a quiet house for 2-3 hours without any interruptions. I love the hostel life but have definitely missed this a bit.

4 June 2017

Low isles where I worked and got paid to be on today. The shed is where Steve Irwin was pronounced dead. No stingrays sighted though. Last picture is where the boat sets off from every morning.

30 May 2017

An amazing day yesterday. Did my first presentation, and saw 2 turtles, a white tip reef shark, a hump head parrotfish and to top it off around a metre long barracuda. Still cant get pictures yet as I'm still in training and am infront of customers alot of the day, but will do soon!

21 May 2017

The uniform. Get food and a beer at the end of every shift. The three best things in the world in one job. The ocean, free food and free beer.

20 May 2017

Missing the bidets in Japan. They make a lot of sense. Where else on your body would you have shit on, and just wipe it off with toilet roll? And not wash it? Nowhere! That's where.

18 May 2017

I have a job as a marine biologist on a boat! Over the moon!

17 May 2017

Job in a takeaway, making burgers. Like I'm 16 again! Glad I've got money going to come in atleast.

12 May 2017

Cape tribulation and Daintree national rainforest today. Not far at all from Port Douglas. Saw a cassowary ( big prehistoric bird) couldn't get a photo. Also saw crocodiles in the estuary! Cape tribulation beach was amazing, rainforest meeting the sea.

6 May 2017

Arrived into Port Douglas today. Handed round a lot of CVS some we're hopeful alot weren't looking for another couple weeks as that's when the season starts. Rainforest right on the beach looks amazing but the sea looks like Skegness, it's strange.

21 April 2017

Off to Tokyo! Not sure what kind of country I'm going to when they need these signs in the airport to stop the Asian people shitting like this. otsukaresama deshita --"goodbye", I think..this is what Afro told me so it could mean anything, I wouldn't even be angry if it did.

20 April 2017

Walk in the mountains today, walked here from the city, did 13kms in total. Girl I was with got stung by some huge black wasp looking thing. Not dead, all is well.

19 April 2017

Arrived in Cairns today. Mountains of rainforest right on the doorstep. Waters very muddy looking due to the mud flats, but makes it perfect hunting grounds for Crocodiles, grown very fond of my limbs over the past 23 years so I'm gonna give swimming a miss.