8 Days · 8 Moments · October 2017

New South Wales 2017

4 November 2017

Leaving Australia. Not too sure what to say, I think the thing I'm struggling most with is thinking of these amazing places I've been and these great people I've met and it ends with me sat in an airport eating McDonalds next to some weird Chinese guy coughing up his lungs, he doesn't even have a surgical mask on! Ive found the only Asian in the world that doesn't seem to wear one. It's always going to end like this though, not going to be a parade with kangaroos and koalas wishing me a safe flight. That aside though, I've had the best time ever, could rival my time at university and I didn't think I'd be saying that before I came! It really is a dream place and I think I have experienced it to the fullest. I got a dream job, saw unbelievable things and met some awesome people. Sad im leaving but NZ is going to be amazing! Maybe a little chillier... Australia you've been fucking wonderful. Cheers!

3 November 2017

The oldest building in Australia. Captain James cook had his old cottage from Yorkshire shipped over. Each individual brick was actually numbered so it's the exact same. The vines on them are the original from England aswell! Felt like a giant wandering round the tiny villages not as good as Legoland though, sort it out Melbourne. Met up with Daniel in Melbourne aswell, a really lovely guy. He is Grandads sisters son. Not too sure what relation that makes me to him, but went out for a lot of drinks and some Chinese, and then more lots of drinks. Feeling very rough this morning!

2 November 2017

Arrived into Melbourne today (is in Victoria not NSW but I'm not starting a whole new one for 1 city for 2 days), it's cold. And maybe a little bit because I've acclimatised to far north Queensland where even the winter doesn't drop below 20 degrees. But it's cold. Like nipples erect cold. Melbourne is a really nice city seems a lot going on, and does feel European. Checked into the hostel and just gone for a wander so will meet people when I'm back, seemed a small hostel though so worried there'll be noone, fancy going for a night out!

1 November 2017

Leaving Sydney today and leaving niek and Angie aswell. Had an amazing time down the east coast and am booking to go to Amsterdam to go see Niek on kings day so will see him again. But I think the mix of leaving them two and then going to Melbourne to essentially wait for a flight out of the country never to return is making me feel a little shit. Had a great day. We just walked in to the main theatre of the opera house, past the security like we owned the place and they didn't say anything straight away so we got to see it for free until they realised we weren't on a tour. So got escorted out of the main hall of the opera house by security is something not many people can say they have done :) catching the coach to Melbourne now.

31 October 2017

Checked into the hotel as it was cheaper getting a private than three single beds in a hostel. Again hated the traffic arriving into Sydney but once here we are in a quiet area and a 15 minutes walk to the view across from the opera house and harbour bridge. Was incredible seeing this.

30 October 2017

Staying at diamond head camp ground at crowdy bay. Very much like the campgrounds in WA. Right on the beach and amazing scenery so close by. Glad we're here, It's peaceful and quiet and a big difference to Byron bay which was amazing but in a different way. I can get pissed up wherever, whenever but places like this is why I came to Australia. Woke up at 6 and just went for a wander by myself to this cliff top and saw 5 humpback whales all breaching and jumping out of the water. Was amazing! Last whales I'll see in Australia I believe :/

29 October 2017

Arrived into Byron bay today, drove through a time zone, the first one driven through in Australia! Byron bay is nice and there's nice people but a lot of fucking weirdos. It's made me thankful I started on the west coast and stayed in the less commercial areas. Every knobhead, his mum and his pet dog here has dreadlocks. 80% of people need a bloody haircut and a shower. This place is filled with cliché travellers. Went for a couple drinks, Niek and Angie are great but even the least coupley couple are still a couple sometimes so they called it a night so I joined some locals and got chatting and hung with them throughout the night. Again a bit strange but it was interesting listening to all their bullshit about energies and stuff just a different perspective, but were genuinely lovely people. Booking NZ soon aswell, bartering down two different travel agents like a pro.

28 October 2017

Stopped off at Surfers paradise for an hour, saw a whale from the beach, most likely a humpack but only saw the spout of water. Snuck into this fancy 4* hotel and used their pool and they're ridiculously oversized chairs. Onto Byron bay!