27 Days · 21 Moments · November 2017

New Zealand 2017

1 December 2017

Finished in Christchurch and that's where I caught my flight from to Sydney then back to London where I'll meet panny and Viv for 8 days before heading back to the merry old land of Chesterfield. Update: the box surprise worked a treat.

1 December 2017

Mount Cook national park. Words can't describe this place.

29 November 2017

Back in Queenstown last night saw a few of the last people from the group going on the coach. Hiked up to the top of this peak today and it had amazing views over Queenstown. Met 3 friends I met earlier in the trip at the top of the mountain and we did a thing called luging. So you get on a gondala to the start point. They put you in a small go kart style pod and you race down a race track just using gravity to race down. Was so much fun! Crashed a couple times but was a good laugh!

27 November 2017

Saw a large pod of bottlenose dolphins as we arrived. Leaving Stewart island today. Was a very nice small island reminded me very much of the small Cornish fishing villages. Did a hike but was feeling very tired. Looking forward to settling down into Queenstown and having a well earned rest from travelling. Have seen some amazing places though!! :) In no way am I going to claim I have changed as a person or discovered myself during my travelling experiences, but from meeting so many people with so many different stories it has honestly made me realise that many people do fight personal battles that on first meetings you may not be aware of. Just has made me realise to try give people a bit more time. People are still gonna be cunts and I'm not gonna like them, that's guaranteed. But it has made me more aware of the personal battles individuals do face from day to day, not always as black and white as it seems.

26 November 2017

Went to the Fiordland and Milford sound and had a nice chilled out cruise. Saw new Zealand fur seals and a Fiordland crested penguin. First wild penguin I've ever seen :) was very exciting! Bird is a Kakapa or something. Stopped at mirror lake on the way. Staying at Gunns camp tonight, no signal and staying in cabins in the middle of nowhere. Is quite peaceful if I wasn't feeling so violently hungover.
Feeling quite hungover today but had a really great night! Bumped into David who I travelled with in the west coast! Was great to see him :)

25 November 2017

Flew in a plane over lake Wanaka was amazing :) then ended up spontaneously doing a bungy jump was crazy. Was going to do it with a sock on my cock but it was a Saturday so lots of kids so i decided to do it in my boxers just incase the sock fell off! Then went to Queenstown and had a final night out with the group! Gonna miss alot of these people :) Queenstown has an amazing mountainous backdrop. Definitely a place I feel I could live!

24 November 2017

Stayed an extra day at lake Wanaka. Means I could do a hike but also I'll have a new driver and can avoid the god awful one I've had for so long! An insanely beautiful place. Hike was the hardest we started at 1 stupidly and it was very hot and was a constant very steep incline. Ran out of water quite quickly so turned back half way and called it a day. Still some amazing views!

23 November 2017

Travelled to Wanaka today, some of the sights were beautiful. Saw some hectors dolphins at the beach! Quite endangered so am lucky! But the bus driver is still winding me up and alot of the bus are getting pissed off with her. But still amazing scenery! Jumped off that bridge into the water felt like I was dropping a long way!

21 November 2017

Franz Josef for the past few days. Hostel had an amazing view, went kayaking bit cloudy though so didnt get the best view of the glacier was really good fun though! Off to Queenstown but stopping on the way at some place I cannot pronounce let alone spell.
Went to pancake rocks today, visited a brewery yesterday and had a lot of beers. Also visited seal cove. Driver of bus is annoying as shit. She ran out of fuel, has crashed the bus twice, got lost a lot of times, and to top it off she talks constantly through a squeaky microphone telling us useless shit for ages. Spoke for half an hour straight once. Still like the people on the bus though, just a bit shit having an awful driver I have to put up with.

17 November 2017

Travelled from Wellington to the south island yesterday, staying in Abel Tasman. Nice views from the coach. Just driving along and you see these views of mountains come from nowhere.

16 November 2017

Did a 20km hike over the Tongariro alpine crossing. The weather started off awfully and was so foggy you couldn't see 20 metres infront of you. So we missed mount doom unfortunately (lord of the rings volcano) but it cleared up for the emerald lakes and red crater. Looked really beautiful. Quite tired now!

15 November 2017

So it was next my turn to shoot. And we found some turkeys so we tracked them and they gotten away from us then we saw them in the distance on a hill about 500m away, and apparently 2/3 of people miss turkey shots. But I nailed it. Was a lot heavier than I thought. Photos make me look like a savage with the blood on my chest. Wasn't happy I killed it but I did feel primal and it was a good feeling killing my own food. We then skinned them and had loads of meat so cooked up a feast for everyone from the bus and made myself a goat curry. Glad I could actually kill the animal. If I don't have the balls to kill the animal and eat it from source I don't think I should eat meat from the supermarket. Was an amazing experience!
Went hunting today. Got picked up in a 4wd buggy and started by practising our shooting. We had a hunting rifle and aimed at stones. Just me and a girl called Natalie did it so was a good small group. Both hit all our targets and tried without suppression and the gun was fucking loud. Ears were ringing! Then we went to find some animals. First we spotted some goats. Played rock paper scissors so Natalie went first and she shot the goat dead. Then comes the hard bit. We had to go and collect the goat from the top of this cliff face. So we managed to get there which was difficult, but we followed the blood trail to find the goat, to check it was dead we had to poke it's eye! and then came the hard part. Lifting the bloody goat. So had to lift this 25kg bleeding dead weight onto our shoulders and carry it. I stupidly wore my nice pretty green shirt so ended up topless. With blood dripping down all my chest. Felt like a Viking. Had to take it down this steep hill and put onto the buggy.

13 November 2017

Left Rotarua today. Staying in a Maori families home tonight. Saw some cave carvings that dated back to 1050 AD. 400 years before the earliest known Maori settlers landed in new Zealand! Learning alot about the culture and having a traditional Hungi tonight. Which is a load of meat cooked underground in a fire pit with wet towels thrown over it and loads of soil ontop to keep it hot. The food was amazing and had some Maori tales around the campfire. Slept the night then went to a waterfall/rapids the next day, looked amazing.

10 November 2017

Went to Hobbiton today. It was amazing. Felt really weird wandering round. Also got a free pint at the green dragon pub! Staying in Rotarua for the next few nights a good base for activities but I'm a bit worried about my money so want to make sure I have enough for activities on the south island. So just gonna have a few chilled days. A geothermal hotspot, so this town stinks of rotten eggs. Nice place though!

9 November 2017

Arrived into raglan. The hostel has maybe the best view ever. Staying in the middle of a forest and 5 mins away from an awesome surfing beach so rented a board and had a go. At night saw glow worms in the bushes. Was amazing to see them :) heading to hobbit land now!
Went to hot water beach, you dig a hole and natural hot water comes out straight from the beach, as I'm sure you'd imagine from the name. Was very weird everyone sat in these very shallow holes trying not to get burnt by the hot water. Was incredible though, didn't hear the guide but I imagine the water is heated by lava beneath the surface and comes up warm. Got very drunk last night but had a great time!! Group are great! Sad thing is is that people are going to start splitting up now as it's a hop on hop off and not a full tour. Great people though! Just driving through the countryside in New Zealand is amazing, really is a beautiful country.

7 November 2017

Started the stray bus tour today! Everyone is really great, stopping at hahei today. Went for a walk to cathedral cove and then had a group BBQ. I definitely ate more than 10$ worth of food. So feeling happy. Woke up with a cat purring on my chest. My memory is a little hazy last night so I'm not sure if it got into the room and chose my bed. Or I found it last night and took it. Seemed happy enough though.

5 November 2017

New Zealand baby! Gonna get my lotr nerd on. Knobhead in the hostel wouldn't let me stay in the living area when I got in at 8. So had to kill 3 hours. Went to another backpackers and managed to get the WiFi code and sleep on their bean bags. Getting very good at lying so casually and getting into places I shouldn't be, thinking I should maybe be a spy. Got myself a NZ SIM card and have gotten 400 nzd. Don't want to wander round with too much more just incase.