Japan · 14 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Japan 2017

4 May 2017

Last night in Tokyo! Went for a meal and all you can drink. Really sound group, will meet them again in London.

3 May 2017

Back to mount Takao today to walk off the hangover from last night. Managed to see mount Fuji properly and looked amazing, very happy now I've properly seen it. Photo is a bit shit but it was clear as looking at it. Saw a bullet train briefly it flew past pretty quickly like a... can't think of anything quick to compare it too. But looked amazing!
Went to a bar where you pay 20 dollars (12 quid) and have as much as you can drink at a self service bar. I'm sure this works well with the Japanese but when they told us the bar was closing in 5 minutes our table quickly became filled with pints. England, one, Japan, nill.

30 April 2017

Tokyo city! Looks like a star wars city and a terrapin in a lake.

27 April 2017

Went into central Tokyo yesterday with one of afros friends. Visited Sensō-ji in Asakusa. Went to a "vegan" cafe and had a beef burger. I had a bad fortune from a weird stick that I pulled out of a shaker. Temple was cool as and managed to find a post card. Drunk karaoke after, was weird, you paid for your own room so not on a stage embarrassing yourself. Not found my illusive drunk Japanese business man to sing with yet. The search continues... Feeling rough, gonna have a pass from alcohol for a couple days.

25 April 2017

Shinjuku today. Went to See Gyoen National Garden and then Meiji Jingu. Still lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms and there were Koi Carp in the lake. Garden was lovely and very peaceful and left with a sense of enormous wellbeing (parklife). Found a standing up toilet, struggled with that one.

24 April 2017

Mount Takao today. Went by myself but half way up met this Hawaiian girl, so managed to get a photographer. Haha she was really nice though. Possible to see mount Fuji up here and did faintly see it, but was too cloudy to get any good pictures. Yakuō-in Gongendō is the name of the temple, managed to see last of the blossom trees.

23 April 2017

Went to my mates friends Japanese house for tea. Was expecting some proper Japanese food, but we had pizza haha was very nice and they were a lovely family. The toilet was ran by a computer on the wall.

22 April 2017

If you want to lose weight, go to Japan. With chopsticks it takes so long to eat food that you've given up and decided to leave the end of the bowl, I call it the pay for your food and fuck it off diet. Having to get used to this restaurant culture aswell, very shared. I ordered cheap noodles last night to fill me up, as it gets out in the middle of the table I'm expected to share, even though I ordered the bastard! Was 👌<--- this close to stabbing someone in the hand with my chopsticks. When in Rome though. Bet these guys don't argue over the last Yorkshire pudding (rant over.) Club was ridiculously expensive to get in (rant start), luckily had my hip flask, like 25 quid, would liked to have known this before I was at the door.. but how many times can you go clubbing in Tokyo? Was a class night! Got in at 7 and feeling damn rough.

21 April 2017

Arrived yesterday, was great to see Afro! Went round the tiny restaurants and bars, will get better photos today. No talking toilets yet as Rachel has heard. Really enjoying hearing about the Japanese culture from someone whose been living here a while. Is a really cool place to be, expensive though :/ off out tonight to meet some people! Beer in vending machines aswell, like a kid at christmas!