Australia · 51 Days · 44 Moments · May 2015

Lisa's trip to Sydney,Australia

23 June 2015

Bridgeclimb , Newtown... Everything was so great! Last day though..

22 June 2015

Lovely view, lovely monday.

20 June 2015

Welcome to SYD Clara ! Eliza's birthday first x Greek Goddess and Angel !

19 June 2015

Friday's with jess. I love you

18 June 2015

Cheers to the best Economics team. I will miss you!

17 June 2015

My last Assembly ever. My last drama lesson with Packi ever. I cannot believe this...

14 June 2015

Sunday chills at Rachaels are definitely the best..! Mizuki, Rachaels ICET student teched us how to do cranes with origami paper and i made sandwiches for lunch and then we chilled and had dinner at the Belrose hotel with the famalam ! Love you Elliotts xxx

13 June 2015

Greaaaat saturday as Stella and i decided to stay another night at Rachaels (2nd family x) and before that Christine Ray Stella and i went to the movies to watch two (!!!!) movies in a row! Love them gals x

12 June 2015

Friday Matinee and Night performance, how lucky are we ?? This was the greatest week and i am so happy i was part of it ! Also my role in the Stage Crew was so good! Last picture relates to the midnight snack i had with stella and rachael and i slept at rachaels..!!

11 June 2015

Reaaaady for tonights performances after the 3hr break!
Ooohh the performances start!

9 June 2015

Season of Performing Arts has begun ! I'm lucky to be part of the YR11 Drama Ensemble as well as this years Stage Crew!

8 June 2015

YESSSA we made it! 10k from Spitbridge to Manly , damn it what a view ! All over Sydney!

6 June 2015

A day with Salwa and Livi (i love you two) & the night run with Inni!! So in love

2 June 2015

Yum yum yum

1 June 2015

First day of Winter / school days

31 May 2015

Sunday is mall day x

30 May 2015

Manly & City shopping with Inni, Vivid nights with the gals x

28 May 2015

School days / my VA project x

26 May 2015

Tuesdays in Manly

25 May 2015

Vivid monday with Abs xxx

24 May 2015

Starbucks again and BONDI beach with my absolute favorite xxxxx

23 May 2015

Vivid night, shopping ahhhhh this night was wonderful

22 May 2015

Yassss my student edge card has arrived xxxx
Last frikin exam! Drama here we go!!

20 May 2015

Aaah hardest exam today! Came out it was actually pretty good, at least not my baddest exam yessss. Economics you badass subject. Mall with Salwa , shopping is always fun and relieving

19 May 2015

3 1/2hrs skyping with the wonderful Salwa the day before, CAFS exam, studying for the Economics exam,T-Bone Steak for dinner, yumy

18 May 2015

Yum after english dinner
English Advanced in the MPC today! It was so specisl because the whole year was in the MPC. As you can see is the room big, so to organise it and keep it simple, the Advanced people (me included hhehe) came in first,then the Standard people and then English as a second language. It was greaaat today!

16 May 2015

GLEBE TODAY! In love with Irini xxxxxxx Glebe markets were wonderful as always

15 May 2015

Loving my new Aussie-OnePiece / a normal day with my facial mask and dinner by mum ( Chicken Adobo,rice,cauliflower, zucchini )

14 May 2015

YES MY ONEPIECE HAS ARRIVED / my memory for Austalia 💭❤️
When you and your friend share the same music taste. I loveeee ! Btw, VA was fine, having a long weekend now xx yeey
Cheeeeers Visual Arts exam today! ✅

13 May 2015

Yey late night studies pt.II
Bio exam, opening for the half yearlys. It was fine, abbey and me definitely studied too much, but i reckon it was worth it! We had a greeeat Lunch afterwards at Brookie's mum's cafe ! Yuummm Chai & Fish & Chips ❤️❤️👏👏

12 May 2015

Late night studies. Not keen at all! 🔫
Half yearly studies ! at Belrose library with the lovely Abbey. Bio here we come!

10 May 2015

I only started today, five months after my arrival here in SYD. It has been a wonderful time - i am enjoying myself with my new australian friends in my new hometown and my new home in Belrose,Sydney !
Taken 6months ago in Hanoi,Vietnam. I miss you mum, happy mother's day ❤️

8 May 2015

MOVIE NIGHT WITH THE GIRLS PART 4! "We're back, pitches!"

7 May 2015

a normal school day.. Haha

3 May 2015

With my wonderful & pretty girlie Irini. I was missing those art exhibitions. Luckily she went with me :)