Germany · 1 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Tia & Ben's tour through Germany

5 May 2017

Germans are all about the ice cream! 🍦
Today we visited Reichsburg Cochem (Cochem Castle). The tour was in German, but we got cheat sheets in English so we were only 50% lost, instead of 100% 😬 Amazing stain glass windows and furniture. Mermaids are considered good luck, so we made a wish on the mermaid chandelier! That knight's armor Ben's standing next to is real 😳 the guy was over 7 feet tall!!
Germans love their kaffe (Coffee) and dessert in the afternoon! Ever cup of coffee we've had has been served in china. This was a cafe in the town square with traditional German architecture 😍
Car road or people road? This is a new game we've been playing. These roads are narrow!! The first picture is the road we got stuck on and had to make a ~20 point turn to turn around 😂 I guess I did a good job because a small crowd gathered and they told me I did a very good job in German!