Canada · 7 Days · 37 Moments · February 2019

Tianna's adventure in Ottawa, Canada

23 February 2019

Just said goodbye to all my friends. I love each and every one of you Sungwoo Adam King pin Mitcheal Natasha Amanda Gabe Luke Craig Osmar Dolton Greyson Ryland And many many more. Have a safe flight, we will meet again someday.
I still haven't gone to bed :) I stayed up partying, danxing, and watching josh leave for the air port . I can always sleep tomorrow
From the most amazing, talented, and special man in the world. Joshua. I love you, and our paths will cross again. Dont forget me, my love.

22 February 2019

Me and greyson
Good morning y'all. I have woken up 2 hours early, so I got to take a nice relaxing shower. Today is a big big day! A dance, talent show, banquet, and much more!! I go home tommorow!

21 February 2019

Me and josh <3
Some things I bought while touring two mesuems I spent the whole tour with josh, and bought him two gifts :) PS. Josh is a newfie

20 February 2019

I just wanted to tell everyone how much I love them <3 You don't know what you have until its gone. I will see everyone in a couple of days. Had to sit out for a bit, due to a sick belly
On my way to chat falls today :) my friend greyson is with me so I won't be lonley. I'm going to get a picture with him today. We have a 1 hour bus ride so I'm just relaxing.

19 February 2019

I preformed in a play today, as the main character. I was going to get screeched in a NFL barn shed party, and I kissed a paper cut out of a cod fish. I got a lot of compliments, so I think it went alright. Me and Josh did the whole play together, talked, and she showed me a cars game. I also took an afternoon walk around the block. It was fantastic. Some people here are very.... Sneaky? Its hard living with people yet still having to keep your guard up. I was forced into the play, so I'm glad I didnt mess up on stage. We all did the newfie stomp together after wards. I really want to go home. This program is great, but of course it comes with flaws. I feel touch depravation is kicking in. I want to hug, and kiss, and cuddle, and play fight but I cant. I'll touch someone's shoulder, or wrap arms with josh, but it only ties me over for a while until I crave my family and friends back home. I miss my bed, and a real kitchen table, and a fan. Oh how I miss a fan XXX Tianna
I bought a water bottle, group photo, and a sweater. Today we toured the war mesume, a big spider, and many other things. I'll send over the photos tonight before bed. We had to sign up for three activities, and things went insane. I was forcefully shoved out of my line multiple times. I have a group of about 7 close friends, and some of them are going to a haunted prison tour with me! I also have 2 other activities. My friend max did a piano duet with me. And it was fantastic. I want to take piano lessons now. I'm dying for supper. There's this special boy I met named joshua shears. I want to get a picture with him. He's been taking very good care of me, when I cry at the sad monuments. I'm so bored sitting in a cramped room with 132 people. I hope we get supper soon.
They returned my black addisas shirt, and iPod that was stolen!! One of the boys I met yesterday took me to go retrieve them!!!!
Breakfast is served
Some one helped themselves to my washroom this morning, locked me out. And is watching YouTube videos :) not sure what to do. People ate stealing cash, jewelry, and pins from peoples bag. We have our own safe box. But someone grabbed my iPod out of my coat when we were at the court. Hopefully it turns up again. I was using it to take pictures. EWC is not responsible for any stolen property. I'm going to try to find another shower. Or just wait?

18 February 2019

Pizza and cheese cake tarts for supper today! I visited the supreme court of Canada, (got chub rub from all the walking) played "cheat" -a card game- with 5 new friends' and just got back from a yoga class. I'm exhausted so already in bed and its 8:10 :) I met this boy with blonde hair, and blue eyes. Actually I met three of them. They are all my friends now, and they stayed with me on the bus, and at the court. Tomorrow, I am going to a haunted jail!!!!! I'm so excited and I hope some of my friends come so I can hold their hand. One last thing before I go, I met a boy with brown hair and glasses. He was sitting at the piano playing a song. I sat next to him. His song he played so was beautiful, I started crying and so did he. Then he gave me a hug. It was such a special moment. Another boy also did magic tricks on me with cards and mind reading. Goodnight, xoxo Tianna
Just had dinner :) Fish and rice, chocolate mouse, salade, yogurt and banana. Im taking a break up in my dorm room. After lunch, another presentation and the my group is visiting the supreme court of Canada! I also played shuffle board, ping pong, and fouse ball with 3 of my guy friends. I also made a few girl friends. The rooms are HOT. this place is crazy warm. The cafeteria, the play room, and dorms, everywhere is like a furnace. I'm all dressed up and ready to go. I am also the only one here from pei, so everyone is pretty excited i came. I also got some cool pins.
First Activity: in depth talk about new technology
My new friend is playing me a song :)
What I ate for Breakfast -whole grain rice crispies -peach juice -lemonade -Clementine
Early morning gong went off. I woke up super early now I'm ready before all the girls, so I'm downstairs with the boys. Breakfast smells so good. Last night we had spaghetti. I was full already so I just had an Apple and lemonade. I'm in group one. Person #2. I have a blue sticker, signifying lactose free I have a red sticker, signifying no red meat. (These stickers were already on when I came

17 February 2019

Hello every one! We are one hour behind pei time. Its bedtime at 10:00pm, then lights off at 10:30pm. I haven't really made many friends except a few boys. My bed number is 201, and I have a top bunk :) they even gave a special shower room, so I have a bathroom all to myself when ever I want it. I booked a yoga class for tomorrow night to ease up from flying. Update again tomorrow, I love you. Tianna xoxox
I made it to Ottawa! I am now with the encounters group. Since I got here, I've seen at least 6 LV bags. All the exact same type. I guess its a trend? I'm the oldest out of the kids I just met. They are all in grade 11, and one girl in grade 9. I'm exhausted already and I just got here. I'm going to get some good sleep tonight. Zzzzz Tianna
Second plane I'm getting the hang of it :)
I'm at the Toronto airport now for my 3:10pm flight to Ottawa. This place is insane! They have dozens of stores, and a Starbucks. My gate is D33. On the previous plane, I sat next to a hypnotist and 2 Korean men. Wonder who I'll be with now? Also got a 10 minute nail appointment. Yes, it was amazing. And only 20$ for an amazing job. I watched "inside out" on the previous plane as well. Right now, I'm sitting and eating. Sweet potato fries, chicken strips, and a cake pop. Cheap, yummy food to tie me over. Xox Tianna. PS: they only use paper straws here
I made it through security :) boarding in a few minutes! Not lost yet :P
Good morning everyone! First day of my travels and I am so scared! I'm savouring that potato smell before I get on the plane. You will no longer see me and Parker together as well! Don't panic, I'll be back! Xox Love Tianna

16 February 2019

Hello! If I sent you a link, this is my Travel Log! I will be posting all events, and updates here. I created this for my family and friends to know what I'm up to. Please stay tuned for further updates. Xox Tianna