North America, Asia · 5 Days · 7 Moments · October 2017

Thomas's tour through Thailand

29 October 2017

First day we visited dt bangkok saw temples, took fairy, shopped, and ate street food. Went to a small pub that was the only thing open because of the ceremony for the king everything was shut down and lots of ppl weren’t out. At 12 the clubs were opened and we went to insanity club to buy a bottle the place was lit.

27 October 2017

Finally landed in Bangkok at 1am and about to meet with Syd and go to our hotel to crash. Got back at 2:30am taxi took a long route and then we gave the wrong directions and saw a moped guy knocked out in the middle of the road... I don’t think he was dead but it was nuts. Got back went to 7-11 and bought a shit ton of Thai fast food went back slept at 5. We woke up at 7 and ate the most lit hotel buffet.

26 October 2017

Long ass flight 15 hrs about I watched like 6 movies and slept. That the worse flight neighbor... Chinese fat guy kept bumping into me, farted, and picked his nose and flung his boogers everywhere. When I landed didn’t know that the HK was surrounded with water and very mountainous it was very pretty. Came to HK about 7, flight was supposed to be at 930 but got delayed because of the late kings funeral and cremation, apparently lots of ppl didn’t go to work. So Syds and prolly everyone else got their flights delayed so I’m leaving around 11pm. I’ll arrive there around 2 am but I got some food from yin Huang thanks to Kiu’s recommendation got the chicken and bbq pork.
Flew out of dc 10:45am and into Chicago 11:45am. Chicago had a cool ceiling with “electric” style lights. I’m on the plain to go to HK at 1:25 pm and arrive there at 6:10pm. Updating HK 🤙🏼🙌🏼
That’s arriving to Chicago
Woke up 10 Min (6am) late to catch the metro but should be still good! Hopped on the red line off Chinatown and then yellow line off the dca airport. I’m glad I used the metro planner website (wmata) or else I’d be way lost... It’s also pretty cheap so that’s fortunate as well.

24 October 2017

Just got to dc so stoked to start the trip tmrw!