Thailand · 116 Days · 8 Moments · September 2016

Thomas's one man mission to survive Thailand

22 January 2017

Me and Liam Dobson decided to hitchhike from Pai to Chiang Doa, and climb Thailands third highest mountain which is 7,135 feet and called Doi Chiang Doa. This was my biggest challenge to date. Altogether we got 7 hitchhikes which covered just under 300km of travel.. Hitchhiking is the best way to travel I kid you not. We went very unprepared, bananas and one bag of peanuts is all we had. But guess who smashed it... We did.. Absolutely destroyed now though. But I have to say this is one off my greatest achievements so far.

10 January 2017

One of my goals while travelling, was too engage more with the locals, understanding there way off life, getting a more personal overview of there everyday lives. Therefor I set out to meet locals and so far I have met some off the nicest and friendliest people you could imagine. I've met a number of locals now and I find each and everyone of them more and more diverse, each have there own personality, they do as they please, dress as they please and live as though it where their last day.

21 December 2016

So I began in Bangkok and have now ended up working in Pai. These last four months have been a complete life changing experience for me, everyday I experience something new which helps me grow as a person, my soul has never felt more alive while travelling through Thailand, I arrived in Pai around 6 weeks ago and instantly fell in love, now am here till June, saving enough to get me to Nepal by land. Wish me luck.

11 November 2016

So far, 2 accidents in a space of 4 months.... So here goes, my first encounter with wild monkeys, was on monkey island just off phi phi. The day was going swell until a baby monkey jumped on me, then all off a sudden, bam the biggest monkey I've ever seen, charged at me, and I was bitten on the hip, I screamed like a baby and ran to the water. Luckily it wasn't to serious... My second incident was in Pai, I was hit by a pick up truck.... I say no more (it wasn't my fault either) sorry for the not so pretty images. 😂

9 October 2016

During my first 4 weeks in Thailand, I was volunteering teaching English to children and near the end we were given a once in a lifetime opportunity, we where given a chance to teach monks English, they invited us into there temple to spend half the day with them. We taught them English and ate food... This was a great privilege and something I won't forget.
So on the same day off teaching English to monks, we where also given free tickets to stock car racing, which was a first for me, what a surprise I was in for, such a great day. Once that had ended are friend came over and gave us all free tickets to a football match.. Thailand's number one football team.. For FREE! Absolutely I incredible. All I can say is that was one adrenaline packed day!

1 October 2016

My hitchhiking experience was something I'll never forget. I was with 2 friends off mine, and we decided to hitchhike back to our accommodation in Buriram... We stuck out our thumbs and to our surprise two cars pulled up, very old fashioned cars, we got in, and drove off, from there it went from being a complete random experience to becoming very surreal. Can't describe what an amazing day this was, I hitchhiked twice which was very surreal, but on the second hitchhike we met Tangjaijung who asked if we wanted to come round to his for a drink, we couldn't say no, his place is one off the most incredible places I've been to, built it all himself along with 10 other people! It's truly spectacular, never experienced anything like this before! He's such a friendly local! We ended up hanging out with his family, drinking and eating food... At the end they drive us an hour back to our accommodation...Complete madness!

28 September 2016

My first four weeks, where spent volunteering at locals schools teaching English. This was one off my greatest accomplishments, before I came out, I couldn't get up in front off a class to express my thoughts or anyone for that matter. Once I arrived at the schools I never felt more at home, it came natural to me. Everyday the children would make me smile and laugh. This built my confidence from 0 to 10 in a matter off days. I highly recommend everyone to teach English at least once in a forgiven country, it will be one off your greatest achieved. You will feel revitalised.