Asia, North America, Europe · 591 Days · 55 Moments · March 2016

Thomas's adventure in Portugal

12 October 2017

Tired travelers headed home.
Back in Avila for our last day.
The wonderful medieval city of Segovia, with Roman aqueducts and a fabulous castle.

11 October 2017

Back to Avila. The stones with holes are from the Roman necropolis across the street.
At the convent where St. Theresa took her vows and lived for 30 years. The confessional of St. John of the cross, the convent Chaplin.
At the convent church. Ecstasy of St. Theresa.
At the Prado. No photos inside. What an amazing museum.
The new palace in Madrid. Larger than Escorial, it has 2800 rooms.
An eventful day. We start at the new cathedral of Madrid.

10 October 2017

Mass at the chapel of the cathedral at Avila, with relic of St. Segundo.
Bon at the valley of the fallen, overlooking Madrid.
At the Valley of the fallen, the memorial to the dead of the Spanish civil war.
At Escorial, the palace built by Philip II in honor of his father, Charles V.

9 October 2017

The beautiful walled city of Avila
In Alba, tomb of St. Theresa of Avila
Playa Major in Salamanca
The University of Salamanca, one of the oldest in the world.
The old cathedral of Salamanca
At the beautiful new cathedral in Salamanca

8 October 2017

A trip toGuadeloupe Spain. The Royal monastary. Who knew Spain was so picturesque.

7 October 2017

The absolutely beautiful old walled city of Avila
The birthplace of St. Dominic

6 October 2017

More in Burgos
An amazing church in Burgos
Chapels in the amazing Church at Burgos
The tomb of St. Isadore
The holy grail in Leon
On the road in Galicia

5 October 2017

The Camino
In Santiago cathedral at the tomb of St. James the apostle.
The censor in Santiago cathedral
Walking the French way of the Camino. Into the light.

4 October 2017

The lovely view over San Simon
At the lovely church of St. Isabella of Portugal in Cohimbra
At theCarmelite convent church, where Sr. Lucia lived, in Cohimbra

3 October 2017

At the Cistercian monastery. Tombs of Pedro and his secret wife, Portugal’s Romeo and Juliet.
The monastery at Batalha

2 October 2017

An amazing and beautiful night. The candlelight rosary procession in Fatima
From the new basilica in Fatima
Part of the Berlin Wall, donated by JPII
Graves of the children in the basilica
At the place of the apparitions
The basilica at Fatima
At the spring where the angel appeared to the children
In the church in Santorum, the bleeding host
On the way to Fatima

1 October 2017

Monastery of St. Jerome
In the city center plaza
In the Church of St. Anthony. Birthplace of St. Anthony, patron saint of Lisbon. In the church, body of a saint lying incorrupt.
Waiting for the Lisbon flight
Arrival in Schipol

30 September 2017

Anxiously waiting at the gate.
Laying in provisions for the flight at Axel’s

1 March 2016

Arrival in Lisbon