North America, Europe · 10 Days · 81 Moments · April 2017

Netherlands Belgium Tour 2017 DDLFC

17 April 2017

Arrived in Cincinnati 5:05 waiting to get off plane.
Made last flight in nick of time, everyone aboard and cleared by customs. Arrival in CVG 5:30.
Departing for schipol airport.

16 April 2017

Dinner courtesy of Dominos Pizza, packing tonight for flight home tomorrow.
Arrival for games today.
Waiting on bus to last day of Tournament

15 April 2017

Games completed for today next match tomorrow. Now arriving at Den Haag for pro match.
Unfortunate loss, zero all at halftime. We lost 3-0 in end, turns out that if you get a yellow card in the Netherlands you have to sit out 5 minutes and play down a man during the 5 minutes, we had three yellow cards.
2-1 win Amsterdam tournament

14 April 2017

Amsterdam hotel arrival
Amsterdam canal tour
Amsterdam canals tour
Ajax tour Amsterdam Arena
3-1 win at Gloria UC

13 April 2017

Game vs Gloria UC.
Coach Ivar stopped by to visit with the boys.
Football Tennis tournament at sporthotel

12 April 2017

Football museum
On the bus, ready to travel to the football museum.
Waiting for bus to today's tour.
Morning training session

11 April 2017

Watching Champions League game in hotel lobby.
Dinner at La Pergola
Afternoon shopping.
End of training for the morning.
Training session #2 Gloria-UC. Baarle-Nassau

10 April 2017

After game in the FC Turnhout club house.
First friendly on a cold night in Turhout, Belgium ends as a win for the home team. DDL down one zero at the halfway mark but gave up two goals in the last 5 minutes pressing for a winner.
Visiting Antwerp.
Off to our first game in Belgium vs FC Turnhout.
Tom and I took a stroll to Belgium. He beat me by one step.
Hotel in Holland with training facilities next door.
Morning training session #1. FC Gloria. Baarle-Nassau

9 April 2017

Team riding in style complete with dance competitions up and down the isle. 😊
Our fearless leader Coach Bruno! He is always smiling except when he is passionately entertaining on the sidelines! PVS won 5-0! ⚽️
Jet lag appears to have hit.
PSV Eindhoven game.
Arriving for PSV game.
Arrival Baarle-Nassau
Heading to hotel.

8 April 2017

On way to international terminal.
Arrival Philadelphia