Thailand, Laos · 365 Days · 3 Moments · July 2016

My very first time at VangVeing

28 July 2017

Finally arrived at the hotel. Leaved from Udon Thani since 7:30am and arrived at 14:00pm, have been on a van for 6.30 hrs!!! No matter how bad the pathway was, once arrived, it's worth it...the scenery in front say it all...
Life is never be as a plan so does the traveling, A bus ticket to Vang Vieng sold out since 7:00 am!!! It was like 1.3 hrs. before the depart time. What should we gonna do?...well luckily, we've found a small group who's going to Vang Vieng and faced the same situation. We helped out each other but actually more like they were guiding us. Finally, we got in a van together and be on our way to Vang Vieng, Laos First we failed, then we made friends....

28 July 2016

1st stop, Jung Cave... After put all the stuffs at the hotel, next destination was Jung Cave. It's the nearest destination you can go by yourself without getting it on a one day tour list. This way, I got more time to go to other places on the next day. The orange bridge, famous spot that all people will take a nice picture before getting to the cave There were around 142 steps or more (not so sure) to the cave, once get into the cave, all tiring feeling from climbing just immediately gone...The weather within the cave was so good...fresh air. On the top, there was a scenery of Vang Vieng town and inside the cave it was just speechless.