United Kingdom, Italy · 4 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Petit Stella Goes To Europe

17 January 2017

Petit Stella went on a very fast train to Naples, a city in Italy. Then she drove to Pompeii, an old city that showed how Roman people lived 2000 years ago. They liked dogs in Pompeii and even had artists make pictures of dogs in mosaic tile to show where a dog lived. They had many water fountains so people and dogs could get fresh water whenever they wanted.

16 January 2017

Petit Stella took a night tour of some Rome sights. First she rode a train from the airport, then she hopped on a bus. Petit Stella climbed the famous Spanish Steps. She wanted to get a drink at The Trevi Fountain but it was too deep.

15 January 2017

Petit Stella visited the National Gallery, ate dinner and caught up with football in the US, and then flew to Rome, Italy. She has been a busy puppy!
Petit Stella visited Buckingham Palace to say hello to Queen Elizabeth II. Then she went to church at Westminster Abbey and afterwards walked around London. It rained all day!

14 January 2017

Petit Stella goes to see Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesties theater!
Petit Stella at Piccadilly Circus after her Rock n Roll Tour of London.

13 January 2017

Petit Stella was born in France and purchased at the puppy section at Harrods in London. Petit Stella loves to travel! Come along with her on her journi.