France, Israel · 21 Days · 12 Moments · May 2017

Therese's tour through France

2 June 2017

Last Thursday in town was so much fun. Big community garage sale. Our neighbor had a table. Bought a dress for Dionne. I'll be back with some highlights. Like Flavigny-Sur-Ozerain, Beaune, wine tasting, trip to Reims, and final two days at Airport Marriott.

25 May 2017

Garage sale.

21 May 2017

Pretty much just hung out in our village. It's a beautiful place. Lots of walks. Grocery stores local. Small one. Large one. Market in the village. Market Saturday in Beaune. Saw the rooftop of Hotel Dieu. I love Beaune. Next trip. Time in Beaune and wine routes. This trip has turned out to be the frustrations of Cape Town. Loved the market. Sitting at my Baileys and coffee cafe. Till some side streets to walk up and down. Trying to make the most of it. So sorry Mary's I'll but they should have sent her home.

20 May 2017

Local scenes that caught my eye.
Local scenes.
Local scenes.

19 May 2017

This town of Bligny-Sur-Ouche, is simply magical. We arrived late Monday night after a very long day in a very big van!!! Lots of stops and a grocery store for me. Driving through quaint little villages. Tuesday was a down go nowhere day. I stayed in my room on the first floor catching up on stuff. Showered. Finally. Paris shower was the pits. Took a late walk to the church at dusk. Made some lentils and Quinoa. Mary got really sick. So it has been doctors. Kathleen, Susan and Jeanne taking care of her. Definitely put a damper on the trip. Didn't plan to sit here and just walk the village. Perhaps one day, but not all week! Did go to the Farmers Market Wednesday. That was fun. Otherwise pretty much, walks, eating and drinking wine. Did drive with Susan to Beaune Friday to take Kathleen and Kayla to do their Paris weekend. They will be back!😘 Glad we kept the van! I'm hoping that Saturday begins more getting around or I'll just hike the town!!!
Love our house.

18 May 2017

Love this house and village.

14 May 2017

Let the Shenanigans begin. Les Sais Amis: Two glorious Spring days in Paris. Putting on the walking miles, up and down the left and right banks of the Seine, the Champs Elysees, trains, boats, taxis, bicycle taxis, flower markets, art, boulangeries, pistacheries, chocolatiers, creperies, shops and modern malls, modern McDonalds (sigh), preparations for the Olympics in 2024, church bells, Metro Station art, inauguration day traffic, beautiful sights, churches, steeples, domes and doors, old arches, new arches, people watching, sidewalk cafes, meeting people, loving the architecture of the old buildings, and the new, eating, drinking wine, and not much sleep! No one ever seems to sleep in Paris!!! Just taking it all in, this wonderful thing called life!

12 May 2017

Left Bonney Lake around 8:45. Checked in. No problem. Delta. Pleasant flight. Watched movies and napped. Food not as good as Air France. Three rolls. Spinach and black beans. Cucumbers and cream cheese. Tofu and tomatoes. No cream for coffee. So much for special Vegan meal request. Landed early. CDG huge. Took forever to clear passport control. Hike down to baggage claim. Waited for Kayla and Kathleen. No customs? Taxi to apartment. Nice. Guy explained stuff. The other three arrived. Had a smorgasbord, wine and coffee. Took a walk. Had a nightcap. Home. All tired.