North America, Europe · 16 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Therese's journi to Denmark

5 September 2017

8/24/17 Day at sea Had relaxing day at sea today. Signed up to use thermal ceramic chairs and hydropool. Relaxed in the spa and our room. Got some tours booked. Walked the outside deck for some exercise. Went to a Microsoft computer class to learn about editing photos in photo gallery. Listened to some music in one of lounges and danced. Had some nice Oregon wine for dinner in the dining room.

27 August 2017

08/27/17 Day at Sea Another relaxing day at sea. Woke up early before Steve, had some time alone on balcony huddled up with a blanket and just watching the ocean, nice quiet time. Lots of time at the spa, thermal chairs, steam room. Worked out at the gym. Went to lecture about international politics by Stephen Sloan. Went to meet our team for team trivia in the crows nest which was fun. Had nice dinner in dining room, where food is actually quite good. Better than pinnacle grill, so we are going to eat dinner in dining room from now on. Relaxing day at sea!

26 August 2017

8/26/17 Day at Sea Worked out at the gym, cardio and weights. Relaxed at thermal suite in spa and went into hydropool with Steve. Went to play trivia and met some great people who we joined up with, Wendy and David from Australia and Elizabeth and Herbert from Holland. Went to talk by Jon Sigurdsson about Akureyri, isafjordur, and Reykjavik. Read my book and relaxed in room. Tonight is formal night so we got dressed up in our fancy dress. Had dinner at pinnacle grill for formal night. Had crab legs. After dinner we went to a show with a gal from Iceland, Greta Salome, who plays violin with a band, pretty good.

25 August 2017

08/25/17 Also shopped in grocery store in Bergen and bought brown goat cheese and some bread. Our lunch in Bergen was good food. Good way to celebrate Steve's birthday. When we got back on ship, we had dinner at Pinnacle grill for birthday dinner. I had them bring Birthday surprise desert, chocolate cake for Steve. Gave him card and a Norwegian troll with groom carrying his bride, that I bought in Bergen for him. We relaxed in the spa chairs after dinner :)
08/25/17 Happy Birthday Steve!!! Bergen, Norway 8am-5pm We decided on not taking a tour here. We got on hop on hop off bus, and got off to take the fløbanen, the Funicular in English. It takes you up Mt. Fløien, 1200 ft above sea level with views of Bergen and the fjords. Amazing and beautiful. You can see all of Bergen from up there. There was cafe and shop at the top. Took photos with a huge giant troll standing up there. Walked around where there was beautiful forest and some local goats there. Went back down and took bus to Bryggen, which is historic colorful buildings on wharf from Middle Ages(built by Hanseatic league of the German merchants in Middle Ages). Had lunch at place at Bryggen which was very good, fish stew and Steve had sandwich. Walked through the fish market where lots of fish was being sold. Walked around Bergen and shopped. Got Steve some wool long johns. Took bus to big park in town, statue of Edvard Grieg. Went back to ship after this. A lovely day.

23 August 2017

08/23/17 Got a good nights sleep which felt great. Got up and had amazing breakfast at our hotel. Had a relaxing morning with a long breakfast and relaxed in our room a bit. Tao left work and came to pick us up at our hotel to take us to the cruise ship. Beautiful sunny day in Copenhagen and I am sad to leave it. But very excited for 18 day Viking passage! Arrived at cruise terminal where we checked our bags in. Spent a bit of time with Tao, talking and checking schedules perhaps to meet up somewhere in the world. We said our good byes as we had to go through security. We got on ship, checked out our cabin and went to the Neptune lounge where we met Leah and Mai, our concierge gals. We both unpacked and got organized in our room which felt good. Here we go! Sailing from Copenhagen, was sunny and we could see the windmills out in the water and the Denmark/Sweden bridge.

22 August 2017

08/22/17 Tao picked us up from our hotel. We stopped at grocery store and bought lego each for girls, flowers for Anni, movie gift card for Zoe, wine for Birte. Drove to his house 15-20 min outside of Copenhagen. Have a beautiful house, 1930s house in a beautiful, green neighborhood with a lake. When we walked in, I saw Zoe, who is now 17 and taller than I am! Met Anni, and the two girls, Ella and ......, 6 and 4. Both super blond and cute.' Met Birte and was so fun to see her. Jumped on trampoline with little girls. Sat down to dinner and all girls went to bed we had ice cream and vodka. Tuborg for dinner. Was fun and catching up with them. Went back to our hotel around midnight.
08/22/17 After tivoli, we went back to Nyhavn. We bought a few goodies at a mini grocery store. Sat at Nyhavn cafe and had a tuborg and relaxed in the sunshine, nice ending to a nice day. Went back to hotel and relaxed and freshened up, and Tao was supposed to pick us up around 7pm to go to dinner at his house.
08/22/17 Christians birthday today! Thinking of him and missing him. Steve and I got on the hop on hop off bus in Nyhavn. Was a nice ride around town. Got off at Lille havfrue and took some photos. Got off at tivoli and bought entrance and unlimited rides. Was so excited to be there, so nostalgic and many happy child hood memories from there. Ate ice cream and Fransk hot dog. Went on rides, enjoyed the gardens and walking around. Bought some danish design candle holders at tivoli. Loved the boat ride that goes fast in a circle that we used to go on as kids. Also sat in lawn chairs and just relaxed. Also stopped at vor frue kirke, which is so beautiful. An amazing day and so relaxing.
08/22/17 Woke up early this morning around 0530, from jet lag. Couldn't go back to sleep. Had an amazing breakfast at hotel and was relaxing to eat such good food. Steve was impressed with breakfast as well. Went out to walk around Nyhavn and it was a beautiful sunny day. ran back to hotel for charging phones and bathroom break.

21 August 2017

08/21/17 At airport in London, emailed with Tao and he offered to pick us up from airport. Arrived in Copenhagen around 9:30pm. Tao was at arrivals area and it was crazy to see him after such a long time. He met Steve and they are just about the same height. Going out to the car, was hilarious, as it was just about the smallest car in Denmark. And Steve and i had 4 suitcases, 2 large and 2 small. Tao took us to Nyhavn 71 hotel, at end of nyhavn. We hung out in lobby bar for a bit before tao took off. Nice location and nice room.
08/20/17 Had evening flight from Las Vegas to London on British airways. Flight left 9:30pm from Las Vegas. Flight time 10 hours. We got priority boarding as we were flying first class! So exciting. Steve and I had sleeper seats right next to each other. Stewardess came with champagne. We also got toiletry kit and pyramid. Once flight took off we got served dinner with table cloth and real silverware. Dinner was gravlax, and monkfish with veggies and vanilla ice cream for desert. Movie entertainment was broken so I brushed my teeth etc and got into my first class pajamas. went to sleep and actually slept a few hours I think. Flight was 10 hours long. Woke up and had a light breakfast of yogurt, fruit and tea, freshened up. Spent couple of hours in first class lounge in London.