North America, Europe · 11 Days · 139 Moments · June 2017

Theresa's journi to Europe

10 July 2017

At the Berlin train station
They payed out were the old church would have been but the wall cut through it
The memorial for the Berlin Wall. The kids have sure gotten a history lesson on this trip!!!
This was the coolest marketing I've ever seen from a city!!!
We made it to Berlin!!

9 July 2017

Mmm ice cream
Mmm so good Flæskesteg with kartofler
The village of Dragør. What a beautiful place. Hollyhocks everywhere!!
The national history museum
This is the original castle that is still located under the palace such a cool experience!!
What a beautiful palace!
My uncle Kim took us to see were they grew up as kids my dad was only a baby. What a special moment for me!!!

8 July 2017

Off to Malmö Sweden 🇸🇪
I am not a breakfast person but I can tell you I have eaten every morning on this trip!!!!

7 July 2017

Well we get to Legoland and the first exhibit we see was Star Wars, Josh was so excited!!!!
Off to see Legoland it was a 3 hr train ride from Copenhagen

6 July 2017

Ahhh time for rest!!!
Nyhaven what a happening the feeling of Denmark!!! I could so live here!!
We went up the Round Tower after shopping. Story goes it was made without steps so the horses could take you to the top.
Time for some shopping......jade loved the Disney store!!!
We decided to take a boat through the channels it was amazing!!
Time to explore Køpenhaven!!!!
Josh wasn't ready to start another day...poor guy

5 July 2017

Fireworks at Tivoli
We had so much fun that evening in tivoli
A wonderful spread to be welcomed by!!!
Off to Copenhagen to see my aunt and uncle and see my heritage!!! So excited!!

4 July 2017

Hamleys toy store in London. It had 5 floors and each was a different theme. Cool place and the kids walked out with empty hands!!!!
Well we took the kids to parliament at west Minster it was very heavily guarded!!!
Riding in one of the famous black taxi
Well we went off to St. Paul's cathedral but we weren't aloud to take any photos :(
On the tube hoping on and off
The tortuous dungeon
The Tower of London was beautiful it made you feel the history!!!
On our way to the Tower of London

3 July 2017

Chris made it through the London eye!!! Both height and cost £94 😳
The Harry Potter store beside 9 3/4
Harry Potter walking tour we then went on our own to platform 9 3/4.

2 July 2017

Tried to see the Kensington palace but we were 2 min late....booo.....but we did get to FaceTime dad from the lawns instead!!
More fun at the natural history museum
Hummingbirds at the natural history museum in London
We shared a giant doughnut and even included sharing with the pigeon.
More of Buckingham palace.
Buckingham palace.
More from the Mews.....the royal riding ring!!! Jade loved it!!!
The Mews. The most amazing carriages and beautiful horses 🐴

1 July 2017

Sushi dinner at Yo sushi. Only cost $62 pounds 😮
More Canada day fun
Canada day celebrations in Trafalgar Square.
Walking around London
This is the beautiful little church we pass every day to the Train from Kyla's house.

30 June 2017

The plain ride. Chris ordered the kids a special mac and cheese dinner. 😋
Heading to the airport