Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 84 Days · 139 Moments · April 2017

Asia and Oceania Trip

26 June 2017

Numerous flights later, I've arrived home in rainy London... Happy to be home but can't wait to be travelling again. It's dad the end of the journey has come but much more will be on the way soon, the future is going to be exciting..
Took myself round the tram tour and stopped off at the immigration museum before lunch, nice end to my last day In Melbourne..and to my travels

25 June 2017

Treated to an AFL game at the famous MCG stadium, awesome..

25 June 2017

Looked at the famous landmarks of Melbourne including the state library and the old gaol

24 June 2017

Day two, lads took me to the zoo to Check out the aussie animals, first kangaroo I've ever seen..

23 June 2017

Followed the street art tour of Melbourne, amazing
First look round Melbourne pretty cold...

22 June 2017

amazing coral reef of fiji is worth seeing from the sky, landed in cold cold Melbourne but really happy to be here with such a nice family
Nice and chilled last day In Fiji, sitting in the airport waiting for my last stop, Melbourne...

21 June 2017

Really sad goodbye t my Fijian Family and journey to Nadi, great sushi before heading to the hostal, last night in Fiji

20 June 2017

Long journey from 12 am to get to suva but we'll worth it, amazing sail on traditional drua and lots of family time, ending with being drunk under the table by an 83 year old

18 June 2017

Last day In Ovalua, visited the ship wreck and chased up a tree by a dog, peaceful finish to the island
Late for church then up Gun Rock for amazing views over Ovalaus famous coral reef

17 June 2017

Yaschä has an awesome house overlooking the sea, checked out Levuka town in the afternoon before dinner and checking out the only club there..
Bobos farm was short and sweet, stung by a hornet but good morning visiting the waterfall with natural slides and punting around the black beach on a bamboo raft..

16 June 2017

day of just travelling, but finally made it and I pretty much have my own two bedroom house, don't know how that one worked out...

15 June 2017

robinson crusoe pics just came through
shopping trip in suva, summed up nicely by this coconut

13 June 2017

good surfing on the reef and chillaxing at the beachouse, love this place and defo want to return one day

12 June 2017

jungle trek from the beachouse today and a nice first go at sunset yoga, harder than expected...

10 June 2017

Two very chilled days at robinson crusoe with amazing fire dancing as my highlight for sure

9 June 2017

final day spent looking round the village then on to robinson crusoe island where I will wind down over the next few days

8 June 2017

21 km walk today was tough in the heat but sense of accomplishment was worth it

7 June 2017

Long walk across the valley today but greeted by my favourite village yet

6 June 2017

day 2 , crazy weather up fijis highest peak then crazy views from our next village where we slept

5 June 2017

First day of talanoa treks, best waterfall ever

3 June 2017

Never you touching fijian rum again
navua tiver tour today, awesome waterfall and kava ceremony at the village, all on fiji time

2 June 2017

boat trip to the shark reef today and then tea at a local village topped off with volleyball and a nice curry, one of my fav days in fiji so far

1 June 2017

beachouse is a travellers resort that is poppin', shame I only have a day here
kula ecopark was pretty cool

31 May 2017

Unfortunately all on my own in the sand dunes
sand dunes of sigatoka are crazy

30 May 2017

whole resort to myself, coral coast way is worth seeing for sure

29 May 2017

tarzan swing was insane
colo I Suva park part 1

27 May 2017

day two, went with Terri to the beach, chill

26 May 2017

Great first day being shown round Suva by Ausha

24 May 2017

Two days of flights, sleeping in airports and coaches and I have made it to fiji, Bula

23 May 2017

Three island tour round kota kinabulu, relaxing way to spend my last day in borneo

21 May 2017

flooded forest treks and a sighting of an otter and an organutan, well worth it

20 May 2017

First day in the jungle with a nighttime trek
sun bear sanctuary next door
feeding time at the sanctuary

19 May 2017

day spent in a coach, food and a nice sunset but that's it, orangutan part 2 tommorow

18 May 2017

Most insane 5* resort for lukes b day dinner, we conquered the buffet
canopy walk before checking out the hot springs
largest flower in the world, insane, oh and I adopted a couple more kids
botanical gardens with the smallest orchid in the world
market place and amazing view of Mount kinabulu standing at 4000 m

17 May 2017

markets and sunset with a beer in kota, good first day in borneo
First look at food after 3 solid flights, bliss

16 May 2017

flight delayed to kuala, think I paid my way Into a better class by mistake but oh well may as well enjoy it
Last lunch in lauanbajo and a flight with great views to bali, soon to be saying goodbye to Indonesia

15 May 2017

gonna miss this komodo crew
'loved by the locals'
ask bought a machete at the market, nice
caves around labuan

14 May 2017

And also the best fish I've ever tasted..
lauanbajo possibly has the best sunset I've ever seen
komodos don't play about

13 May 2017

sunset after seeing manta rays today
sunrise in sumbawa

12 May 2017

volcanic lake of day two

11 May 2017

First day on our komodo tour

10 May 2017

amazing last day in gili
massage looking onto the beach

9 May 2017

sun set on gilli air is the one
Last day in gilli r, done some snorkelling and relaxing befote the island hop

8 May 2017

I can see why this island is full of vegans etc
hippy food in gilli
end of my indonesian surfing career
bicycles and beach
Night out in gilli t, sound of the waves and music, utter bliss

7 May 2017

First breakfast in gilli

6 May 2017

Gilli T, only bicycles and horses on this island, no scooters, the solo trip begins
fast boat to gilli, sweating buckets

5 May 2017

Last day surfing in bali, moving onto gilli tommorow

3 May 2017

stuck in bali recovering from illness but at least I get to enjoy the ocean which is forever entertaining

30 April 2017

missing our pool in canggu
Che ked out seminyak beach, resting our shoulders and back to surfing tommorow

28 April 2017

old man beach in cangu
Last lunch in ubud

27 April 2017

took mopeds to explore ubud, amazing surrounding paddy fields
breakfast in ubud
breakfast in ubud

26 April 2017

balinese dance is in it's own category
coconuts before the balinese dance in ubud
Having a ciesta in ubud after white water rafting
car journey to Ubud, white water rafting today 👌

23 April 2017

fantastic first day surfing in bali, just chilling now before food

22 April 2017

gas masks watching the sun rise at the top of ijen, these 1 am starts are killer
leaving java and heading off to bali now, time to find surf and party
bromo crater
bromo at sunrise

20 April 2017

Finally reached accom, feels good
training it to mount bromo

18 April 2017

We have successfully adopted children
Had to escape out of he rain to a really posh restaurant, forced to go fancy
One of he wonders of the world
bus to borobodur

17 April 2017

vet cheeky lassy and local chicken goreng
batak shopping
Worth seeing for sure
water castle
tasting local drink after looking round the sultans palace
travelling yogy style

15 April 2017

cheeky coke by the river in bukit lewang
ceiling of the Vatican part 2
Finally finished the jungle
macaques are like pests here
camp in the orangutan jungle, great fun and waterfall to swim in next to it

13 April 2017

george of the jungle
roots hang over the batcave
rubber plantation quite cool

12 April 2017

stuck on main banyak island and can't reach any of the islands due to the torrential rain, low point of trip but hey we are going to cut our loses and just head for the orangutans as soon as possible. You live and you learn, no wifi since toba as well

11 April 2017

banyak looks pretty much like the movies
banyak has to be worth this journey
sharing a cabin with local boatmen, my butt is sore as
dodgy local boat to the banyak Isles, all part of the experience right

10 April 2017

Been stuck in the car for 8 hours on the worst mountain roads.... miss the m25

8 April 2017

batak traditional dance
relaxing with some pool, went to a waterfall and was taught how to moped today

7 April 2017

First look at Lake toba, insane
skinny kitty at the cafe, car sharing atm on our way to lake toba

6 April 2017

sizzling stone hot pots
On the Clarke Quay sweggy as
mordor tower
Gardens by the bay
Some nice Indian food
New dawn new day

5 April 2017

botanical gardens are leng
Just like tfl tbh
Emirates is acc a madnesss
inbound singapore
about to board for singapore, binged a series to dubai so going decent so far