United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

the Widegren winecountry trip

23 June 2017

Second place, on our midsummer winery tour, was the Andretti winery. Yes, that Andretti.. A cool history lesson of his and his brothers wife. A very nice tasting and a 12 dollar glass of chardonnay to go with it.
Back home in Moraga. After some food and a coke, Marie felt better. Tried to take an uber home, but had to get out and take the Bart instead. Traffic was crazy. And yeah, saw a dude in a turban puke his guts out on the Bart. The things that happens on public transport :)
So.. First stop the Mondavi 🍷 winery. Awesome tour by Doug. Learned to have three sips. Take about 45 to 90 seconds between sips in order to let the brain get used to the taste. :) Had two tastings. Both were very good, and very much out of our price range :) Now off to Mario Andrettis little winery for one tastings and a light snack
Better safe then sorry. Made into the city with more then an hour to spare. Bart 💳 cards said to see agents so we hightailed it outta there. Using senior clipper cards. Already in trouble with fasttrak :) Enjoying very good coffee @philzcoffee and Marie got a chocolate croissant :)