Australia · 94 Days · 208 Moments · May 2015

The Vanda's Central & western oz vacation

1 September 2015

Now for the post holiday cleanup...this is going to take awhile 😝

31 August 2015

There was much excitement as we drove into Melbourne. It's wonderful to have our own beds and bathrooms!
In ZERO 😳 degrees we started the final leg of our trip! ❄️⛄️

30 August 2015

We've come full circle! We thought we would have a hot choc and earl grey tea to celebrate. We chose the same place in Hahndorf we sat in while our shocker was fixed on day 2 of our trip!
A lovely sunny morning for a look around Adelaide. We liked the displays in the South Australian museum.

29 August 2015

From highs to lows. We're reeling from the news tonight that our chickens were taken by a fox last night. We're all v sad, the kids are devastated. 😣😫
Sampling the tasty offerings in the Adelaide hills and Hahndorf. So far the beautiful Bridgewater mill and prancing pony brewery...
Enjoying our last station stay with some baa baa q pancakes. Kids are sneaking some morning tv into their diet too!

27 August 2015

Whale watching at Head of the Bight, a breeding ground for southern right whales. Arctic winds!!
A sunny morning to explore the coast and telegraph station ruins at Eucla, our last stop in WA before the border.

26 August 2015

Time to catch up on our journals!

25 August 2015

Fraser Range station was a great first stopover 100km in on the eyre highway. Trees to climb, space to kick the footy and the cosy camp kitchen was gold, a very welcome haven from the cold night air❄️
It was fascinating to be taken through Tressies museum, an incredible private collection of early pioneering household items and inventions, by Merv (aka Tressie). The caravan park next door that he ran with his wife was immaculate & quiet, a real gem.

24 August 2015

We're being bombarded with josh dad jokes at Wave rock near Hyden πŸ˜†

23 August 2015

We were having fun playing in 'naturescape' in Kings park - a fabulous section where kids are encouraged to play in nature - when Luca fell, bit his lip, scraped chin and hand and we had to pull the pin. Our first big holiday injury! It will be a diet of soft food for a few days πŸ˜’
With the sun shining we are enjoying the famous Perth sights. Freo markets and foreshore, followed by a swim (l&m in underwear!) and picnic at Cottesloe β˜€οΈ

22 August 2015

Today we did the Amazing Valley Chase for 10 clues around the 32km food & wine trail in the Swan Valley. The kids loved it, particularly the stops at the chocolate factory and House of Honey, and earned a certificate and prize for their efforts.

21 August 2015

We've stopped to see the Mars-like landscape of the pinnacles desert. The weather is wild here and along the coast so we're going to keep going south to Perth. We are definitely being acclimatised for Melbourne!! β˜”οΈ
A sobering and beautiful memorial to the 645 crew of HMAS Sydney II that sank in 1941 125 nautical miles off Steep point, the most westerly point of Australia. The ship was only found in 2008 at a depth of 2400m.

20 August 2015

Kids are loving the caravan park with a pool & jumping pillow. They're running amok with a bunch of other kids. I think Mila has attracted them with her new op shop bunny ears!
Exploring the gorges in the Kalbarri national park!
This morning it was pelican feeding at Kalbarri.

19 August 2015

After a lunch stop we walked down to the Murchison river, near Ross graham lookout, in Kalbarri national park. The wildflowers here are amazing. Mila's taken to photographing them 🌸🌾
We're sad to be leaving Hamelin station stay after 3 nights as a base for the stunning shark bay region. We're on the road again...

18 August 2015

We loved the really entertaining tour through the tanks at the ocean park aquarium.
Enjoying a 40 degree hot tub at the Francois Peron homestead. Really relaxing!
It was pretty special to see the Dolphins at Monkey Mia. We had two 'dolphin experiences' and saw eight Dolphins fishing in the shallows and two Pelicans cruising around getting the benefits of their efforts! 🐬

17 August 2015

A day trip to the tip of Francois peron national park, Cape Peron. We were lucky to see two Dolphins feeding along the beach as we walked along the cliff tops.
Checking out the stromatolites, enormous mats and reefs of ancient organisms, at Hamelin pool, part of the shark bay world heritage park.

15 August 2015

DΓ©jΓ  vu! A 52cm golden spotted trevally this time. We'll be sad to leave Warroora tomorrow.

14 August 2015

Boys caught our dinner - a 51cm Big eye trevally and a 38cm Blue lined emperor! They were delicious filleted and pan fried for dinner.
Mila trying to catch up on some camp school tasks...
Playing in the dump zone of the waves at Maggies, the beach north of our campsite. Awesome!!

13 August 2015

Mila's loving the beach and soft sand to roll around in! She clearly doesn't mind sand down her pants 😝

12 August 2015

We've found paradise at warroora station on the Ningaloo marine park coast. A remote, private campsite that is sheltered behind rolling sand dunes and next to a beautiful beach. We won't be leaving in a hurry!

11 August 2015

At Coral bay we gave josh an early bday pressie, a big book of Australian fishes, to help with identification when fishing and snorkelling.

9 August 2015

For our last night all together we enjoyed sunset drinks at our bay, Osprey bay in Cape range national park
We saw an echidna and made sure it crossed the road safely ☺️
A much needed pedicure with chloe!

8 August 2015

We met up again with our buddies and will be camping next to each other for two nights! After catching up it was off to see Turquoise bay.

7 August 2015

A fantastic day on Ningaloo reef. Unfortunately no whale sharks to swim with, but we did swim with four turtles & two reef sharks..and we saw loads of whales and dolphins from our boat. πŸ‹πŸ’

6 August 2015

Some beach time to warm up after our snorkel through 'Lakeside'. Mila and I saw Nemo!

5 August 2015

Just finished two swims through the oyster stacks on Ningaloo reef. Lots of fish, big ones too!
Queued for a campsite in Cape range national park. It was worth it!

3 August 2015

We ran into our buddies Rocky, Jon, Elsie and Chloe at the visitor centre and promptly decided to go on a challenging walk to Knox gorge. There was lots of catching up to do, at the gorge and over dinner!
A swim in Circular pool, a picturesque walk to Fortesque falls and another swim at Fern pool were the highlights of our walk in Dales gorge.

2 August 2015

After a big day we rewarded ourselves with snags and scones cooked on the bbq! Yummo!
A day of challenging walks down into three different gorges. Lots of scrambling, walking through icy water and clinging onto rocks. It was heaps of fun and worth all the effort.

1 August 2015

We've reached Karijini national park, a long anticipated stop on our trip. This world heritage area has unique wavy rock formations, steep, narrow gorges and pure, fresh waterfalls, streams and holes. Hamersley gorge was our first taste and it had it all.

31 July 2015

A rest day at Millstream swimming at Deep Reach, a huge fresh water pool, and visiting this ridiculously pristine, dream-like pool which has spiritual significance to the local aboriginal people.

30 July 2015

After a huge day of driving we were happy with burgers for dinner at 'stargazers' campsite. As a surprise, Luca and Mila dressed up and waited on us, took our burger orders and then assembled them for us. They even prepared desert for us. So gorgeous!
Wild flowers and a waterhole- we stopped to hang out at the quiet, tranquil Python Pool on our way to our campsite.
Lunch in Port Hedland on our way to Millstream-Chichester NP

29 July 2015

Sunset at eighty mile beach. Lots of beautiful shells to add to our collection!

28 July 2015

Gorgeous dinner at Cable Beach Sunset bar & grill with Nanna Jill before we go our separate ways tomorrow.

27 July 2015

We loved the hatchery at One Arm Point. Kids fed a barramundi, we saw giant clams, baler and trochus shells and the amazing archer fish which 'shoots' a jet of water out of its mouth at food (or dangly, sparkly things above the water that are mistaken for insects) - we all were shot with the water while holding bait, mila had her silver hair tie shot!
It was a windy day so we found some protection amongst the rocks on kooljaman's swimming beach, and in the rustic cafe over lunch πŸ˜‹

26 July 2015

Awesome day - delicious filleted fish for lunch before more fishing..a total of 20 fish caught. And Jill caught one! Dinner was a blue line snapper and golden spotted trevally πŸ˜‹
Halfway through an action packed full day fishing tour with Robert from Lombadina! We have already seen whales breaching, and playing next to our boat, two schools of manta rays, turtles, and a shark chasing a school of fish, and as for the fishing...everyone has caught fish except Jill who caught a shark, that ate her fish and got away!

23 July 2015

Jill's delicious damper, cooked on the BBQ
We did a day trip to Middle Lagoon. It was a beautiful sandy beach and the kids loved playing in the waves.
Jill has been given some bush medicine to treat her sore knee - heated sap of the Bloodwood tree. So far so good, she is 'moving a little better'.

22 July 2015

Fishing success! Apparently this Rock cod loved the blue swimmer crab bait. It was cooked on the BBQ and was given the thumbs up by the adults, not the kids who preferred the BBQ corn. Mila wasn't keen on the eye looking at her!
Loving the beach! Hours spent collecting shells and catching crabs. Poor crabs have become fish bait...josh now has to catch our dinner with them!
Morning walk

21 July 2015

Our campsite (super private, only one other camp spot & 3 Eco tents - Jill in one), and our local beach, for the next 4 nights
Off to the Dampier peninsula. Tyres down again ☺️
Nanna Jill has joined us in Broome and the next stage of our adventure.

20 July 2015

The iconic Cable beach. With the tide out, 4x4 driving is possible and of course Josh wanted to drive on the sand. Oh, what a feeling!
Woke up to look at 120m year old dinosaur footprints that can only be seen at v low tide. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Eventually a crowd formed around this footprint. The ones cast in concrete at the top of the cliff were more impressiveπŸ˜†

19 July 2015

We've splurged on a villa in Broome. We invited our friends over for dinner and the kids watched a movie. All very happy!!
We're done and very dusted!!
Pumping up the tyres as we have come to the end of the dirt road. Seems it's sealed for the rest of the Gibb!

18 July 2015

An early last dinner on the Gibb river road, pasta! In 3.5 weeks we only had 3 pasta meals which is a feat we are quite pleased with!
After lunch we went back into Windjana gorge for another look at the crocodiles.
Walking through Tunnel creek, a staggering, huge, cavernous subterranean tunnel with permanent chilly water, sandy creek beds, enormous stalactites and teeny, tiny bats. Lots of fun, especially when you have Count Dracula with you!

17 July 2015

A late afternoon walk into windjana gorge. No swimming as there are between 30 &100 freshwater crocodiles that call the gorge home!
We drove past this fire on the Gibb river road on our way to windjana gorge. There were hundreds of birds preying on the bugs and small wildlife escaping the fire.

16 July 2015

We walked into bell gorge and down the falls to the pool below. As it was mid afternoon we had it to ourselves. Whilst it was in shade, we still all swam and marvelled at the colours as the sun sank down below the gorge.
As the kids put it, after travelling together the past 11 days we broke up. Rocky, Jon (just learnt he doesn't have an h!) & the girls need to be in Broome 2 days earlier than us to pick up family. We expect to see them again very soon, and we all look forward to it 😊

15 July 2015

Classic camp fare, baked potatoes. Kids loved them and have asked to have them again, and at home!
Morning tea! We've basically run out of condiments so it was butter or a scraping of jam, no honey!
We spent the morning hanging out at manning gorge, at the swimming hole near the camp. It is stunning and most people just cross it and walk to the next one 2.5km further on.
Our very own princess Leah's, Mila and chloe.

14 July 2015

Making dessert pizzas, a nod to our Masterchef night at Purnululu. We substituted bananas with tinned strawberries and marshmallows. We're proving you can have tasty food when camping πŸ˜‰
Afternoon walk to manning gorge. All the signs said not to start the walk after 1pm. We left 2.45pm and, because of all the warnings, had the gorge to ourselves. We got back well before sunset too!
Getting a second hand spare sorted at the only mechanic on the Gibb. It will get us through until we can get a brand new one with the correct specs 😌

13 July 2015

After all the activity we regrouped at the Mornington bush bar. Canoeing was a real workout, our arms are going to ache for days!
Canoeing Dimond gorge with Laura, a 21 year old girl from Geelong that the kids had befriended at El Questro and whom we ran into again. She was very popular with the kids who all wanted a turn in her boat!

12 July 2015

We had dips and drinks during a magical sunset at Sir John gorge. Luca led us through a meditation session and I took this photo as we left for the 30 minute drive back to camp.
River fun at Blue Bell on the Fitzroy river - swinging, jumping, snorkelling and sand play
Weber scones for morning tea!

11 July 2015

Picnicking at, & playing in, the Fitzroy river. The kids named a log the SS kingfisher and used it as a boat to cross the river. There was a lot of laughter and time spent trying to sit on it when they were virtually completely submerged!

10 July 2015

Spag Bol for dinner!
Journal and scrap book catch up session. We are very behind! The days are so full of activity...
Woohoo! We made it into Mornington wildlife sanctuary, which has a cap of 25 cars/50 campers, first try!
Filling up on fuel, footy scores and food at mt Barnett roadhouse. We want to try to get into Mornington wildlife sanctuary. We have heard people have had to wait 3 days to get in...

9 July 2015

Josh whipped up an amazing damper. There will be requests for more, just need to source more ingredients which is tricky & expensive out here!
The rocking from crawling over the rocks on the tracks has been making the kids motion sick. Mila feels better centre back & even better when chloe comes for the ride (& sing-a-long).
Another stunning gorge - this one is wunnumurra gorge at mt Elizabeth station. It was our most adventurous 4x4 track for 10km, then a 40 min walk to a stunning destination with the whole package! A large, deep swimming hole (not freezing) with plenty of ledges to jump from, a sandy bottom and beach, no crocs and aboriginal rock art. Thanks for the tip Adam!
Morning exercises!

8 July 2015

Big day of travel. We bounced through 260km of corrugated roads, sometimes travelling 20km/hr, from King Edward river to mt Elizabeth station. We were lucky about 80km was just graded road and we could go up to 80km/hr on those sections. We travelled in convoy & swapped car seat configurations to keep everyone happy. At one stage we saw a water monitor crossing the road!
Josh calling on the 'cool' coin phone at Drysdale station to wish his dad, Paul, a very Happy 70th birthday!
While the adults are packing the kids play!

7 July 2015

We drove north of mitchell falls to a wonderful lookout over Wanderers bay and Islands in the Timor sea. We then went to Surveyors pool for a lunch stop & we had it all to ourselves! I forgot my phone so no photos! It was a trickling waterfall into an huge permanent waterhole. No swimming in the the upper pool as it was a bit slimy & slippery and the lower pool because of cultural significance to the aboriginals. We played in the waterfall to cool off which was a relief from the beating sun.

6 July 2015

Quiet time to unwind after a huge day - listening to a talking book and lighting the campfire.
As if the day couldn't get any better, the ranger gave the kids a lift from the camp kiosk where they picked up $1 zooper doopers!!
We organised a helicopter ride back to camp. We were very excited and it still exceeded all our expectations. The pilot was amazing and she said in 10 years of flying in the kimberley she had never had two more adventurous kids. Luca and mila insisted on sitting on the outside, with no doors, and josh in the middle!
We took a leisurely 5.5 hours to walk to and appreciate Mitchell Falls. There were waterfalls, waterholes and art to explore.
Camping style sleepover - the kids had been wanting to have a sleepover and demanded one as soon as we settled into camp.

5 July 2015

We get back to our camp & to our surprise we find our friends camper trailer set up next to us! We were all thrilled to see them when we found them swimming in the nearby stream. The kids quickly got them up to speed with all our shocker & tyre woes! Funny how plans change and things work out!
Big kids not having fun changing a tyre on the road to surveyors pool. The rock created two big punctures in the side wall of the tyre. With our only spare in use, and 170km on hairy roads to the next tyre replacement options, we turned back to our camp at Mitchell falls campground. Luckily the ranger was willing to have a go at helping us plug the holes. We now have a spare with a slow leak that hopefully would get us hobbling back, if needed!
Kids having fun sitting on Josh's lap on some of the bumpy roads.
After 3 hours, a vomit (mila this time) and 76km of bumpy road we were starving and ready to sit down to lunch in our new camp.

4 July 2015

Drawing, reading and wrestling as the sun sets on the rocks near king Edward river falls.
No crocs here! The river is beautiful and clean, so refreshing after exploring the art site.
Ancient art on a site of about 50 boulders of varying sizes and shapes. We had bought a recently published book on the art which explained the significance and helped us find it. We felt like we were on a scavenger hunt!
Luca and Mila found some new friends, frankie and will, and over the next 18 hours they played cards, ate toasted marshmallows, swam and explored the rocks and falls together.

3 July 2015

We drove slowly to Drysdale station (stopping for lunch roadside) after we learnt that it was safe to drive our camper missing one shock absorber. We then left it there with plans to use our tent for the next 4-5 days covering some of the roughest roads in the kimberleys. When we started to see cars being trailered out and stuck by the side of the road we were glad we did!

2 July 2015

Scones, jam & cream were tasty. Not as fluffy and yummy as the boathouse scones but awesome in the middle of remote wa πŸ˜‰
10km from our destination, ellenbrae, renowned for their scones, we hear a clang! Not again! But this time it is in the kimberley! 😳 josh knew how to remove it so we could get to ellenbrae and ponder the next move over afternoon tea...
Until next time. We said goodbye to our good friends. They were not heading north to the Mitchell plateau but we anticipate bumping into them again on the Gibb river road or in Broome/Cape leveque
Sprinkler fun
Horseriding - first time!
Pancakes for breaky at our tent!

1 July 2015

Dinner then dancing to country music. Kids were excited, and twirling and boot scooting around the dance floor, when their request for 'On the road again' was played!
Sunset view over the Cockburn ranges. Wine, good company and a ridiculously spectacular 180 degree view. Josh reckons it is the best view we have seen, and that's saying something!
The beautiful wrought iron gate at Home Valley station.
Dimboola falls on home valley station. With low rainfall during the wet season the waterfall has already stopped running and the pools are a nice shade of green! Pretty, but not enticing for swimming- crocs probably like it 😜. Luca led us through some meditation. Our new daily practice for the month of July.
Fixing a rattle we created by hitting a rock on our bull bar!

30 June 2015

Next stop Home Valley station. We saw some whip cracking and fire twirling but didn't manage to stay up for the musician.
A final 4x4 adventure on our last day in El Questro. We packed up and then headed to explosion gorge (named for the old fishing techniques). We picnicked & fished in the shade near the waterhole but there was no swimming due to crocodiles πŸ˜”

29 June 2015

Another exhilarating 4x4 adventure to saddleback ridge. This time we were in a convoy of 3 cars as we'd just met up with the boxers, an auburn family, and encouraged them to get their sparkly clean car dirty & come along for the 360 degree sunset view! The photos are better on my SLR camera πŸ˜‰
Six hour return walk to champagne springs. Unfortunately there wasn't any bubbly to drink but there was a waterfall and waterhole to cool off in after many kms walking in the sun πŸ˜›. We saw this superb stick insect-like creature on a 1000 year old boab tree. Every turn at El Questro throws up something extraordinary.

28 June 2015

First fish caught on our trip! And right in front of our campsite 😊
Today we did a huge 5 hour walk up El Questro gorge. We had to wade through a waterhole, climb boulders and squeeze through cracks to reach the waterfall fed waterhole. Very satisfying and rewarding, and a huge achievement for Mila and Chloe.

27 June 2015

We ran into our friends from Purnululu and went on one of the 4wd tracks for experienced drivers ONLY!! Omg, hair raising but amazing access to a 360 degree lookout and secluded areas of the park. Huge thrill to make it out with the car totally fine, even if it was in the dark!
Emma gorge walk is an hour long walk along a clear spring fed river and up rocky sections to a cool deep waterhole with a 65m droplet waterfall. These photos just don't do it justice.
Hot thermal springs at 7.15am. There were lots of people there even at that time of morning! A beautiful palm forested bath and magical start to the day.

26 June 2015

A late afternoon walk to a deserted gorge (amalia). We scaled boulders and hung onto some sections with our fingernails but it was worth it to have the waterhole to ourselves. We raced the clock back as the sun was setting. Luca came scarily close to standing on a snake and then we saw one driving back to camp 😳
We're at the start of the infamous Gibb river road! Very excited!

25 June 2015

Morning walk to the lookout at Mirina (hidden valley) national park in Kununurra. Known to locals as the mini bungle bungles.

24 June 2015

Sunset drinks at Kununurra's Pumphouse. There are thousands of catfish below that gobbled up any scraps that were dropped. Creepy to think what they would do to you if you fell in 😳😺
River crossing on our way back out of Purnululu.

23 June 2015

Masterchef dessert challenge. We had three teams of 3 kids and adults to supervise. We had a pancake stack, dessert pizza with fruit salad and peach surprise. Votes for initiative, presentation and taste. It was a draw. Luca and mila said it was the best night of the trip so far.
Hammock fun!
Mila and her friend Chloe made perfume out of wild flowers. They then tried to sell it to other campers. One French couple bought a dab for $2. Girls were really chuffed!
Echidna chasm - a walk along a riverbed to a deep, narrow winding gorge. We met a friendly family at the end with two girls aged 8 & 6 and all walked out together. Kids are happy to have found friends πŸ˜„

22 June 2015

The cathedral gorge was spectacular.
The domes at Purnululu (bungle bungles). It's just breathtakingly beautiful.

21 June 2015

We survived the notorious road into the bungle bungles. 2.5 hours to do 53km and (our first) 5 river crossings! We had a lunch break on the way 😊

20 June 2015

After a day trip into Kununurra for some fresh food we stopped by the lookout near the dam wall.
Going for a spot of fishing. Josh befriended another fisherman who gave him some fresh bait and tips. Kids stayed reading in their tent & we stayed in contact via walkie talkies 😊

19 June 2015

First stop Lake Argyle. We have set up and kids have had a chance to swim in the super refreshing infinity pool! The 90 min gain in time coming to WA has helped us squeeze more into the day 😊
Woohoo - WA here we come!
Car entertainment - Luca listening to dad singing and Mila reading in the car (who knows how she does it)

18 June 2015

Friends for the family. We have met a family with two kids, boy and girl aged 8 & 6, and the kids are stoked to have someone to play with. This afternoon we all tested out the fishing in the Katherine river.
Nitmiluk national park - we walked the Baruwei walk circuit past the Katherine river. It's really hot (35 degrees the expected top) but there is a refreshing breeze on the top of the gorge and off the river. And ice-creams were of course needed at the end!
Wallabies coming to say hello in the morning!

16 June 2015

Bathing in Bitter springs. A thermal river that you float down for approx 100m. Luca spotted a turtle too!
Beautiful walk beside crystal clear rivers on our way to Stevie's waterhole. We were so hot and hanging for a refreshing dip. Turns out it was closed because of crocodiles 🐊😳. After our walk back in the beating sun, our swim in the safe Mataranka thermal pool was just devine 😊

15 June 2015

An evening paddle in a river near the Mataranka (Elsey national park) campsite. It's about 10 degrees warmer up here 😎

14 June 2015

A few games of Sleeping Queens helped improve Mila's mood!
Everyone (but Mila who was having a bad day) was enjoying wandering around karlu karlu (Devils marbles)
We stopped before we left at the huge pancake breakfast put on for everyone at the big4 caravan park in Alice. Josh was checking out the pancake cooking rig - very impressive! Kids had 3.5 pancakes each and didn't want to leave!

13 June 2015

The caravan park had a free session with a didgeridoo artist. He played and entertained the crowd. He asked Luca to have a go with an unusual shaped didg and he was able to produce a great sound. We were all surprised as one poor guy had been trying to make a sound for about 10 mins😣
Rain! With big grey clouds and thunder giving us a warning, we rushed around to get the washing off the line and get everything inside. We survived! It's still raining on and off into the evening...
Alice springs reptile park - Luca and Mila loved it, particularly the bearded dragons and thorny Devils. There was a fantastic reptile handling demonstration. The Python wrapped himself around and between their legs so I was happy to be the photographer! 😳

12 June 2015

Amazing lunch in alice springs Todd street mall. The food was so good and the staff such hipsters we felt like we were in Brunswick st!
Leaving Redbank gorge - kids got a fun ride on the dirt road.

11 June 2015

Another waterhole at Glen Helen gorge. No swimming this time! Kids were back at the homestead looking at the birds in their avery.
Ormiston gorge - second swim for the day!
Made it to the waterhole. Josh swam, Luca didn't get in fully - too cold! ❄️
Redbank gorge - stunning river bed walk to a waterhole. We haven't even got to the waterhole as the kids are exploring caves...

10 June 2015

New camp in the west McDonnell ranges N.P at Redbank Gorge. Our first fireplace too...
End of the mereenie loop - we survived unscathed! 155kms in 3.25 hours of bumpsπŸ‘Œ
Heading on our first unsealed corrugated road. Josh is just letting down the tyres, fingers crossed that's all the attention they need!

9 June 2015

Caramel milkshakes (which happened to be giant size) as a reward for another huge walk and a creative & crafty session πŸ‘
Camp school - creating scrapbooks of our adventure.
Another big walk, this time the Kings canyon rim walk. Spectacular scenery and crazy drop offs and heights!

8 June 2015

While the boys watched the footy, Mila and I checked out the camp playground and Mila ran through the sprinklers.
Watching the pies play the Dees in the Dingo bar at Kings canyon resort! There appear to be benefits of supporting the pies out here, the receptionist organised for us all to have a free drink as she is a Collingwood supporter!

7 June 2015

Patting and going for a short ride on the uluru camels!
Walking the Valley of the Winds circuit. 7.4 km round trip. Mila's longest walk ever!
We got up for sunrise near kata tjuta. Kids were not happy and Uluru looked more impressive!

6 June 2015

Kata tjuta sunset. We plan to visit tomorrow for sunrise and a walk. Today we went on a ranger guided walk of a section of Uluru called the Mala walk. It was fascinating. We listened and learned about the cultural and spiritual significance of Uluru to the anangu, the traditional custodians of land, and, very unusually for me, I didn't feel the need to take photos.
No sun activity this morning! A leisurely cooked brekky & journal writing in the moonlight. πŸŒ–

5 June 2015

The end to a perfect day. Comfortable and warm in our Ugg boots, and about to have chicken sandwiches for dinner while watching the sunset show 😊
Riding around the rock - we loved it.
I got up to see the sunset - I was a little late!

4 June 2015

Ayers Rock campground. We're in the unpowered site overflow as the place is full! The only difference is its on red dirt. We're happy 😊
Turn of to Uluru. Getting closer...
We've made it to the Northern Territory! Josh and Luca had to have a kick over the border πŸ‰
Early start - the moon, rising sun and lunar landscape are magical. We feel safe out here, josh has already been breath tested! A huge road train was pulled over 😳

3 June 2015

Red dirt, an old opal mine and noodling - the skill of finding opals in rubble without tools. We came away with a pile of rocks with a glint of opal!

2 June 2015

360 degree views of Coober pedy and the setting sun from on top of the roof of the motel.
We are excited to be staying in an underground hotel in Coober Pedy! Look familiar Bec & Adam?! ☺️
Woop woop
Lunch stop just over halfway to Coober Pedy.
Quick stop at the arid botanic gardens lookout
Standpipe motel in port Augusta, home for our second night. They are famous for their Indian food in the historic dining room!

1 June 2015

Toilet and driver change over. Josh is showing off his new akubra hat doing some car tuning and Luca is burning off some energy playing footy.
We walked around gorgeous Hahndorf while the trailer was being repaired. Josh bought an akubra! And we had a superb morning tea
Our lifesavers - Ryan welded the shock absorber back on in an hour. His dad and a mate gave us some tips and tightened a loose screw on the camper as well. Josh payed more attention to prepping the car than the camper 😝
Our Bavarian chalet at Hahndorf tourist park in the morning

31 May 2015

What a shocker! As we pulled into the driveway of Hahndorf tourist resort to stay in our Bavarian chalet, there is a huge metallic clunk. One of the shock absorbers has come away from the base of the camper. Eek. So glad it was Adelaide & not remote Kimberley. Let's see how long it takes to fix this one...😳
Made the south Australian border ☺️
Packed and ready to go! Trip began at 9am...