Australia · 2 Days · 15 Moments · July 2013

Teresa Baier

The Truly Great Ocean Road

18 July 2013

The Lonely Grave We went to the wreck and ‘grave’ of W.B. Godfrey because we saw there was a tombstone along the road and we were curious. W.B.Godfrey once landed there in his ship during a storm and died. From the grave leads a path and stairs down to the rocks and the sea. It is a really beautiful place, one of those rocky beaches that you find there. Worth getting out of the car, looking at the grave and reading through the story of W.B.Godfrey, and then taking a few pictures. (The Lonely Grave lies about 5km north Wye River.)
Kafé Kaos On our way back to Melbourne we stopped in Lorne again for lunch. This time we went to the café next to "The Bottle of Milk", Kafé Kaos. The food was delicious. We ordered a special homemade juice that was huge and really fresh and yummy. The meals were really big, we could have shared one easily. Thankfully we only ordered one small juice that was big enough for us to share as well. We very much liked the style of the café and the atmosphere there. We would definitely go there again if I go back to Lorne.
Sheoak Falls We weren’t planning on looking at the waterfall but as we drove past we thought we should give it a shot. I’m glad we did! It was a short walk through the forest that lead us to the waterfall. It was really muddy but we still managed to walk all the way back. The waterfall was lovely and the atmosphere back there was romantic, also because we were the only ones looking at it at the time. We were glad that we had stopped there because it was good to walk for a bit, and the scenery was just beautiful.
Mariner’s Lookout On our way back to Melbourne we stopped at the Mariner’s Lookout in Apollo Bay. The lady at the reception had recommended it to us and described how to get there. If you pay attention to all the road signs you’ll find it easily. We had the most beautiful view over the town of Apollo Bay. It was breathtakingly awesome. As it had been raining the day before, there was a beautiful rainbow just above Apollo Bay. You should definitely go there if you have time to spare. It’s a ten minute drive away from the hotel and then a five minute walk to the top of the mountain. Just walk up there and enjoy the lovely view for a while and relax. If the weather is nice I could also imagine having a nice picnic up there.

17 July 2013

Gibson Steps Close by is another sight that you should visit: the Gibson Steps. You climb down an 86 steps staircase to the beach. Standing down there in the sand looking up the cliff I felt so small, but at the same time overwhelmed with the beauty you can find in nature at that spot. I would definitely recommend seeing these unique places, it is totally worth it.
Loch Ard Gorge After the Twelve Apostles we also went to Loch Ard Gorge which is just a couple of minutes drive away. The scenery there was just as beautiful and impressive. The pictures speak for themselves.
The Twelve Apostles The Twelve Apostles is THE must-see when you travel on the Great Ocean Road. When we went there the weather wasn’t that nice but that was okay because it wasn’t that crowded then. The Apostles themselves are very impressive, the scenery is just beautiful. We did not have to pay and could just walk on a boardwalk along the cliffs. You get many chances to take good photos of the rocks. Even though everybody goes there it was a truly awesome place.
Maits Rest Rainforest Trail I hadn’t been to a rainforest before and I thought it was time to strike this off my bucket list, so our first stop on our second day was at the Maits Rest Rainforest Trail. You find a short boardwalk trail there that leads through the rainforest. It only took about 20 minutes to walk through, and was definitely worth it. We saw some nice interesting plants that I wouldn’t find anywhere here in Austria and we even got to see one of the very rare Otway Black Snail that you can only find in that area. We didn’t see the most amazing things but it was a nice short stop over. If you haven’t been to a rainforest yet, that’s probably a good one to start with.
Spotted: Koalas I love lighthouses! So obviously we had to go and look at the Cape Otway Lightstation. The lighthouse was pretty nice and a guy even told us about its history. But the really awesome thing about it was the road that leads there. When you go there you have to leave the Great Ocean Road and follow a different road down to the lighthouse. On our way we suddenly spotted koalas sitting in the trees just above the road. We were amazed and got pretty excited. There were dozens of koalas chilling up in the trees minding nothing but their own business. It was awesome! We then stopped and watched some of the animals for a while. I had seen koalas before in the zoo, but seeing them in the wilderness was a completely different, unique and amazing experience. So even if you’re not into lighthouses, go there to look at those amazing little animals and spend some time just watching them.
Accommodation We stayed at this hotel in the lovely town Apollo Bay for two nights during our road trip on the Great Ocean Road. We chose the Water Front Motor Inn because we wanted to stay at a hotel that allowed us to get to the important sights along the Great Ocean Road in a couple of hours and is not too far away from Melbourne. The lady at the reception was very nice and helpful when we had questions. We booked the accommodation, which was reasonably priced, on The room was very clean and we even had a whirlpool in our room which we had not booked - what a lovely surprise! We did not have breakfast at the hotel but we bought some cereal and milk at a shop that was only a couple of minutes’ walk away. Since we had a small fridge, cutlery, plates and bowls we could have breakfast in our room. We would definitely stay there again because the staff was super nice, the room was awesome, and its location suited our plan.
Rocky beaches There are several rocky beaches or bays along the Great Ocean Road. We looked at a couple of them and took photos there. The scenery was beautiful and we spent some time there just watching the waves and posing for the photos (Both activities make nice breaks from spending so much time in the car!).
Teddy’s Lookout There are many, many lookouts along the Great Ocean Road and we couldn’t possibly see all of them. One of the first ones we went to was Teddy’s Lookout in Lorne. We drove up a hill, then walked for a bit and had a beautiful view of the Great Ocean Road and the sea. We just loved the view and had a fun time taking photos up there, as you can easily place the camera on the handrail and use the self-timer on your camera.
The Bottle of Milk Lorne was the first stop on our road trip on the Great Ocean Road. It was around lunch time and we were already pretty hungry. I had read about "The Bottle of Milk" before and wanted to try it. As we really felt like having burgers it was the perfect place for a nice lunch. The burgers were pretty big and really yummy. We also got chips with the burgers which were delicious as well. The staff was very nice and even though the place isn’t that big it was really cosy and laid back - I totally liked the style. "The Bottle of Milk" was a delicious start on our trip on the Great Ocean Road.
Getting a car We flew to Melbourne in the morning of the first day. From the airport we took the airport bus to the city centre. (We bought a return ticket.) The bus took us to the Southern Cross Station. We had hired a car from Budget and then went to pick it up after a short trip to the supermarket at the Station. My tip: Do not get the car from the airport or the Southern Cross Station but from the Budget store on City Road, Southbank. This was a lot cheaper! It was a ten minute walk from the Station to the Budget store. It's definitely worth walking there though, as you can save a good amount of money.
Why go there? The Great Ocean Road is a drive along the coast of Victoria, Australia. Along the Great Ocean Road you find many beautiful and iconic places as well as lovely restaurants and exciting wildlife. If you have three days to spare while you’re in Australia, hire a car, hit the road and find yourself amazed on this truly great coastal road.