United States of America · 10 Days · 22 Moments · December 2015

The Sunshine State for Christmas

25 December 2015

Packing up to the Star Wars soundtrack and I get this alert on my phone.....I miss my friends so much! And the pretty hibiscus that line our condominiums.

24 December 2015

We made it to Savannah, Chatham, Georgia and I miss the squad so much! So close to home, yet so far away! Merry Christmas to the best squad in the world!

23 December 2015

We took the Disney monorail, ferries, and transportation systems all around the different Disney resorts and we got to see Magic Kingdom and Epic. Of course, when I saw the SHIELD poster I ran like an idiot to take a pic of it

22 December 2015

Painted nails, a good book, and sparking juice to finish off the night.
We had a lovely and exotic lunch at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

21 December 2015

We finally made it to Orange Lake Resort! I have so many fond December memories here in Kissimmee and it's great to be back (especially as an adult who has to sign for your brother to rent out a bicycle, haha!)! Hot tubbing it and exploring River Island before sunset. Tried out the gym, "Mussels," and will definitely be going back daily at least. Super pumped for the hammock grove to be able to read in a hammock just like at home on our porch! I'm trying to persuade Connor to join me tomorrow and go find an orange tree and use our blender to make fresh orange juice. ☺️
This is what my favorite pasta dish looks like: spinach tortellini. It is doused in a bacon sauce. Literal bacon pieces in a sauce that tastes like bacon. oh my gosh this dish is divine!!

20 December 2015

I walked on the beach for 3.5 miles and rode the bicycle for 1.5 miles. I collected sand dollar pieces and totally fried my neck and face.
She spent the night at our condo on Marco Island, then we went to church with her family at another church-in-a-box in Naples. We spent a lot of the time whispering funny comments and comparing it to our own Chatham Community Church. Got to see their rented house and house-under-renovation; both beautiful messes. And finally said our farewells at Hibachi Japanese. Amanda, I'm going to miss you terribly. Hopefully I'll see you again very soon

19 December 2015

Star Wars with AMANDA! We finally met up and got to see her after 5 months! She hasn't changed a bit! Star Wars btw was beyond what I ever could have imaged, and that includes all of my disappointments; it was THAT good!
Reading and getting totally fried
BEACH TIME! South Beach on Marco Island! Might go shelling on Tigertail Beach tomorrow

18 December 2015

Coffee, gnocchi, and a 4 mile bike ride with burrowing owls

17 December 2015

Went to the Italian Cafe & Restaurant for dinner and had a lovely snapper with some delicious rice and yellow butter-lemon sauce, and key lime pie to top it off. Great restaurant!
Ah, poolside with a book and music. Went to the gym afterwards and it is fully loaded!
This is what I call vacation! Chocolate milk and this amazing view of Marco Island! I'm almost positive that Marco Island was named for San Marco Piazza in Venice, Italy because both cities resemble each other immensely with their canals and bays everywhere! Pool time! Napping, reading, and listening to music by the pool in this fantastic weather!
I had to take a picture of this because I feel like only Ally would stop and notice this sign 20 feet above her head and take a picture #milknerd

16 December 2015

You know your in Florida when you almost step on 3 lizards just getting to the restaurant door
Lunch at the best 🍴
The rest stop was near Brunswick, GA where Brunswick strew was created
Back on the road through SC, GA, and all the way to Fort Lauderdale!

15 December 2015

Smithfield's for dinner before heading to Walterboro, SC for the night