Around The World · 48 Days · 93 Moments · March 2018

Our South East Asia travels

18 April 2018

And we are in England again !!
Slept in a capsule at Moscow airport last night. Weird but comfy! Terminal D/E £16 for 6 hours wasn't bad if I meant I actually got some sleep 😴

17 April 2018

Flying over Russia
Flying over china
We are flying Hong Kong to London (via Moscow for 14 hours!)

16 April 2018

Our last day in Hong Kong and in Asia today!! It's not a nice day, foggy and rain but have decided to go and see the big Buddha anyway. We caught the Ngong Ping 360 up to the Buddha. Couldn't see anything once we were up haha!! We saw the big Buddha (just about) and themonetary. Got the bus back

15 April 2018

We didn't do much today. So had a wonder through kowloon park. Had a pond full of flamingos and aviaries full of parrots :)

14 April 2018

We spent the day at ocean park. It was so much fun. The complex is huge, to the point you have to take a gondala ride up and over to the other side! We went on rollarcoasters, a virtual reality rollarcoasters which was awesome, saw lots of different animals, went on a few water rides too and got soaked! Such a good day out I highly recommend to all.

13 April 2018

We walked over to Temple street to have a look at Temple street night market
We then caught the star ferry from Hong Kong island to Tsim Sha Tsui
We decided to go to Madame tussauds while at the peak. Jamie had never been to one before. I think it's super creepy haha
We got the tram up to Victoria peak

12 April 2018

Light show
We are staying in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. So decided to have a quick look around where we are. We are right next to the harbour that over looks Hong Kong island
Our last stop on our South East Asia travels 🛫 Hong Kong

11 April 2018

We went to the roof top bar at the top of Lotties. You can see a 360 view of Hanoi. It's incredible. Unfortunatly city lights are the hardest thing to photograph
We ate at a place called Pho Bat dan and ate Pho which is like a beef noodle soup (well I didn't eat it)
We went to visit Uncle Ho - Ho Chi Minh - but he was closed haha and we saw a one pillar pagoda.
Rooftop cafe Avalon :)
We went out for breakfast then headed to a cafe called Cafe Giang and we tried egg coffee (cafe trung ?) Strangely tasty! Was like a soft meringue that you stired into the coffee. The cafe was down the smallest alleyway!

10 April 2018

Catching a train back to Hanoi

9 April 2018

We climbed up nearly 600 steps to get to the top of the lying Dragon mountain. The views from the top were stunning
We went to Trang An for a boat ride which was gorgeous! We went between rivers by going in caves. You could stop and see temples too. It's also the location of where Kong Skull island was filmed.
We stayed in a gorgeous little home stay called ( something) . We ate dinner there too, it was delicious
We caught a train from Hanoi to Ninh Binh national park

8 April 2018

We had a wonder around a part of Hanoi (a lake) we stopped for a drink in a Harry potter cafe which was fun. In the evening we got on the back of Hayley and Jason bikes and went out for dinner.

7 April 2018

Flight 2 ~ Bangkok to Hanoi
Flight 1. Chiang mai to Bangkok. Got to entertain ourselves for 4 hours now until our next flight :/

6 April 2018

We then visited The Black house ~ Baan dam museum. Very odd place . . .
Wat Rung Khun ~ white temple A once rundown temple that had run out of fundings was taken over by an artist called Chalermchai Kositpipat. He put a lot of his own money into the temple to design and make it as it is now. The donations he also receives helps the on going work of this temple and many other buildings on site.

5 April 2018

The clock tower
We made it to our hotel in Chiang Rai
We have jumped on a coach - Green bus - from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Paid an extra £3 for a vip ticket. Which is so worth it. The whole bus is vip and so spacious with lean back chairs, aircon, a toilet and snacks. So much better than the last one haha

4 April 2018

Went had our feet eaten haha
We caught a tuk tuk up the hill to see the temple that apparently you cant miss if you come to Chiang mai. Wat doi suthep. It was a beautiful temple that has lovely views
We went to Chiang mai zoo this morning. We braced ourselves that it wasn't going to be great. But it was awful! We only managed to see a handful of animals before leaving. Not only were the enclosures extremely small some of them didn't look like they were maintained at all. The animals looked super sad which in turn made is really sad. I enjoyed feeding the giraffe though :)

3 April 2018

Today was amazing! We were a small group of 6 and there were 3 elephants in the heard we visited. 2 older ones and a young one about 6 years old. We started by picking of bananas and filling buckets. We then fed them to the elephants. We did a 30min ish walk through the jungle and muddy river with them, so much fun. We then made banana rice balls to fed them later on. Having a mud bath with them was so weird, didn't have any shoes on either. Rubbed mud into their skins to cool them off then we walked to the river to wash them off. Got very muddy and wet but it was so worth it!! We then fed them rice balls straight into their mouth, big tounge felt so strange! I highly recommend visiting an elephant sanctuary

1 April 2018

Found a cat cafe
Day of temple sighting in Chiang Mai

31 March 2018

Well we've made it to chiang Mai 🚂

30 March 2018

Not going to lie its very wierd attempting to sleep on a train. Also very cool and much more comfortable than our bed in phuket!! Fingers crossed i get some sleep
We are catching an overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai leaving at 7.35pm. We had to book out of our hotel at 12pm so spent a long time wondering the various massive malls. MBK, Siam center and Paragon. The train is 14 hours long! We have 2 seats which turns into one bed then there is one that pulls out on the top. Very weird but savea one night paying for a hotel. This only cost us £24 per person.

29 March 2018

The last temple ruins we visited were Wat Ratchaburana
Then it was Wat Lokkayasutharam - the sleeping buddah
Then we saw Wat Phra Si Sanphet
The second stop was Wat Maya That
Today we cailught a bus to Ayutthaya. About 2 hours north of Bangkok. When we arrived we were greeted by a man with a tuk tuk and he drove us round to which ever sights we wanted to see 300 tbh an hour. Definaltly saved my feet! First temple was Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon

27 March 2018

We then walked over and saw the Grand Palace and the emerald budda. Very hot and very busy!
We then caught a ferry over to Wat Po and the reclining budda
We caught a ferry to Wat Arun - The temple of Dawn.

26 March 2018

Sat by the rooftop pool
Flying to Bangkok

22 March 2018

Sitting by the pool in the sun 😀
We caught a ferry from Surat Thani to Ko Samui. Such a gorgeous crossing

21 March 2018

We spent one night in Surat Thani.
Today we are getting a coach from Phuket bus terminal 2 to Surat Thani. Hopefully it's only about 4.5 hours 🚌

19 March 2018

We watched a beautiful sunset

18 March 2018

Today is Jamie's 25th birthday! Instead of going to phuket town and seeing the night market and other stuff he has food poisoning from dinner last night!! So we haven't managed to do much the past couple of days

16 March 2018

Stop four ~ Bamboo island Amazing!! Spent an hour and a half snorkelling here. There were so many beautiful fish here. I didn't want to leave!
Stop three ~ Phi Phi Don We stopped here for lunch and a sit down on the beach. It's paradise here. I could get used to this
Monkey beach
Ship wrek cove on phi phi leh
Stop two ~ Blue Lagoon We dived off the boat into the beautiful clear waters
Stop one ~ Maya Bay We stopped here for 30 mins enjoyed the gorgeous view and went for a swim. The fun The Beach was filmed here

15 March 2018

I ❤ Snorkelling Spent the day at Paradise Beach. Got a gorgeous big bed to sit on. Saw so many pretty fish whilst snorkelling.

14 March 2018

Another lazy one today. Lounged in the sun by the pool then went out for pizza!

13 March 2018

We had a chilled day today. Sat on the beach, walked around patong town. Full of restaurants, cafes and bars.

12 March 2018

Such a long day on the coach! First it's late, then we break down then we get pulled over on our way into Phuket and the whole coach was searched by 2 policemen! Not fun. But we have finally made it to phuket :)
On another Bus! This time 7.5 hours from Hat Yai to Phuket. Fun fun

11 March 2018

We arrived in Hat Yai :) took about 5 hours start to finish. Our hotel is lovely, nice pool and has a fitness centre lol finally feel like we are on holiday rather than travelling!
We caught a shuttle bus from Georgetown, Penang up to Hat Yai in Thailand. Goodbye Malaysia, Hello Thailand Almost didn't make it over the border though! Didn't have enough cash on us for a visa!

10 March 2018

Some of the street art we have seen wandering around George Town
Today We caught the bus to Kek Lok Si temple. It's the largest temple in Malaysia.

9 March 2018

We had a visitor in our bathroom!
I saw a sea turtle!! He popped his head and fins out of the water. We caught a boat from turtle beach to Monkey beach then back to the start. So no trekking back. The sea was full of jelly fish but went for a quick dip anyway
Today we hiked through a Jungle in the national park. Was about an hour and a half. Was good but boy was it bloody hot!! it was worth it though as at the end was turtle beach. We didnt see any turtles there but there were some in a small sanctuary at the end of the beach. The baby turtles were so cute!

8 March 2018

We made it to Georgetown. Staying in a guest house, not my best move but hey!
We caught a train from KL central to Butterworth, Penang.

7 March 2018

There is a shopping mall just around the corner from our hotel called Times Square. It's a massive 10 floors + of shops and restaurants. It even has an indoor rollercoaster it's that big. We did some archery and bowling in there tonight.
KL bird park We visited the world's largest free flying walk in aviary. It was very cool! Got to hold and feed some rainbow lorikeet and parakeets

6 March 2018

We saw the Petronas Towers during the day and in the evening. Very cool lit up
Batu Caves. This is a must do. 272 steps to reach the entrance of the cave. Then a handful more down then up once you are I side. It was very cool. We had to wait out a thunderstorm while inside the caves.

5 March 2018

4 March 2018

The night safari was amazing. No pictures as it was dark lol was really cool seeing the animals in the 'moonlight'
Singapore River Safari
Singapore Zoo
The most delicious brunches here. Artistry.

3 March 2018

We went back to the Gardens by the bay to see it all lit up. There is a light show here at night too it's so awesome!!
We went to the sea aquarium on sentosa island. Was really good.
We visited the botanical gardens. Sat and watch a small thunderstorm
We visited the Sri Mariamman Temple located in China town
We visited the Gardens by the Bay. Such a gorgeous place. We are going back this evening when it is all lit up

2 March 2018

Flying into Brisbane
Our flight from Auckland to Brisbane. We left 6.35 am so the sun is rising :)