United Kingdom · 20 Days · 15 Moments · July 2018

The Queen’s Trees

29 July 2018

These beautiful trees are found at Schivas House! They enjoy a regal lifestyle full of rain and Scottish mist.

28 July 2018

We met these trees at Schivas House when we arrived on the Friday. The trees were pumped for the wedding!

26 July 2018

These trees surrounded our hotel in Coylumbridge. They offered protection from dragons and filtered our air!

25 July 2018

Look at all these trees! We met them as biked through Cairngorm Forest! They’re full of stories and bark.

24 July 2018

Edinburgh trees are very pretty and old. Full of wisdom and sap.

22 July 2018

Brodsworth Hall is where we found these wealthy and omnipotent trees. They barely gave me the time of day.

19 July 2018

Our last quick walk through Kensington Gardens. I’ll miss these trees.

18 July 2018

Cockfosters is the home of this beautiful park and STOP GIGGLING it’s a really lovely park in Cockfosters and I KNOW...IT’S A SILLY NAME!!
Oh these are Camden Market trees. They’re super hip and way cooler than you!

17 July 2018

The grass is brown but these St. James trees are full of green life!

16 July 2018

You never forget your first English tree. Beauties in Kensington Gardens.