North America, Australia and Oceania · 15 Days · 40 Moments · February 2019

20,000 miles down under the sun.

15 February 2019

Had a little vacation ink done today. Thanx Hens Teeth in Dromana.

14 February 2019

13 February 2019

12 February 2019

Extra points to anyone who can tell me what this is a picture of!!!! Look closely.
Shadowfax Winery, Werribee
Ballarat wildlife park resident furry friends outreach volunteer
“CRUNCH”. The resident Croc
Phil feeding some tucker to the Alpacas.
Ryan and the Roos...
Cuz Phil & Uncle James
Penguins at the Ballarat Wildlife Park
Ballarat Wilderness Park with Ryan, Dad, Cuz Phil, Aunt Brenda & Uncle James.

11 February 2019

Melbourne Zoo.

7 February 2019

Beautiful day on Mornington Peninsula. Heading to Flinders for lunch.
Lunch at the Flinders Hotel with Aunt Beryl, Dad and Ryan.
Beach and pier at Flinders.

6 February 2019

Downtown Melbourne.
Docklands... has lunch at the Chippy.
Melbourne tram, from Melbourne Central over to Etihad Stadium & Docklands
Mordialloc station
Drove up to Frankston. Train ride into Melbourne from Frankston.

5 February 2019

Chilling out for the night and sleeping off the rest of this jet lag. Tomorrow morning Aunt Beryl is stopping by the Hotel before we head to Frankston to hop the train into Melbourne CBD. Then around the CBD on the Tran for the day and returning to Frankston. Then Dinner with Michael and Josephine... we hope... lol... jet lag ruined our plans for today, so trying again tomorrow.

4 February 2019

Too much happened over the last 30 hours... so some quick pics... flight 1 looking south over New Mexico. A book I found at LAX, was very fitting at the time, but the trials were only starting when I saw this. Couple in flight pics on Qantas A380. Our hire for the next few weeks. A quick bite and s beer... then we all passed out!!!

31 January 2019

Driving to NC for a quick rest before Ryan, Dad & I head to the airport on the 3rd.